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The Assault on Reality / Solar Eclipse 2017 Restructuring
« on: July 18, 2017, 03:04:52 pm »
So Hardee went on EOD but the east coast meetings for the solar eclipse are still happening. Edward Smith asked me to post his phone number here so anyone still interested in an eastern US dkmu meetup for the solar eclipse working should call him at:
(513) 510-6910

The Assault on Reality / Chelseanacht 2017 (Operation: Trojan Storm)
« on: July 12, 2017, 05:56:56 pm »
Many of you have been establishing mirror network nodes on a city scale where you live. I promised that this would be met with a working to tie the Marauder and Domus Khaotica elements of this year’s Chelseanacht group working together. Well, I've been working on how to accomplish the aims I outlined when you guys decided to join up, and this was the result. Without further ado, I present Operation Trojan Storm:

The idea is to utilize the software of Operation 531, and encase it within a mega-construct designed to create a gravity well/lighthouse sort of effect in order to draw people into the progression of 531, the alchemical process of base materia to gold. A protocol built and established in 2015, 531 was the second working in this vein, the first being Chelseanacht 2014 wherein we established the first such City Node over many blocks in the French Quarter (New Orleans). 531 utilizes the Godforms/egregores to draw an individual through the series of trials/processes individualistically towards adepthood. Operation: Trojan Storm is intended to be something of a siege weapon in the Assault on Reality. This construct will be built as a tower in the middle of cities worldwide out of the city nodes which were placed. I decided to do most of the work of designing and executing the parts myself, due to the April Fool's working and what I learned from that. These are essentially ready made, and this can be repeated whenever a city node goes up to reinforce the idea via sympathetic magic for each new city node (If so desired).
These constructs should be printed out. Theo will be cleaning them up, and I'll offer them as a zip file so that they can be printed and used in your working. Throughout this practice, use whatever body/hand motions feel comfortable to accomplish the visualization.

Foundation Construct:
This construct is designed to establish connection and power from the city node itself and act as the linking factor (ayyyyy) between that node network and the construct itself. This should be envisioned as laying over the city node, and each LS on this construct lit up and filled with light from the node itself.
Intone: IA ELLIS TEHADIYA IA IA repeatedly until the visualization is strong and cohesive, then progress to the next construct.

Earth Construct:
This construct is designed to provide the raw material for the rest of the tower/well. 663 is the initiator, and serves this function well. Envision the foundation construct, and place this one atop it, the external LS's in the hexagram should focus into the center doombringer seal and from there, light the rest of this construct up. See it initially as stone, which as the light of the foundation construct begins to disperse within it becomes mutable and workable.
Intone: IA DOOMBRINGER VERA'AHIYE IA IA continuously until the visualization is strong and cohesive, then progress to the next construct.

Air Construct:
This construct is designed to provide the building plans, arrangement and placements, of the raw materia which is represented by the previous construct. You should see the liquid stone of the Earth construct filling this and being molded by it into a tower like shape. It should fill the entire structure with itself as air, and the structure should feel as if it is molded by the intelligence of this construct.
Intone: IA INO BETZAKELARIYSAZE IA continuously while this visualization is occurring until it is solid, cohesive, and feels correct.

Water Construct:
This construct is designed to establish the resonant tone or subconscious resonance of the rest of the construct. See this first atop the tower built in the previous stage of construction, and then see it turn to liquid and fill the entire casing with itself until it spills over.
Intone: IA TRIGAG CHIDAQAVEGANA IA IA repeatedly until this process has finished, then progress to the final construct.

Fire Construct:
This construct is designed to establish the projection and manifestation of the mega-construct into the world. Envision a cap being placed on the top of the tower built, and place this construct in the center of the cap. See it spin until it ignites with flame and the light pours out into the world. The light itself should feel as if it both projects outward, and draws inward.
Intone: IA ZALTY RAHEFATZASIKA IA until this visualization is complete, and you feel the heat from the light of the fire in what is now the completed lighthouse visualization.
Now as you intone this final part, see the entire structure working together, and see all of the parts cohesively become one, as if they had never been separate.
During this process, intone:

Close the ritual as you choose.

