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Title: Greetings
Post by: Tiehirion on December 13, 2018, 02:57:20 pm
Hello there. My name is Tiehirion, and I guess I'm just looking for a place to talk about my practice. I've been a practitioner of one kind or another for just under 20 years, having evolved into a pretty personal style of magick a few years ago. I hope to get feedback on upcoming projects, and maybe share a little bit of my experience. I definitely still have a lot to learn, and am excited to see what this new community teaches me.
Title: Re: Greetings
Post by: Moon1ight on December 14, 2018, 02:46:52 am
Hello and welcome :)

"a pretty personal style of magick" – that's our thing at the DKMU. I'd love some details :) 

Maybe this can serve as a quick intro to the DKMU: (

I'd say "our" unifying ideas are:
> Developing Your Own style of magick and getting good at that
> Bringing more magick into the world – make more people use magick, make magick more effective, make more magickal things happen
(Other people will probably say something else, but I think these two will be expressed frequently in various way :D )

Unfortunately, this forum is very inactive currently. Most of the activity is on the dread Facebook... When I have a project and want feedback, I tend to post it here and then put the link in the FB group, so that more folks see it (4k people there, some dozen really active, not sure about that last number though). So the forum has become somewhat of an archive for the good stuff.

As for what this community can teach you, look around here :) For another newcomer I've collected some links lately:

Personally, my most favourite thing in the DKMU "canon" is this: ( by Arjil, the creator of the LS. This here, by me, might serve as an introduction: (

On big books with a lot of relevant essays, we have the Field Manual for the Strange Psyche ( ( ) and the Liber LS ( ( )
[Our current on-site library: ( – the FB group files section has more ]

And here's a thread with lots of good short parts of texts, many of which I consider to be DKMU highlights (

Here's the LS basics thread: (

We also have a picture gallery for LS tags, if you're interested: (

Let me finish with a quote from the oldest text about the LS :)
"The only point of the linking sigil is to form a magick net, all working to increase the levels of magick in the world, like a giant spell that evolves and grows each time we add to it till eventually." –Arjil