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Member Introductions / Hi
« on: January 02, 2017, 09:20:10 pm »
I am new to DKMU/A.A.O., but my journey into the occult has been long and more than somewhat neurotic. I was raise Lutheran, drifted into Laveyian Satanism/Egoism by 13 and had blown through that to full-blown atheism/Nihilism by my late teenage years. I wouldn't revisit the occult until my late 20s. A lot of this is fueled by dreaming/intense visions for me, so I'm not really the typical "magician" per se, but I'm trying to understand this metamorphosis better and to be somewhat earnest about it. I think if there's an opportunity here to see beyond the cloud of shit we mistake for a civilization, then I'm in. No further sales pitch needed.

Thank you for your wisdom. It's rare in my experience to find people who value disclosure and who eschew the pearls before swine attitude that is only so common in the hierarchies of this world, and I find that inspiring.

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