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Title: I am the Red King...
Post by: Vortex7 on May 29, 2017, 06:59:02 pm

The fractal psychosis shook every aspect within awake. And the strongest were demons of compulsion and self destruction. I crawled out badly beaten but not completely broken. "I am the red king]" he said. Little did he know what happens when the dreamer perceives the dream. "Dream all the dreams" she said.The waves of reality collapsed into a psychedellic super nova."I am the red king" he said.Being sucked into the fabric of reality.
A source code cosmically unbearable to such a primitive mind.
"Sometimes you have to just get some fight in you. Don't go full dickmoo." She said.
I am the red king.
Glass shattered into a kaleidoscopic abyss no sense of self or time to be found.
I am the red king he said
I am the red king