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I alone will kill all humans in Stavanger in the month of August this year 2018.


PS. Why how when? You you bastard son of an idiot fuck you bitch.

Introduction to the beginner videos:

First Lesson:

Second Lesson:
Third Lesson:

Introduction to the second part:

First Advanced Lesson:
Second Advanced:
And so on:
I will finish this post once I get a computer that do not freeze up every time I click on something. If you are too curious already, and also is a beginner in magic, or know some but stuck and want to know where to begin back at the basics and which books to read, you can watch my videos by searching "Morten Birkedal Lesson" on facebook. You are welcome.


Me: There exists a second way around this: Become who you do not accept, the evil parts of yourself. 

Some girl on facebook: Why would one seek to achieve this?

Me: It is obligatory to achieve 3=8

Also, what this really means is just gaining control over your shadow, or over all demonic content in your soul, and through this you will become Light itself!

Demonic here means sickness and death, destruction and pain...

Crowley personified this side of your Ego as Choronzon, the dweller in the Abyss.

Later, much later than the kabbalah was conceived, people added the Tree of Death, the Nightside of Eden to the Tree of Life, containing the shells of the sephiroth, that was called the Qlipphoth. These were simply named in evil spirit names, or fallen angel names, and just represented garbage, or waste, that had to be produced in order to balance the Tree. The Qlipphoth can in a simplified way just represent the bad sides, the vices of each sephira, while the sephiroth themselves on the day side represent the virtues of each sephira.

So, in order to control what you hate about yourself, you have to dig deep into it, to understand it properly. 

Invocation of the entity Choronzon, or just letting your darker sides be fully accepted (without acting on such impulses), is... oh hell, do I need to explain this further? Become the worst type of person you can possibly imagine. Experience it fully, and thus you will achieve understanding and control. Ok, I am done.

The girl: Brilliant.  Thank you for expounding.

Me: Hehe. This is much more detailed in Satanism and The Left Hand Path, where your Ego will only be attempted to expand into godhood. No ego death will in these paths be attempted at all...

Just call me the Real Deal of a Black Brother, lol.


General Occultism / The Ultimate Beginners Guide
June 25, 2018, 09:53:14 PM
This is something I put out on one of my facebook profiles, it was meant to be the definite guide for the beginner.

What is magic?

The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Not many read my posts on this profile. No matter. If what I write now is good, then I may copy this shit on forums and other facebook profiles.

First create a cryptic drawing that represents your desire or goal. Stare intently into this Sigil. Let go of this procedure by grounding yourself by eating some food and mopping the floor.

Magic is very simple. To a Master it is simple, but to a beginner he or she needs to get a good grasp of the available literature:

-Book 4 by Aleister Crowley
-The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie
-Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter Carroll

These three books is all a beginner needs. But also one should familiarize oneself with the kabbalah through Dion Fortune's book.

Then one should experiment with older books like The Goetia, the Black Pullet, and the Grimorium Verum.

Further research should be done through the books by Donald Tyson.

Now, climb the kabbalistic Tree of Life by creating a ritual for each Sephira and process through the grades. End all of this work when you reach the upper levels, writing a short book about all that you have understood on how this world works.

Then you create your own personal system with original rituals.

And this is really all.

Write and share your system if you want, just remember that magic is defined as the work one does when one search for a purpose, finds a reason and a goal, and work at this goal. It's just that simple.

-Frater Pachad 2018

The Armchair's Lounge / NIGHTCORE
April 15, 2018, 06:12:27 AM
Over the last year, the 5 best nigthcore mixes I have found on youtube:

1. ClubLion:

2. Kisou:

3. Kisou hands-up:

4. Vitacx:

5. Basshunter:

Enjoy . About an hour each, here you have 5 hours of the very best!

Chaos Magic & Beyond / Beginners, read this
April 14, 2018, 11:19:00 PM
"I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." — Friedrich Nietzsche

Chaos, in this case, isn't about being 100% destructive, or worshipping Tiamat, or being a Discordian. Rather, it hails back to the original Greek definition for the term--the pure potential that predated the ordered world that we know today.