« on: June 25, 2017, 08:12:49 pm »
Yo guys, anyone want to help me brainstorm some new holidays for teh dikmoos?
I really like how much effort and magic comes out of Chelseanacht (I'm finishing up the ritual component for this year's Chelseanacht btw, HAVE NO FEAR) and I'd like to start trying to get things rolling with more of that. Have an art day, or a yearly group propaganda op, or something. I'm not sure what other holidays we can get up and running, but it would be really cool to get some more of them rolling. Any ideas? Hit me up, or comment on this thread. Let's splatter dkmu all over the calendar.

The Assault on Reality / The Great Strumming (Final form)
« on: March 30, 2017, 06:20:14 pm »
Each of you has a word of power to speak. If you do not, make one that you feel this whole working boils down to

Gnostic Banishing Ritual

3 bell rings, then 5 bell rings, then 8 bell rings

In nomine admirari, in nomine in magica, et sapientia: 156 Awaken! 663 Awaken!
(from in nomine to sapientia, you should see a point from which emerges a single infinite line of light being pulled down. After sapientia, you should see clouds begin to form and intercept this light, as more light is pulled into the orb a storm begins to develop on 156/663. On awaken, a burst of light fills this system, and the storm develops and comes fully into focus. Use whatever hand motions feels correct to you.)

Order of words of power shall be decided previous to the working, each person will come in, one after the other, and begin repeating their word of power for x number of times (Where x is [number of people]  + 3 - [position in queue])
( this entire time the storm is building gathering more and more energy until it envelops the entire planet in thick clouds of lightning filled darkness.)

You may either print this out, or draw and focus upon the central sigil for the duration of this

No automatic alt text available.

Hoc destinatum iungere mundi
[Participants repeat]
(At this point, a funnel cloud still full of lightning begins descending towards the central sigil of this working from the point of entry which is the pure beam of the light of infinity)

In ictu oculi in mundo mutat!

(The funnel cloud builds and the entire storm rotates around it, being pulled toward ground)


(The cloud touches the sigil, and the storm is consumed, all of the energy of it translates into a web of golden thread which, as more of the storm is consumed grows brighter and brighter until the storm is consumed and the web is blinding, at this point it pours out into the world in rivers and this wave of energy consumes the entire earth, filling it with this blinding light, the web still overlaid on top. Once your visualization is finished, feel the waves of energy rush over you as it is rushing over the world. When complete, open your eyes.)

(when everyone is finished)
Bell rings 8 times, then 5 times, then 3 times.

The Assault on Reality / The Great Strumming (April fools)
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:00:20 pm »

The purpose of this working is to clear channels in the web and its subsidiary components via a massive outflow of the pure current 156/663.

If we can overflow the system with an influx of current, and use currently constructed nodes as overflow valves, we should be able to blow out a lot of the stagnant ideas and gunk that have, potentially, been building for 15 years. In the end, the idea is to have clear channels. This should also briefly blast 156/663 out of each node, towards what result, only Khaos may decide, but I expect it to get weird. Long term, this means that each node should have clearer flow, the nodes which exist in spells should mesh better with the magic that's there, the nodes that exist in odd places for the purposes of oddness and magic-making should flow cleaner and more consistently, the possibilities for each of these will be less limited, and each node should get a bit more... active.

This is also a bit of a preparation test run for the working on Chelseanacht this year, the overall goals are similar but on different scales. Also this kind of clearing is kind of necessary when all the big lights start blinking. We don't want to turn on 30 city-sized nodes and have the web not be able to support that outflow for some reason making the result less than it could be.

Current idea for ritual structure (Thank you Axaeon):

A skype meeting or google hangouts of some sort for precise timing, all parties involved will have words of power to speak into a sigil which will be decided on before the working. The idea was to have this be done in a repetitive fashion building with each new voice added to the chorus. At the end there will be other words which are shouted/vibrated together. The visualization is as a storm which is directly building from an infinite point of light (Representing limitless possibility/chaos) The storm builds and a cloud begins descending as if the skies themselves were touching the earth. This storm is current 156/663. This continues until the last word when the cloud touches ground via the working's sigil and golden bright thread connects to each node and that potential/light/pure energy of khaos fills this web completely, oversaturating it on the last intonation and pours wholesale into the world through these threads growing brighter until it is blinding and comes rushing out of each node flooding the world with it.

