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Cursing is one of those fun little fields of study that every paradigm has in common. For starters I'd recommend following Vortex7's advice and  practice getting creative with misfortune,pain,fear and disease sigils,some experimenting with creating a haunting or two won't hurt either. pending on your skill with spirits and servitors I also recommend getting a copy of Frater RO's Modern Goetia. Very user friendly.
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January 06, 2015, 09:00:16 AM
Most of it is in the title, but alas here we go. I am 23 and going to college for a degree in international business and an insanely ambitious plan of changing the world. in love with an older woman who is unaware of my affections and to add a bit of madness to the mix I have been a practitioner of sorcery in secret for the past 5 years. P.S. mine is a mix of Carroll's Chaos Magick Theory,Chumbley's Crooked Path Sorcery,Modern Goetia and a lot of inspiration from Liber Sigillum.