The roots of Chaos magic are several; Peter J. Carroll, the creator of Chaos magic, was inspired by everything from shamanism to the works of Austin Osman Spare, one of Aleister Crowley's contemporaries. Rather than being a tradition in and of itself, it is a system that boils magic down to its bare-bones components, free of cultural trappings, to create a practical methodology. There are no set gods or spirits, and Chaos magic may work within any model of how magic works, from energetic to psychological and then some. Additionally, there are no central religious beliefs; for many, though not all, Chaos magicians, belief is a tool to be used as needed.

While a Chaos magician may work with just about any sort of magic, there are two in particular that are associated with Chaos magic, sigils and servitors. The sigil was derived from Spare's work. Seeking an easier way to work magic than long, drawn-out ceremonies, Spare devised a method of creating a picture of one's desire by writing out what the magician wanted out of a particular magical act. Certain letter would be removed from the sentence, and the remaining letters rearranged and overlapped or connected to create an abstract picture. The resulting sigil would then be charged.

Servitors are thought forms (or spirits, if you will) that are created by the magician to perform certain magical tasks. They may be created in a similar manner as sigils, with the purpose and name of the servitor turned into one or more sigils. Some magicians create physical representations of their servitors. While servitors are generally created to carry out single tasks and are then destroyed afterward, some magicians do create permanent servitors for multiple uses.

More generally speaking, some Chaos magicians use Carroll's Eight Colors of Magick. Carroll uses different correspondences than Isaac Bonewits did in "Real Magic", and assigns one color/type to each point of the eight-pointed chaostar.

The correspondences are as follows:

Black: Death
Blue: Wealth
Green: Love
Yellow: Ego
Purple or Silver: Sex
Orange: Thinking
Red: War
Octarine: "Pure" Magic

Octarine is the name Terry Pratchett gave to the (humorous) theory regarding the eighth color of the spectrum.

As to the connection with Chaos theory in physics, Carroll dedicated the first chunk of "Liber Kaos" to the scientific exploration of how magic works. While a thorough understanding of physics isn't necessary to be a Chaos magician, a basic grasp of Chaos theory is useful.

Additionally, Chaos magic is sometimes confused with Discordianism, a parody religion founded in the late 1950s with the publication of the Principia Discordia. While a number of Chaos magicians may draw on Discordianism, they are not one and the same.

Recommended Reading

Carroll, Peter J. (1987). Liber Null & Psychonaut. Boston: Weiser.
Cunningham, David, Taylor Ellwood and Amanda Wagner (2003). Creating Magical Entities. Ohio: Egregore Publishing.
Ellwood, Taylor (2004). Pop Culture Magick. Stafford: Immanion Press/Megalithica Books.
-- (1992). Liber Kaos. Boston: Weiser.
Hawkins, Jaq D. (2001). Understanding Chaos Magic. Capall Bann.
-- (2003). Chaos Monkey. Capall Bann.
Hine, Phil (1995). Condensed Chaos. Tempe: New Falcon.
-- (1999). Prime Chaos. Tempe: New Falcon.
Wetzel, Joshua (2006). The Paradigmal Pirate. Stafford: Immanion Press/Megalithica Books.
Networking / thief_and_a_liar in france with rand
February 16, 2018, 10:28:57 PM
This is to rand:

I want you to write about our week when I visited you in france, so that other DKMU members can be warned against me, hehe.

I am sorry I brutally doxed you, but now is your chance to talk shit about me!


Chaos Magic & Beyond / Mind Magick
January 25, 2018, 09:57:33 PM
Why does magick and the occult insist on a spirit world? Invisible entities, both godlike and smaller in power, can here aid the practitioner in any goal...

From the elementals to archangels, using the kabbalistic Tree of Life one finds the name to use, and then evoke the being into visual and auditory appearance.

The magical tools used are many and varied, from making a magical circle on the ground, to seeing the spirits through fire, smoke, a crystal ball, black mirror, or just in a bowl of water.

But what beings are best to use? It is dependent on your wish or desire. If you only want money, fame and sexual partners, you summon a demon to help you.

The demons are mainly found in christian books written in the middle ages, from the grimorium verum to the armadel. The Goetia, the black pullet, and so on.

