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Pardon me if this is a bit new-agey, but it's occult-related, and I figure I could get some advice here.

So as I'm reading the wikipedia article on kundalini, I just start to spontaneously meditate. I feel heat rising up my back, and I start to breath in a controlled rhythm. I start to stop thinking. I started to see white lights moving around when I closed my eyes, and my neck gradually contorted back. The energy never went all the way up to the head, because I stopped halfway through and couldn't really maintain it when I resumed, but I know I achieved some kind of gnosis.

What now? Should I try again and see if I can achieve full activation? I can use gnosis like this to charge sigils, right? And is this chakra stuff applicable in chaos magick in any way?
Member Introductions / Hi Everybody
June 23, 2017, 12:11:15 AM
My name is Oistar Polaris (as you can see to the left). I'm very new to chaos magic, but I'm intrigued.

I'm gonna let you know that I don't fuck with no gods or any kind of powerful entities. I can barely meditate for two minutes, and I fear my mind's too weak to deal with godforms. I'm extremely interested in the efforts to establish magickal presences across the land with the sigils and glitterbombing, though. Just send me some instructions and I'll set up a shrine or two in my area.

Feel free to message me whenever, and I'll probably respond quickly.
The Assault on Reality / Let's expand that network
June 22, 2017, 11:44:44 PM
The aims of expanding our L.S. network, our "magick internet", if you will, are to "awaken" areas that seem magical or powerful, transfer and collect energy, and add a splash of chaos to people's lives. But currently, too many sites of great power are being ignored. Too many people can't access the powers of the network. Too much energy is going untapped. Too many people have never seen or heard anything about us in their entire lives. Look at the map, and you'll find that other than a few scattered spots in India, the vast majority of the world's linking sigils are in America and Europe.
We could be doing a lot: tapping into religious fervor in Jerusalem and Varanasi, surprising and intriguing workers in Chinese cities, allowing Middle Easterners to access the power of the network to make positive changes in the fates of their countries. According to our map, the whole continent of Africa has not one LS, and if it does, it's not on the map. That's extremely disappointing.
If any of you are going on vacation anywhere, remember to expand the network. Scrawl our sigil wherever your travels take you, because every mark we leave is another dose of magic into a sometimes drab and oppressive reality, another source of power for our workings, and another opportunity to bring new chaotes into the fold. Keep updating the map!