More work needs doing, and input is appreciated always.


Chaos Magic & Beyond / Model 6 Magic, and the theory of everything
« on: November 13, 2015, 04:24:55 pm »
So the word of the night is Entropy, the Second Law of Thermodynamics. There are a few definitions, which applies to specific systems, but the one which includes them all is "All closed ordered systems tend toward disorder." Now, there's a supposition there. If all closed ordered systems tend toward disorder, then all ordered systems are founded on, built atop, belied by, etc... Disorder.

Now disorder has a few names, randomness is one, Chaos is another, the really fun one here is Pure Information.Let me give an illustration, because that one's less intuitive. This illustration actually comes from a guy named veritasum on youtube, but it's a good one. So let's discuss video compression. Really all compression works this way, but videos are everywhere and compression common. So in most videos, frame to frame most of the pixels don't actually change. The compression software notes this, finds a pattern, then notes all the pixels that don't fit into that pattern (The random bits) and transmits those. That random part, that's the information of the file. A file which is unable to be compressed, that would be the video with the most information, would be random static, no coherent pattern anywhere frame to frame. Cool awesome.

So Underneath all ordered systems, all patterns if you will, is information. Sounds easy enough. Now something fun is that that information, that chaos, would either be or tend toward infinity. The reason why is that let's say you have one piece of information, you would then need a second to describe how it behaved, and another to describe the relationship between the two others, etc etc, ad infinitum. So we have gotten to at the base of all patterns, finite patterns, closed ordered systems, there is a sea of infinite information which those patterns emerge out of.

Continuing: If that is the case, and we can accept that, then it is a mathematic certainty that a pattern would emerge somewhere in that infinite random. We see pi do this, an infinite numeric string. You can find your phone number in pi. In fact, you would conceivably find all phone numbers on earth ever in order. IF we extended that random static infinitely, somewhere in that static sometime, the mona lisa would show up in all her glory. Anyway, so in an infinite sea of information (Or even one that tends toward infinity), in fact, all conceivable arrangements of patterns would emerge at some point somewhere. It is therefore a mathematic certainty that a pattern would show up which built complexity faster than it could be dissolved back into disorder. Increased in order at rate faster than it became disorder.

That's the universe, welcome, we're here, awesome.

We see this from as far back to singularity as we can go all the way until now. First a bunch of stuff shows up, and it's super chaotic, but there's some semblance of order, there's a way that stuff behaved. Then we see that stuff condensing into stuff like stars, a further increase of complexity, then we see stuff like planets orbits clusters, galaxies, further and further increasing the complexity of the pattern. Then we see (In our little sphere) life emerge, a very complex pattern increasing in complexity. Then consciousness, an extremely complex pattern which creates patterns. etc.

We could actually explain everything in the universe as some sort of interaction between the universe building complexity and entropy eating it. But you're here for model 6 magic, so let's do that. Beginning with synchronicity, what is that in reference to this? Important requisite. Just by the nature of the pattern of the universe it likes to build complexity, because it wants to survive, it's trying to continue existence. You think a thought, or say something, and the object of that thought shows up in front of you in weird ways. This is two parts of the pattern, seemingly unrelated, different sections, folding together, combining so that it can condense and go off to create more complex patterns now compressed a bit.

Magic, all of magic, does this extremely well, but it does it consciously. So, I am a mage. I have a stick, I name it fire. This stick is fire. Two unrelated pieces of the pattern are now linked within my pattern, I then take that and I link it with a third thing, the object of my will. Well this is the way, one of the ways, the universe does this itself, so it coils up and works. Why is belief such a great tool? You're incorporating that belief into your pattern, and the moment you do it becomes workable. You can then link it to other parts of the pattern. Why do we observe magical acts working best when forgotten? How do we explain the exceptions? When you forget after focusing on something, it drops into your pattern, rather than the part of you which is still building your pattern (Unconscious vs conscious). It can't link until you've made it link inside of you already. Same with the exceptions, they just mean that through one way or another, you dropped it into your pattern outside of simply forgetting about it.