The instructions mainly given in these books advice in fasting, sleep deprivation, and praying to God.

Prayers are to me useless, but to stay awake for a week, and fast for a few days, you can train your magical senses to see the invisible worlds. Drugs also are useful. Cannabis, amphetamine and any type of psychedelic.

Just prepare a magical conjuration (a text you recite to gain the attention of the spirit), where you reveal the name of demon, its rank and abilities, and then when the spirit appears you can either Command, make a Pact, or discuss things the spirit is knowledgeable in.

A beginner should practice visualization of spirits through the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, a Golden Dawn ritual based on a jewish prayer where you evoke four archangels to stand in each of the four cardinal directions.

Some say not to use the imagination at all, but insist on that the spirits must be made physical to make the magic real. But this, in my experience, is not needed. See in your mind's eye the spirit which you wish to converse with, and then just observe what happens.

The Armchair's Lounge / Thief's new magic blog
January 11, 2018, 12:09:36 PM
I just thought of making a blog where I share my experiences in magic.

Here is a draft:

Well, maybe what I really should do is to write a 300-page book, but this is perhaps a start in doing so...

The Armchair's Lounge / Here is my new manifesto
December 28, 2017, 07:51:23 PM
Personal manifesto: Who I am and what I stand for

By Frater Pachad

Main topics: Satanism, anarchy, chaos, the killing of men

1. Satanism

Knowledge, power, freedom.

2. Anarchy


3. Chaos


4. Killing of men

Power, aggression, the real freedom that I want.

5. Balance and White Light

Not at all, I am devoid of love and light...

6. Level of Guardian

I am level 8 of 10 maximum levels Guardian.

7. Dark Side

My Dark Side consists of what I already said under 4., murder and assassination just sounds so tempting to me...

8. Light Side

I am like Jesus Christ really, just as sweet and dandy.

9. Nyarlathotep is my Angel

I am protected by AZATHOTH through the Fallen Angel Nyarlathotep.

10. Last point I make, I am 100% Service to Self

I dont give one fuck about any other person in my life, and only think of myself.



The Book of Azreal

By the Master Pachad 10 = 1, C:.D:.I:.A:.

Class A

Fuck Crowley, fuck robert anton wilson, fuck joseph lisiewski, fuck israel regardie, fuck dion fortune, fuck all these pretend nuts!


General Occultism / The HGA is the True Self?
December 21, 2017, 05:59:04 AM
It seems from reading about the Holy Guardian Angel, that I profess nothing of the experience, that it is really about going deep within yourself and discovering your true identity, your True Self.

True Self, True Will, why does it have to be "True"?

Say just the Self as it is, is no way of making progress, but experiencing your Own True Self as an Angel living outside of you, you get to get advice not necessary coming from your own reasoning.

Crowley's practice with his HGA was to make it external by using other people (channeling, possession).

I would however not do this. I would make a group which I shall call "My True Self" and put words and sentences in it.


Ok, I finally decided to work on the dkmu system afterall...

Just to see what happens.

My first ritual is the evocation of Trigag.

With the limited power of my own capability of doing fantasy, I recall the evocation as if I did it yesterday, or earlier this night.

Trigag appears as a solid black triangle, hovering in the other end of my ritual room, around him looms shadowy images of demonic beasts and predatory animals.

I greet him, but cast insults at him, hoping for a challenge.

He does not respond, but waits patiently.

I turn into the form of Choronzon, and attack him.

A dark shadow shoots out of Trigag and greets me, and all my moves are blocked.

I turn into AZATHOTH AWAKENED and by Pure Will I intend damage to Trigag.

From a degree 1 to 10, I intend 10, that is, maximum damage on Trigag.

Trigag goes up in smoke, all shadows around him disappear, and left of it all stands an old man, with a large white beard and long hair.

He wears a long staff, a brown leather sorcerer's hat, and a green robe.

Now I hold up my right hand and offer peace.

The old man reveals his horns, his fangs and his long claws.

He attacks me!

I fend off the staff with my hands, getting sore for each beat at my arms.

At last I get a hold of the staff, and forces it out of the old mans hands.

I look at him and give him a warning.

