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So, I've been a longtime fan of the music Death Grips. Death Grips is a very bizarre band consisting of primarily three  guys: Zach Hill (Drummer/Producer), Adam Morin(Sound Engineer) and Stefan Burnett(aka MC Ride, vocalist). They made waves by getting signed by Epic records, breaking the deal off after leaking their own album, then vanishing for a time without a trace. Aside from other controversial behavior, not much else is really known about their past or what they will do next.

  It might not be everyones genre; its a very harsh, acidic and chaotic sound. When one of my close friends introduced them to me years ago he told me to get ready for a solid wall of sound and paranoia, which exactly what I got. As I listened to the lyrics, and began to dissect the meaning behind them, I initially saw a struggle with drugs and mental illness. However, I sensed a deeper meaning. As my interest in Magick in general flourished, I saw a pattern. Everything this group did, their lyrics, their sound... everything... was meant to be completely contrary to expectations, and to make people question what is real.

They made an ARG that scared the crap out of people, and drove them to obsession just to tease an album. They had a concert, but intentionally didn't show up to encourage the crowd to flood the stage and destroy the instruments as a statement. Even MC Rides choice in tattoos has elicited much speculation as to their meaning.

In an interview by Pitchfork ( Zach Hill basically says they believe in Magick in some form and feel led by forces beyond our world. It feels very much like they are staging their own form of Assault on Reality.
Give 'em a look, maybe listen to some of their work or read the lyrics a bit, read some of the weirdness they get up to. Could the whole body of work be a form of Hypersigil? An attempt to create a hole in the consensus reality? What do you all think?
Anywho, bye for now

Stay Khaotic,

Member Introductions / Re: Hello to All
August 18, 2017, 07:16:31 PM
Thanks for the reply Moonlight! I'll be sure to check out all the material you have brought to my attention.

I'm so glad to meet you (digitally).

Member Introductions / Hello to All
August 17, 2017, 06:47:07 PM
Hello everyone!

I recently (past year and a half) have been studying chaos magick in general, and stumbled upon DKMU. I felt this would be a perfect place to learn from others, collaborate with like minded people and share. I especially am interested in the LS network idea and glitterbombing.

Look forward to growing with everyone here! If anyone has any other resources for me to add to my collection, please let me know. I have devoured all the texts in the files section, and plan to reread them over and over.