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Here is a quick group technomancy experiment if anybody wishes to participate. It is a unfinished system in which i am retesting from another approach.

Goal: To extract a pool of several ebooks and be able to merge the materials without reading it. Ideal this would be during meditation but that is up to the practitioner.

Each LS is associated with a specific ebook, time of day and god. Each appointed god is to be merged with as close as possible with the goal in mind that you are attempting to replicated a specific ebook chosen.

Each time of day has the appropriate sub folders in them, inside the sub folders are folders holding both the ebook and the link sigil in accordance with what number you are looking to acquire. For Example The book of Thoth with the LS attached can be found inside the folder "LS10: Book of Thoth" which is inside the folder "South - Noon".

The person running the experiment is asked to enter a state of gnosis and expand your consciousness to the sigil associated with the chosen book and time. This specific experiment does revolve around these 4 gods and is up to you to use them or not but for the experiment i ask they do be used.

Attached at the bottom is the link to the database in which the ebooks themselves are stored.

6:00AM - RA - EAST
LS1, LS5, LS9, LS13

LS2, LS6, LS10, LS14

LS3, LS7, LS11, LS15

LS4, LS8, LS12, LS16

LS1: Preliminary Guide to Liber Resh vel Helios
LS2: Enochian world of Aleister Crowley Enochian Sex Magick
LS3: Liber VIII A A Publication in Class D
LS4: Qabalah A A Publication in Class B
LS5: Liber 2
LS6: Francis King - The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O
LS7: Illustrated Goetia Don Milo DuQuette
LS8: Liber 200 Resh vel Helios Or Adorations
LS9: Liber 090 Tzaddi vel Hamus Hermecticus
LS10: Book of Thoth
LS11: The Santanic Bible
LS12: The Demonic Bible version 1
LS13: The Demonic Bible version 2
LS14: Satanic Grimoire of Black Magick
LS15: Devil's Bible
LS16: Beginning Luciferian Magick

Chaos Magic & Beyond / Astral Reality and the LS
« on: March 13, 2017, 05:24:01 pm »
Hi guys,

I got the wifi situation resolved for my house.... not that I am not using my phone to look at the site i am able to navigate it like a normal person...

Anyways I spent the day doing a shadowalking experiment, and just to define the term shadow walking to me is when i exist in my fleshy meat body + at lease 1 or more other astral bodies at the same time. In this experiment I spent 20 minutes in meditation to stage the start up of it in which I took my arch angel form and constructed a cave, a waterfall, and a mount with a alter in the center of the cavern. The cave was designed to maximize acoustical re vibrations from sound. I then created several of the LS around the cave linked them the one one i made on the altar programming it to make a steady mantra of a group of monks of a pretty standard OM mantra.

I then took my fleshy body out of meditation and existed in front of the altar in my arch angel form directing the OM steady into my flesh as i continued my day for the next 12 hours using it to cleanse chakra points and allowing myself to feel the vibration flow threw my entire body of not only my flesh but also my astral body. 

I would consider this a interesting use for the LS that was very successful; for practical applications. Have any of you had similar experimentation you have implemented into existence? I would be interested in feed back and similar experimentations.

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