Then I speak to him:

"By the Lord of the Elements, of the Most High God in the Heavens, and of the Lord of the Pit, I command you to speak, to deliver me a Message of Inspiration"

The Old Man looks tired now, but makes contact with his eyes to mine.

His eyes both contain a shining star, and I soon hear a thundering voice:

"You are Strong, Human. Your power truly lies in Combat. What lies ahead of you is work as a Guardian"

"What kind of guardian", I ask.

"Just like a Watcher Angel, you must choose yourself the person who you would wish to guard. Choose a person with high risk of being attacked by men and spirits"

"But I just don't know who!", I then state.

"Guard your friends and family first, your woman. Then be always aware of this Duty of the Guardian, move it freely to new people in your life"

I see now that I cannot get much more info out of Trigag, and end the ritual.


General Occultism / Advanced Magic by Frater Pachad
December 20, 2017, 08:05:11 PM
Advanced Magic by Frater Pachad

Most books on the topic of Magic is targeted at beginners.

Rarely do we see more advanced forms.

This is a tratise meant to define Advanced Magic, what it is, what it does, what it should be.

1. What it is.

Advanced Magic goes further than what we find in the beginner books. The focus would be on
creating own systems rather than copying the moves and symbolism of other authors or
practicioners in the Occult World.

2. What it does.

Advanced Magic focuses on the reality of occult experience, how it is done, how it could be done,
and the effects that can be predicted from magical work.
It experiments with new ideas and how they compare with older existing systems.

3. What it should be.
An author of Advanced Magic should make works devoid of beginner material, and only focus on
new ideas, new ways to do Magic. Novelty, or simplifying and fusion of existing systems.
Important factors of a surviving system should include, but not limited to, pragmatic value,
effectiveness and potential in human development.
Full manifestation of spirits is not advanced, rather the exclusion of uneccesary work to produce
fast results without using faculties of senses other than the motor activity of drawing sigils, yet
sigils is also old and gone. Demons and angels are both far past their time, and thoughtforms have
minimal value in making a new and more powerful system.

Magic rituals have been, and are still
only tools to prepare the student in unwanted symbol systems.

A ritual does not what it is prescribed
for, and always have to be altered to a very large degree for results to be made. It takes too much
time for the practice, and so all ritual should be excluded in an advanced system of magic.

our mind alone with the power of speech and communication proper should aid the magician to
succeed in whatever goal he or she does make.

Today I woke up having no money. I did no ritual, but soon received stolen goods that I could sell
with profit, food and money within an hour from my thought of getting any of this.

All I had to use was my cellphone.

I have a girlfriend that wants nothing else than to fuck me brains out, and more women to come.

All I do is dress in whatever clothes I choose, military style for the most, and use
my imagination to play with my environment. Play is the key to any successful magic, and whether
spirits exist or not, playing with them yields result, but know that a single human being can do far
more by himself than any spirit can do for him.

Therefore my own take on a system of advanced
magic look down on all systems of old, and use what I was born with, the flesh of a lifeform
increasingly suited for living life on earth.

I want to quote Phil Hine, once an expert in innovative magical design:

"Abstract spiritual spaces have been created in the midst of which tower the Babellike lego constructions of 'inner planes', spiritual hierarchies and 'occult truths' which forget that the world around us is magical. The mysterious has been misplaced. We search through dead languages and tombs for 'secret knowledge', ignoring the mystery of life that is all around us. So for the moment, forget what you've read about spiritual enlightenment, becoming a 99th level Magus and impressing your friends with high-falutin' gobbledygook.

Magick is surprisingly simple. What can it offer?

1. A means to disentangle yourself from the attitudes and
restrictions you were brought up with and which define the
limits of what you may become.

2. Ways to examine your life to look for, understand and modify
behaviour, emotional and thought patterns which hinder
learning and growth.

3. Increase of confidence and personal charisma.

4. A widening of your perception of just what is possible, once
you set heart and mind on it.

5. To develop personal abilities, skills and perceptions - the
more we see the world, the more we appreciate that it is alive.

