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The Assault on Reality / Re: August 2017 solar eclipse
February 14, 2017, 08:13:35 AM
So after the recent report I (Mark) am going to adjust the "feeding" I have been doing to make things a little less dark/Lovecraftian..  I'd still like to have some of that aspect, but I want to feed in more positive energy.  Oddly enough, I've been working on my "servitor wheel" which is going to be composed of a variety of serpent/coatl entities, so I can shift that draconic energy in there as well.  I like the entity of making serpents the uniting symbol in the visions we induce in onlookers.

I like the idea of a group goal but different people focusing on specific aspects.  I'm going to focus on Cerulean, KY (maximum eclipse).  Cerulean being the "color of a clear blue sky", located within Trigg (Trigag?) and Christian counties.  I can't physically make it there, but I will be starting to make physical connections by mailing sigils to random locations, with multiple mailings to arrive on or just before the 21st so there will be sigils on the site.
The Assault on Reality / Re: Ellis facebook page.
April 11, 2015, 10:17:30 AM
So it's been a week of testing and the page is as a respectable 224 likes as of now.  I have ported over much of the LS-specific imagery (still need to post altars) from the media section.  Some of the texts have been ported over, but the page limits these to the notes section which is lacking to say the least.

I have run a variety of paid promo tests, and have found that actual "recruiting" (if we measure in page likes) is better done outside of paid promos.  The paid page promo is best targeted at professional accounts to either increase sheer numbers (illusion of acceptance) or make proxy connections with the LS in their likes bucket.  Paid post boosting allows for the greatest reach and can deliver specific info to a large audience.  Using my other page to post a link to the Ellis page produced no actions (clicks/likes) but reached 1200 for $2.50 - people who saw the sigil.

There has been some confusion regarding what the LS is, what the LS/Ellis differences are, how to use the system, and what the benefits are.  Linking Sigil basics are in the notes section of the page, but I had a guy who like the page, openly posted support, and then asked how to use it.  I had assumed that he would have explored the page but this was not the case.  Info from the notes section will have to be linked directly to the page often.

More later...
The Assault on Reality / Ellis facebook page.
April 06, 2015, 03:38:12 PM
So here's a page for Ellis on facebook:

I have ported over some of the pertinent info and will continue to do so as I am able.  Feel free to point me in the right direction or add content.

There are photo albums for various categories and a notes section.  Since it is a page, it focuses on what's happening "now" so I'm staggering content additions to increase the amount of posts over time and will also be changing cover photos periodically to, again, increase activity.  I would also like to explore the "events" tool at a later time for various projects.  Shops or go fund me to fuel marketing are also something to look at later maybe. 

In my mind, this isn't so much about getting likes or converting, but exposing the LS and letting it do the real work.  For example, today I targeted pro page likers.  One dude liked the page who I'm pretty sure doesn't give a shit about it, but put the sigil in with his 4600 other likes - thereby allowing for proxy connection.

I'll be doing a lot of the mechanical promotion while I'm at work.  Arjil is also an admin to the extent that he chooses to interact.  I don't think this is a major life priority for either of us, but it should be fairly easy to run.

I probably could have explained this better, but I'm tired and need to go drink rum with Legba and paint sculptures.

So there's that.
Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
March 08, 2015, 10:33:41 AM

""Elizi Danto" is an idol of Ezili (Erzulie) Dantor (Danto) that was crafted using the LS/Ellis network (of Chaos Magick). It's a play on the names Ezili + Ellis = Elizi. Papa Legba was also invoked of course in order to channel Ezili."

I have her on my etsy shop, but really want to get her to the right person who will form a relationship with her (and report on results).  I had a secondary purpose that I was inputting as financial gain, but should have been specific to business success.  I did get quite the large and unexpected cash injection the day after finishing, but it wasn't art related.

I don't know if I'm doing the full cycle, but my last Legba had more than a few 663 traits and I did want to do another...