Now I think we can explain God here, and gods in general. So if we do define consciousness as a very complex pattern which creates patterns, well the universe does that. In fact, you could call it the ultimate consciousness. God. All gods are other extensions of that. God is simply trying to survive.

We can also say that any action you have ever taken, will ever take, are taking right now, can conceivably take, all of those can be defined as one or more of four things:
1.)You can increase the complexity of the pattern. The hard sciences do that rather well, this wall of text does that, magic does this extremely efficiently. etc.
2.)Decrease the rate at which entropy eats the pattern. The social sciences do this quite well. Psychology makes me less likely to bash someone over the side of the head. Same with conversation and communication in general. Giving a shit about the planet, that helps. etc.
3.)Increase the entropy inherent within the system. Pollution does this. Pointless bickering does this. Doing really dumb shit usually does this. etc.
4.)You can reduce the complexity of the pattern. A good example of this is a nuclear bomb. That's a massive simplification device, it drops, goes boom, and a big part of the pattern is immediately eaten and dropped back into potential, into information. Murder also does this (Execution is a bit of a grey area).

By doing one of those first two, the constructive options, you are increasing the lifespan of the universe, which is why we're here. The purpose of existence. The meaning of life. As long as you do those, you will have lived a meaningful and purposeful life.

Anyway. If you have questions, just ask. Also, if ever you think of crediting me with anything (Not that you have to) but if you want to give credit, then do not mention my name without also mentioning Soror Kokabel in the same breath. She was instrumental, absolutely instrumental to this. She might have even come up with it first. Either way, lend her any of the credit you would lend me in this.

The Assault on Reality / NOLA Chelseanacht Ritual 2015
« on: April 22, 2015, 09:56:52 pm »
So, since it was getting closer to the date of the gathering, I've begun talking to a few people here and there brainstorming the focal point of the ritual we would be doing this Chelseanacht in New Orleans. This is the sum total of mine and others brainstorming. A few of you I may have discussed this with in part, but this is a combination of multiple conversations. A big shout out to axaeon for pulling a lot of shit together into a more polished result.
First of all, Chelseanacht celebrates the anniversary of the Chelsea Working, wherein the Domus Khaotica was created and signaled the evolution of Marauder Underground into DKMU. The Chelseanacht working, as I understand it, changed everything about how the group operated and related to itself, and eventually the echoes of which spawned the series of Egregores/Godforms we know today, which seems to be a core of dkmu as it stands today. The Chelsea Working created indirect effects upon the outside world, but primarily evolved the group itself. I propose something along the vein of this.

DKMU today, regardless of your thoughts on the matter, has a strong focus upon the DKMU Godforms and the attempted systems which emerge in an attempt to wrestle the unwieldy entities into a coherent cosmology. The entities DKMU deals with are not a pantheon, they are a series of entities created (Or discovered) with an attempt to propel the individual who works with them upon the Path of the Initiate (the Path of Initiation, or whatever other series of words you want to go with). While they fit into this framework just fine if utilized as such, they are, first and foremost, their own entities. Aside from the marathons, I notice a vast majority of the people who work with the godforms ending up picking one they like and working exclusively with that entity for most intents and purposes. This is fairly similar to the devotional practices of many pantheons of deities. It is, however, counterproductive if we view the godforms as more of a vehicle of progression, which is a role I think they are better suited to.

It is for this reason and a few others that I think we as a group could use some Cogito Ergo Sum action, and what better vehicle to effect the operations and workings of the group as a whole than to effect the godforms themselves which attract and hold so many members, and operates as a majority of the thread which binds us together. We could use cohesion and progression, and the godforms themselves reflect this.

I think that Conjunctio emerged for this very purpose, and it is Conjunctio which serves as the focal point of the proposed ritual to take the raw materials we have today and create from them a cohesive unit which will truly be the engine of progress so many have seen the potential for and worked to pave the way for (Looking at you Alysy <3).

The ritual calls for no less than 7 participants as myself and axaeon have envisioned it. This is far from a finished result, and is more of a skeleton currently.