6. To have fun. Magick should be enjoyed.

7. To bring about change - in accordance with will.

Magick can do all this, and more. It is an approach to life
which begins at the most basic premises - what do I need to
survive? - how do I want to live? - who do I want to be? - and
then gives a set of conceptual weapons and techniques for
achieving those aims."

These 7 points of interest still apply in an advanced system.

Introduction to the Third Edition by thief_and_a_liar.

This is the edited, "kinder" version. I removed a lot of things that I no longer agree with.



I was born in Stavanger, a small town in Norway.

Together with friends I have drank like crazy, smoked
joints, used speed, lsd and just about anything i could get my hands on.

I have written books before. I once published a compendium with rituals and instructions found in
several versions of lovecraftian magical tomes. I also published a step-by-step guide into simple
sorcery, and has on numerous occasions been the expert in Qabalah.

I consider myself a black brother, having failed to understand the system dictated by crowley.

I hate thelemites and every other witch or wizard thinking they know what magic is about, and on forums
on the internet I usually last a post or two before my name is removed and banned from the site
along with my ip address.

Why? Because my mind is so seducingly wicked and evil.

I am psycho, hate life and everyone in it. I could kill
without remorse, I could destroy myself more by every day to come for all I cared about reality.

I stole, dealt cocaine, speed and hash, knew just about any dealer and street fighter in town, and usually scared the shit out of everyone I met.

But I consider myself beyond evil, well, at least it would be an evil that did not stem from ignorance, rather it became from intelligence.

Chapter One: Knowing why belief is not the real key

Just think about it for a moment. What you believe does not always show truth. My mother explains
to me that I live inside a very small bubble inside of my very own sick reality. But I hate my mother, brother, father, uncle and whoever dickhead that wanted to be part of the fucking

Chapter Two: Liber Lucifer 

My first contact with Lucifer I believed happened through 333, and subsequent endeavours in
qabalistic nonsense for a few years.

I was infected with an overblown ego that still persists to this day, one that thinks it is above all, and
knows it is truer than any notion of supernatural belief.

I contracted Lucifer under the guidance of
Barbelith using the name Samael to give my 40 next years to evil and in return get help in founding
an organization by the initials C.D.I.A, that now is called Choronzon's Detective Intelligence Agency.

Chapter Three: Liber Chaos

5 color system:

1. White: Spirit
2. Black: Chaos
3. Grey: Order
4. Red: Destruction
5. Blue: Construction

Spirit moves down into Chaos and then emerges into Order, and from there Construction of an intended result.

If Spirit leaves for Construction already at Chaos, it will only achieve Destruction.

Chapter Four: The Short Message [added to this edition]

Really, I have removed all chapters except the beginning of the first one.

This, however, also appeared in the Second Edition:

"The Air Mage meditates a lot, but the Earth Mage focus on sex and money, always. This is the role to play under an Advanced Magic."

So it seems that my own take on an advanced system of magic is turning away from traditional forms of magic, perhaps all forms of magic, and seem to point out that you can only do mundane things, like talking to people, and using your hands or feet, to affect reality.

To the original Second Edition there was appended the Grimoire of Satariel, a book that introduces the C:.D:.I:.A:. system.

So the magic is still there, only it is the evocation of entities you have familiarized yourself with, in your own system.
Yeah, it is official, a new religion is born, Its influences are goetic demons and general wisdom found in all magical paths.

I call it Goetian, after the Goetia. It, along with the Grimorium Verum will be together the Bible of the religion.

Here is the facebook page:

And here is the facebook group:

General Occultism / The DKMU Dictionary of Demonology
December 14, 2017, 05:39:05 AM
The DKMU Dictionary of Demonology!

Let's do this, it is super easy. Each member put down all or some of his own spirits they know a line about.

Then I make a program, like this:

class Demon:
    name = ""
    power = ""
    def description(self):
        desc_str = "%s has the power of %s" % (, self.power)
        return desc_str

pazuzu = Demon() = "PAZUZU"
pazuzu.power = "Kill"



War Chief

One of the Two of the Head of the Serpent

Portal Trainer


Lets fill out this to the full.

Add one or two.

