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The Assault on Reality / Live Ghost Hunting/Seances
« on: October 07, 2019, 04:26:56 pm »
Anyone ever try to play with energy remotely to increase/alter the haunting activities for ghost hunting shows or live seances? It seems like a good way to glamour bomb.

Haunted Salem Live on the Travel Channel had a sigil up and a host who kept asking for more energy. There was near immediate EVP, distortion of signal, presences, and I'm pretty sure at least one on air possession.

Anyone up to try and hype up a haunt this Halloween season?

The Art Lab / Vector! Attack of the Metapirates
« on: October 07, 2019, 04:13:42 pm »

It's been a while. I used to throw down LS on glamour bombs long ago in the glory days of Occultforums. Tried my hand at screenwriting and film making, wrote a few books on magic, and eventually sort of plunged into my local pagan scene. But during that time, I began crafting a work that I think could serve as a very powerful consciousness cultivation tool.

Below is basically a copy of the advert style text for this hypersigil. If you've got any questions or want to know some of the weirder crap that's happened during the creation of this book, feel free to ask.

Mother Multiverse


Live Now on Kickstarter![/size]!!WARNING!! ​The Kickstarter campaign you are about to read about is not for an adventure, supplement, setting, or campaign, but a MEMETIC VIRUS.Upon introducing this product into your game, it may never be the same. Vector and the Meta Pirates may spread their influence into not only one game, but many, and should they not be contained or halted, may even irrevocably alter you and your players.You have been warned.An Adventure, Supplement, Setting and Campaign for EVERY Roleplaying Game!"You feel a terrible sense of deja vu."That's the feeling that overtakes the characters as their world is invaded by the metadimensional ship Ex Corona. Living in the Metadimension, the world between games, Captain Vector and his metapirates travel from setting to setting, campaign to campaign, after the most precious commodity in the Metadimension: the attention of the PCs. Unlike most NPCs, Captain Vector is fully aware of what they are, a fictional character aware of their fictional nature, and in their desperate bid for existence, they'll do whatever it takes to keep relevant.Adapting to any genre, the Metapirates may be space pirates, air pirates, cyber pirates, ghost pirates, or any other kind of pirate you can think of, equally effective in nearly all settings.Kidnap major NPCs? He'll be there.
  • Supply the PCs with weapons? She'll do it.
  • Supply the NPCs with weapons? They certainly will.
  • Alter the fundamental nature of the game they're playing? Without a doubt.
  • Follow them to new settings and games, wearing new faces, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal themselves? It's possible.
  • After all, if their only existence is within the minds of those playing the game, the only time they're really alive is when someone thinks of them, isn't it?Phase 1- The IntroductionA one shot adventure introducing the Meta Pirates, their captain Vector, and Metadimensional treasures. Rules contained within should be usable in most systems with little alteration, but may take some adjustment depending on setting or rule set.Phase 2- ReplicationVector has taken up a semi-permanent residence within the campaign world, establishing a dimensional port and following players from game to game.Phase 3- SilenceVector becomes actively involved in the campaign world behind the scenes. Can the players unravel the mystery before 'bad' Vector ruins the setting?Phase 4- SpreadThe Meta Dimension takes center stage. Vector will lead your players on a wild ride through myriad worlds in an epic quest to save reality itself.The Final BattleThe penultimate RPG battle you may secretly have been preparing for your entire life.

    You get a terrible sense of deja vu...​Some of you might be asking, what is this? Why the warning label? Why the theatrics?Because Vector! Attack of the Metapirates is not a safe game. It is not a game I would recommend to anyone having trouble distinguishing fantasy and reality. There have been myriad influences in crafting this book. If the Necronomicon, the Never Ending Story, and the Invisibles had a lovechild, this book would be it.Vector! is designed to push concepts of reality, consciousness, imagination, and roleplaying to the brink. Can an imaginary friend be alive? Can the roles we take on in a game be as important as the roles we take on in real life? Is it possible that every game we’ve ever played has all been building up to an adventure bigger than we could’ve ever imagined alone?I have no guarantees for what you might experience. You might play the first phase of Vector, find it cute and walk away. You might play around with the concept of Metapirates and traveling between various roleplaying game settings. But you might go all the way to the end. You might start wondering if all the world is a game, and all its peoples player characters. You might reconsider whether or not that next NPC you meet is a voice coming out of the GM or a voice in your own head.But I’ll also say, should you brave the depths of this memetic virus, the treasures you find will be far greater than a +5 holy sword.Do you dare to challenge the mind bending pages of the ultimate roleplaying game experience?
    Vector! Attack of the Metapirates on KickstarterMother Multiverse Media[/size][/font]

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