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General Occultism / Re: Meat curses
« on: December 29, 2016, 01:18:09 pm »
I wanted to be the first to lovebomb you for  posting this and getting a mention on MEAT "CURSES"!?! - Deep Web Browsing 79

Aelie (Male) or "Aeliea (Female). "the Astral Walkers (as shown to me)"

May be of the "Morpheus Pantheon" also know as the Dream Walker Spirits. Where they communicate messages through images and stories created as dreams. Such a virtual hybrid or Oneiroi Spirit-form was expected as an outgrowth of a the conscious Ellis dwelling both in and out of a "Phantasus"-type cyber-world of her birth-land. Aelie and "Aeliea as a son & daughter would be considered a buddings rather than a birthings and would move similar to the The Winged Morpheus Spirits." This would imply a LS Dream Catcher which resembles greatly the Web of Ellis - The name Aelie in reverse order is "Eilea". A random rearrangement of the letters (anagram) will give "Ileae" and the name Ileana: Variant sof Elena, a Spanish form of Helen, which is a cognate of the Greek Helenē, a name derived from ēlē (light) that without substance There is a Kabbalic component to the letters as well but oddly too complex for me to unravel but I would guesss most likely resulting in the meaning: "Intelligent or Zestful Spirit Light". - I have more to come on these new Manifestations as I perceive them -you may have a different experiential encounter. - In My Humble Opinion.

The Assault on Reality / Re: Chaos Magick new fashion trend???
« on: October 03, 2016, 01:53:36 pm »
This link form 2011 clearly shows that advertising and media jumped on the Chaos theory bandwagon long before the popularity or seeming popularity of Chaos Magick. In fact I am not finding very much positive media about Chaotes and especially Discordians who the popular mainstream media consider "Rebels without real cause" stuck in  abstract fantasy Fads. Chaos math and Theory is all the rage in finace and sales as new game predictor of consumer buying habits and even electoral opinion. But thi is way outside Chaos Magick in general.

What you’ve designed as an active or animated version of the LS is very similar to the “Ava Maria” symbol or logo. Which is a large M with an inscribed A in the middle and with the A legs extending you would have the x crossing of your symbols M legs and with the A pushed upwards the resultant would be a very similar or even the same symbol or Sigil that you created. (See attached picture).  The Ave Maria translates to “Hail Mary.” Which seem appropriate to the Hail Ellis with Mary being a general container for Goddess forms throughout the Catholic Churches history and suitable in the dark Gothic Latin semi-satiric theme of DKMU and the very playful  and frolicking nature of the Ellis. The “Ava Maria” Prayer or incantation continues with a Dominum or Lord/Lorddess[PJ1] - again very synchronicity of thought with DKMU creation theme. The Origin of Ava: Latin, related to birds, or variation of Eve or beginning and creation of Life so I may be stretching the correspondences between your Sigil and the “Ava Marie” Sigil as she is evoked in repeatedly chanted prayer as an incantation so the resemblance fits perfectly with the Ellis. We just need a Hail Mary type Incantation Prayer or Mantra and a Rosary bead type counting devise to complete this correspondence of Invoking a Goddess via a Santeria: “Praise of the Saints” - goddess evocation  or spell casting format.

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