General Occultism / Lessons from a sweet girl in Sorcery
December 14, 2017, 12:35:31 AM
First Lesson in Sorcery

by Therese Enoksen 2017

Fire = Action
Water =Emotion
Air = Intellect
Earth = The Five Senses

1. God
2. Male
3. Female
4. King 
5. Warrior
6. The Self 
7. Love and Beauty 
8. Philosophy   
9. Dream and Astral
10. Earth

Invocation/Evocation: Commanding Spirits to either possess or appear.

List of Fallen Angels: 


The Three Chiefs:

Lucifer, Satan and Pan

Ok, cut the crap about using tools or doing things astrally.
Just learn to do the LBRP and then call upon YHVH to strike Fear into the Spirits
Do not try to be a friend, or do any kind of Pact, but simply Command the Demon to do as you ask
Then, and only then, when the result comes, thank the Fallen Angel by providing some sort of Sacrifice

-Soror 778

The Second Lesson in Sorcery

by Soror 778

2017 ...

Evocation, or Summoning of Spirits require magical tools, a Circle on the ground, and a triangle in which you place a black mirror, have a fire, something making heavy smoke, or a bowl of water.

You must not use any psychiatric drugs, but do use illegal drugs, oh yes.

The tools must be prepared (consecrated).

Here is a simple Banishing Ritual: I A E O U!

Some training into Scrying is required for this kind of Evocation to work. Some books to look at are Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, Crystal Gazing by de Laurence, Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing by Frater Achad, and How to Make and Use a Magic Mirror by Donald Tyson.

The god-name Yod Heh Vau Heh, Yawheh, or Jehovah, is what is to be threatened with. It stands for the four elements (see first lesson).

The Solomonic Spirits are the best to work with, reported all over the world.

Decide on a date and a natural hour to do the operation (planetary hour, use Crowley's Liber 777).

Stay awake for a week, and fast the four last days of that week. This is important to follow through.

Enter the Ritual Chamber, do a banishing (LBRP or IAEOU), and Conjure the Spirit in Improvisation Mode, that is, without having prepared anything.

Pretend to be the Lord Almighty to the Demon, and do the Command.

-Soror 778
General Occultism / RITUALS OF THE CDIA
December 13, 2017, 11:21:59 PM

Frater Pachad 10*, C:.D:.I:.A:.

All these rituals have been performed by the Master.
I have tried to make concise statements that are easy to follow.
Going up the numbers, but not always, it may be required that obvious things are not explained, so the level of a magician that you are right now, may not gain results yet.

-thief_and_a_liar []

First Ritual: Become a Guardian

1. Place an altar in the North.
2. Place on the altar a picture of [Person].
3. Invoke your Guardian Self.
4. "In the name of YHVH and Satan, I pledge to protect [Person]".
5. End ritual with touching your right shoulder saying your magical motto.

Second Ritual: Love Spell

Tools: 8 Black Candles, Black Mirror.

1. Make a Circle of Protection on the ground, light the candles around it, and set up the mirror within it.
2. Sound: I A E O U.
3. Call: "Cthulhu, AZATHOTH, Nyarlathotep, bring me [Person] to appear in the mirror".
4. Unfocus your eyes while staring at the mirror and let your reflection become the reflection of [Person].
5. Spell: "By the name of Belial, of Satariel, of Gremory and Sitri, [Person] is to become my bride/husband".

Third Ritual: Evocation of Satariel

Tools: Sword, Crystal Ball.

1. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
2. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.
3. Perform the Middle Pillar.
4. Draw down the Light to the Ritual Space.
5. Call: "By the Divine Light, I Command you, Satariel, to appear to me in this Crystal Ball".
6. Scry into the Ball (Satariel has the appearance of a dark cloaked figure, standing in front of a horde of masked female demons).
7. State the intent of the ritual, a desire you wish to have Satariel fulfil.
[Satariel belongs to the other side of the Tree of Life corresponding to the Sephira Binah]

Fourth Ritual: Basic Sex Magic

Tools: A male or female Human Specimen.

1. Draw a large Sigil representing the result you wish to achieve on the ground, within a Circle.
2. Have Sex with Human on the Sigil.
3. On point of Orgasm, both parties visualize the Sigil shooting far into the reaches of the Universe.

