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The Art Lab / Writings Inspired By Ino
March 15, 2015, 03:12:09 AM
Ino really has been a muse for me; she got me doing creative writing again after many years of not touching it, and my writing now is chaos influenced. Some of it is media magick, and some is fiction that I channeled directly from Ino. Here's a poem I wrote for  Ino:

I met a Muse who sent me back
To the hall of poets, bearded painters...
I live with a musician still,
But I left them in  my mind;
Left for the realm of Insubstantia,
Dwelling where it's not substantial,
Doing jobs that have no substance
With the worldly kind.
Where to go that's free and open?
Go to the Bohemian crowd,
Join in with the voice  they speak in
When at last they're skilled and proud.
See the world the way they see it,
Be the change the artists wrought
Linked to them in their endeavors,
With them once again in thought.

If you've got sharp eyes you'll see I've edited this to put on a different poem, and I've taken off the links because I want to get our material published or publish it myself. I wouldn't charge lots of money for it though. It's just to do with how the creative arts are great and media magick is great.

Oistars / Enu And Nul
January 16, 2015, 01:34:31 PM

I'm still working on the DKMU godforms at the end of the sequence, although I have put threads about all the godforms on the Project Oistar Facebook group. This is something I said on there this week (with wording changed a little).

About the twin godforms Enu and Nul: I just know I'm going to get into deep water with this ! I heard a reliable rumour that they weren't being used any more and are now being regarded as part of the final godform Coniunctio. So I didn't include them when I went through and summoned all the others. Then this week I had a dream about them, and I've now included them. What I would like to know is, do we genuinely no longer use Enu and Nul ? I've done searches on them on the DKMU page both before and after my  evocation, and there was a lot of interest in them and information about them around October 2013 to January 2014.

Our Ellis D. Williams drew  two diagrams, and this is where the deep water comes because they are quite advanced studies. The first one has ten points and ten godforms, and the second which is based on Timothy Leary's eight circuits has eight points and those who were delving into it were attributing eight godforms to it with Enu and Nul included within Coniunctio. Would anyone who was working on this project care to comment about it? I'm having trouble putting the diagrams here-just click on them to get them large enough to read.
Oistars / SO MISTI And Sigils.
November 29, 2014, 02:26:41 PM
One of my next projects is going to be experimenting with SO MISTI, the sweet-looking servitor that Paul Nott made. Some of you Oistars had already done chaos magick before when you joined DKMU, possibly for many years; however I am one of the ones who hadn't, and decided to learn both chaos magick and the DKMU system together. That's one of the reasons I'm running the Oistar groups: I'm the real thing and I know how you feel if you are new!

I started with sigils for something small, as you do; however some of them didn't work and it was probably due to the wording of the intent, or conflicting feelings, or thinking they were fired correctly when they weren't. I don't believe in making entities do all the work for you, however it would be a great idea to present some of these that didn't work to SO MISTI to see if she could explain or help, and other people could do this too and report their results. I've read the document about SO MISTI several times and it seems to me that there is no need to astrally project to her; if you can't do that you could do it as a pathworking and still get some results.

I am copying this topic, and the file, to the Project Oistar Facebook group.
The DKMU Vault / The White Queen
November 23, 2014, 03:15:46 AM
Yesterday I evoked the White Queen. Anyone who belongs to Project Oistar on Facebook please do have a look, and when we get an oistar forum on here I will put stories like that in there as well. The thread is about both Red King and White Queen.

I have been working my way through our godforms and have come to the last few that are not so well-known now, which makes the information potentially more useful to other members. Originally I thought winter solstice would be good for the White Queen, however in last month's Halloween Project I had a theatre at the centre of my Ellisian generator, and yesterday that  theatre premiered a play of The Snow Queen who has related symbolism to our White Queen. It's also the anniversary of the first showing of 'Frozen' and all the Christmas celebrations and promotions in my town are featuring songs and pictures from the film.

After prey-fascinating  Ellis and feisty Ino, White Queen seems to be a very sensible and normal lady! I think her archetype is also found in the White Witch in the first two of the Narnia stories which were big favourites of mine when I was a child. This witch also creates an eternal winter (eternal until someone manages to end it).  The White Queen  is highly likely also related to Eris in some way.
Member Introductions / Unite The Worlds
December 22, 2013, 07:42:59 AM
Greetings, all my life I have had a series of mad crazes for different things, most of which were religions or branches of the occult. I always say they will last forever. Chaos magic is my new mad craze and the euphoric feelings seem to be strongest with the  DKMU material. I  have decided that I will not apologise for having crazes and being shallow and disloyal- instead I will say : THIS IS GREAT, THIS IS FUN ,THRILL,  BIG  HIGH FEELING .

I like slogans. When I was a young, good little girl I once put this slogan on my wall: ' With Plenty To Eat And Work To Do I Am Already Rich.'
I would like to compliment you on your wonderful slogan  'And Upon This Mark, I Unite the Worlds.'

Some of you might know me from Occult Corpus. Due to the experiences I've had in my life I can work with servitors but not sigils, so I am planning to  learn sigils. But I don't want to be called an oistar because at the end of the Walrus And The Carpenter poem  they ate all the oysters! Speaking of being new,  has anyone  made some mentor servitors that are like junior versions of  Ellis? Because  I have met one.

Edited and added later:
No-one has admitted to making the mentor servitor; however I am learning sigilization properly from the beginning with her and so far it's looking good.