7 altars placed separately in the same area (The current area of operation is slaked to be what is colloquially known as the "End of the World" which is a peninsula where the Mississippi River meets the canal atop the levee and is relatively secluded.) representative of Ellis, Doombringer, Ino, Trigag, Zalty, Red King, and White Queen are arranged in a septagram around a central conjunctio glyph with some sort of fire or cauldron in the center. Each altar is arranged appropriately with candles and accoutrement associated to each entity respectively, and each participant is dressed in ritual attire representative of the entity they are working with. Each participant then invokes the godform at their given altar separately. Just as all of the godforms are their own self and all of us come to dkmu in varying methods and manners. When the invocation is complete, each will come to the center and share the fire of their ritual candle with the central fire/candles/cauldron. A ritual of joining and communion will then be performed within the large central seal utilizing the joining nature of Conjunctio to truly join the Godforms as one whole to operate together and assist those who would progress along the path of initiation along the way. Those who could not make it can assist through the web by invoking one of the godforms at their personal altars and connecting themselves through Conjunctio. Upon the conclusion of this ritual, the central glyph will become a "Meeting of the Gods" if you will. As we've just invoked and been operating as our respective godform, we will likely still be at least partly playing that role, but the hang-out will be essential.

We're a fucking group, a group of cats perhaps, but a group. We are a coalition, a unit, and cohesion is part of this. We are here for many reasons, but progression upon our magical path as individuals and as a whole is extremely important. We need you, all of you. You're all part of the whole.

That said, I need more people for this, we have 3-4 people coming as it stands, so RSVP so I can figure out who's here, what's getting done by whom, and how. I want your ideas on this ritual, I want your debate and contest, your agreement and additions oh ye children of the House of Khaos, oh ye who are the Marauder Underground. Furthermore, I want your RSVP. This is the thread for both/all of those things, so STAND UP AND MAKE YOURSELVES KNOWN.

The Assault on Reality / Black Flags and Falling Skies
« on: February 01, 2015, 09:10:41 pm »
We fly the black flag over the waves of reality.
We have declared war upon God and Man.
The din of this war follows in our wake,
The sound of walls crashing
and houses burning.

We march to that silence which is death.

We dance on a razor, riding the edge,
Full sail in unknown waters.
The edges of the map are ill-defined,
And we're not the sort to draw them.

There is no logic where I am.
There is no god where I stand.

Welcome to Earth, beautiful child:
Make it tremble.

We are the House of Khaos,
The silent and the loud.
We protest impossibility by force of will and action.
This is a reminder,
And a call to arms.
The Assault on Reality lives in you.
This is what you were born to do.

The Assault on Reality / Assault Stage Two?
« on: September 15, 2014, 09:02:13 am »
So, I've been thinking since chelseanacht this year, as we concluded our city spanning mirror/reality shard Ellis and utilizing the energy to invert the pyramid and lightning rained down from the sky. As I walked as Doombringer, it was intensely obvious to me that the Assault is picking up again, perhaps to reach new higher heights. I mean, I've been here all of a year now, but consider that the godforms are all established and fleshed out (Except those who are near impossible to comprehend, of course) and activity is beginning to transfer from FB into the forums, even if slowly at first. The DKMU has been fucking with reality for seven years now. It's time to truly focus on ripping reality a new asshole (Literally?). The Veil of Maya has been weakening, I've felt it and so have many others. Muggles feel it too, which is saying something more significant. We're doing a good job, and now is not the time to sit back and do little. We are waging war, and war has strategy/tactics/etc.

So I've been thinking up plans of action. There are still structures in place which would keep us from achieving our goals. These will topple. Redouble our efforts, go about things with a rough strategy in place, be interested in how it manifests and observe, as the significance of our result is a good indicator of our success is weakening the Veil. We are gearing up again for another battle. We can smash what we came here to smash, or we can fizzle. I don't see the fizzle yet, so time to kick this shit into hyper-gear, no?

The DKMU Vault / Liber Sigillum
« on: July 03, 2014, 07:06:47 pm »
Any thoughts on getting Liber Sigillum out and in print or PDF form again? I would thoroughly like to read the work to satisfy my curiosity and expand my information base further. Thanks :E

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