Fifth Ritual: To Journey in the Astral Realms

Preparation: Pray to your Angel to aid you in this. Tell him/her to come at this night.

1. Lie down with your eyes shut.
2. Do not change position, or move at all, and keep your mind awake in meditation.
3. Enter the hypnagogic state of mind, where pictures flashes, and Will to project Out of Body. Here your Angel may come.
4. Evoke Sandalphon or Yog-Sothoth, and request Portal to the Astral.

Sixth Ritual: Becoming the Assassin

Note: This ritual is the initiation into the 6th degree in the CDIA System.
Tools: Athame. Black Robe.
Book: De Vermiis Mysteriis.

1. Place an altar in th East. Place the athame upon it.
2. Perform Liber Resh in the morning, mid-day, and evening.
3. At exactly 11:55pm, put on a Black Robe and stand in front of the altar.
4. Take the athame, and hold it up high.
5. Two other Agents brings the Sacrifice.
6. Standing among higher ranking Agents in the C:.D:.I:.A:., you put the athame to use.

Note2: The 6th grade of CDIA is optional.

Seventh Ritual: Money

Tools: Wand, Green Robe, Thick Orange Candle, a dollar bill.
Book: The Grimorium Verum.

1. Evoke Clauneck from the Grimorium Verum.
2. Invite him into a Pact where you will be his Student for 12 months.
3. Light the Candle, and burn the dollar bill.
4. Spell: "By Shammash, Thoth, Air and Earth, I gain Riches Every Day."

Eight Ritual: Becoming Master at Martial Arts

Preparation: 6 months of Karate, 3 months of Kung Fu.
Tools: Sharp Sword.
Book: The Lesser Key of Solomon: The Goetia.

1. Evoke Belial, and agree on one week under his Influence.
2. Every day you will get in trouble, and must fight your way out.
3. After the week is over, if you survive, banish Belial.

Ninth Ritual: Lesser 333

Preparation: Read upon the magic of John Dee, and especially upon the First Aethyr.

1. Enter the First Aethyr.
2. Eventually you will meet a Demon Infused with all your Fears.
3. Challenge him and defeat him.

Tenth Ritual: Strength of Ego

1. Think yourself above all other Humans.
2. You are the most Intelligent Human on Earth.
3. Also, you have Great Knowledge, and Great Power.
4. None can defeat you, let yourself go beyond all bounds.
5. Then venture to the Abyss and Call upon Choronzon.
6. You are the Dark Self, while Choronzon is Darker.
7. Laugh at him. Challenge him to a duel.
8. Now your Soul will be searched for Light. If Choronzon finds any, he will Destroy You Utterly.
9. If rather, your Soul is found to be Pitch Black, Choronzon himself will be Defeated, and you may call yourself a Black Brother.

Eleventh Ritual: Attracting Material Things or Drugs

Tools: White Candle.

1. Bring two Sigils to the Altar: One by Spare Method for the thing you want, and one of the Spirit that can help you.
2. Light the Candle at the altar, and let it burn down.

Twelwth Ritual: Spell Through Gaining Godhead

1. The God-Head is the mind of AZATHOTH. Study him, and note that he is Eternal and Omniscient.
2. Place yourself in the Center of the Universe, absorbing all Matter and all Unseen Energies.
3. Pose a question to this visualization.
4. Answer the question.
5. Let your Sight go Black, and your Mind go Empty.
6. Feel as you are AZATHOTH, think like AZATHOTH. You are Prime Chaos, you are Blind, you are Mad. You are an Idiot-God.
7. Become as Nothing. Then Become Infinite Space. Then Become Infinite Light. Then Contract to One Point.
8. As that One Point, you are Everything yet Unmanifest.
9. Spell: "I Will into Creation [object of Desire]. My Will Be Done."

Thirteenth Ritual: The Inverted Pentagram

Tools: Wand, Knife, Cup and Coin.

1. Place the Wand in the East, the Cup in the West, the Knife in the South, and the Coin in the North.
2. Trace an inverted Red Pentagram in the East, South, West and North.
3. Call: "Sammael before me, Belial behind me, Choronzon to my Right, and Sandalphon on my Left."

