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Hello! I have previously inquired on admittance/appeal-to-admittance to the DKMU discord servers. Realizing now, My original post did not present the image of the well spoken, intelligent, and experienced khaot that may be ideal for such a group at the present time, and I have decided to reintroduce myself. If you would please erase my misspelled and blindly optimistic original introduction from your memory, it would be greatly appreciated.

To begin, I wish to express the magnetic draw I have experienced over recent months to this organization. As many others I am sure, I was lead to the DKMU through a string of coincidence. This string, as I have come to realize, was merely a strand in the web, and I, a fly. Working with and through the resources provided by the DKMU, I have and will continue to explore the world forged by landlines and routers - Connections and Nodes.

I would be for much time left disappointed if I did not make this second attempt (now well written and proofread) to connect to the active community of the DKMU. I wish to participate and shape this community in anyway possible, I wish to ask questions and learn from pioneers and trailblazers of the web, I wish to change the world I live in, I wish to bring magic and illusion to the decidedly disillusioned, I wish to roll in the sticky silk spun by Ellis. I ask that I only be heard. May the gods of fortune cast their die in my favour, and may the grand council of DKMU discord approval smiley warmly upon me.

I thank you for the time you have taken to hear me to those who have, and as well to those who will never.


Member Introductions / Hello!!! :)
March 07, 2022, 10:00:11 AM
Hey all! been working with ellis very deeply that past few weeks and was looking to get an invited to the discord! If anyone can help me out it'd be much appreciated!! thanks friends!