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The Study / I aka ii aka infinidimensional infinities
« on: July 15, 2019, 11:18:31 pm »
this version of my belief in God, defined as the Totality, defined as infinidimensional infinities (ii) has turned into my obsession. 

this belief is not really a help in any way, yet i like it.  in the beginning is any arbitrary starting point, then riding a wave.   ...if my muscles (physical and metaphysical) are up to that moment's challenge of riding that infinidimensional wave.

it's easier knowing/thinking/feeling/believing that i am already riding that wave, and have been riding this wave eternally, surfing the vacuums and vortexes of the time volume.

one of my basics of my current version of the ii is the nature of one dimension, easily percieved of as an infinite line. 

since it is infinite in both directions/nodes, therefore any and every abritrary point on the line is the exact center of the line.  any integerial designations are arbitrary and belief-influenced.

in the ii (which includes consciousness dimensions), any and every monad/being/point with defined limitations similar to skin, has valid evidential (relative) proof that itself is the exact ego center of the Totality.  aka I.

this belief system resolves a lot of paradox, but plenty of paradox remains. 

in the coming days, i hope to share how this works/plays with the various chakra alignments in various levels of my monadic bodymind.

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