Fourtheenth Ritual: Grounding and Protection against Magical Attack

Tools: Salt.

1. Perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or the Inverted Pentagram.
2. Take a hot bath, or a shower.
3. Pour Salt in a Circle around you.
4. Sit down in Lotus and do Void Meditation for one hour.
5. Spell: "All magic against me will return to Sender."
6. Eat some food.

Fifteenth Ritual: Greater Sex Magic

Tools: Amphetamine, Hashish. Human Specimen.

1. Intake amphetamine and hashish in the evening.
2. If you are male, invoke Mars, if you are female, invoke Venus.
3. Have Sex with Human for 8 hours without Orgasm.
4. Focus now this Sexual Energy on a Result. Let it linger in your mind.
4. Greet the Sun when it comes up, and thank it for bringing in a new day, the day of Possibility.

Sixteenth Ritual: Divining with Tarot 1

1. Meditate for 10 minutes, clear your mind.
2. Take 3 cards out, one for the Past, one for the Present, and one for the Future.
3. Look at the cards in order and notice the first impressions you get.
4. Continue taking 3 cards for the Past, Present and Future until you have used the entire deck.
5. Now shuffle the cards and spread them out face down on the table. Feel with your left hand after one card, and reveal it.
6. This is the Key Card, telling you what will really come.

Seventeenth Ritual: Divining with Tarot 2

1. Draw seven cards.
2. Card one: The Past.
3. Card two: The Present.
4. Card three: The immediate Future.
5. Card four: The Question.
6. Card Five: What can help you.
7. Card Six: What to be aware of.
8. Card Seven: The Result if following the advice of the Cards.

General Occultism / Working with Goetics
November 28, 2017, 08:41:28 PM
There are a number of ways of working with goetic spirits. You can follow the grimoires step by step, or you can use what you think will work from any number of them.

Planetary hours is just bullshit.

Circle and magical tools is not really needed.

What you need to do for evocation is not sleep for some days, and then fast at the end.

Prayers are not needed.

You should do a banishing ritual before and after the evocation.

Prepare a conjuration in which you define the spirit, it's rank and abilities.

You do not need to use any god names.

The power to control the spirit comes from you alone.

No need to invoke your higher self.

Use the sigil of the demon in the ritual.

Stare at this sigil while reciting the conjuration, then call the demon forth.

Do this again if the spirit does not show.

(If then the spirit does not show, threaten it by a higher ranking demon that you are familiar with.)

When you feel a presence, unfocus your eyes and peer into the air in front of you.

You will then both receive images and faintly see the demon.

If this is difficult, you could use tools afterall, like a crystal ball, a fire, smoke, a bowl of water to scry in.

State your intent, what you want, and what, if something, you will give in return.

Give the licence to depart.

I got a pdf of this book from Sherwin himself, promising him to write a review. Here it is:

Review of Ray Sherwin's new book, "Ouroboros".

It is a short book, 110 pages.

First, Sherwin goes into everything that went wrong with the occult order Illuminates of Thanateros, that he was a part of creating.

He then comes with some of his own opinions regarding magic:

"No-one needs to be ritually sodomised or exposed to human sacrifice and vile abuse for their own personal development."

"It has always been my view that the pursuit of money disables magical ability."

He muses about his self and his environment, and then goes into the mechanics of sigil work. He comes with some advice about using sigils, like working with a sigil over a period of time instead of forgetting it.

The rest of the book consists of some poem-like stuff. I am not a fan of poetry, so I leave this to those who like that sort of thing.

Sherwin is against occult orders, and believes it is more powerful to work alone.

He also does not seem to like evocation and invocation that much, stating that sigils provide a more direct route. He also says that talking to the subconscious is like talking to a stranger whose english is not very good. This reminds me of what Dion Fortune said in her Psychic Self-Defence book, that the subconscious mind does not understand language at all. But it understands pictures.

I really shouldn't read occult literature. I have read enough of that sort of thing, and never seem to learn anything new anymore. Still I was curious about Sherwin's new work, as I have been a fan of his previous books. So, for some this book could be worth something, but it wasn't exactly worth much for me.