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Announcements / DKMU Discord
January 31, 2022, 08:44:32 AM
The DKMU Discord can be accessed here.


Soror Fishsticks
Discord Staff

[Dracon, a marauder who has fucked off from FB has asked me to post this on their behalf. - Fishsticks]

Chelseanacht is coming.

'UNFASH THE WEB' is my suggestion for this year's theme.   LS and the DKMU is inherently anti-authoritarian.  Exploration of differing realities is directly opposed to mono-culture and ideologies that seek to enforce it.  Sure, in a limited space and time you can have a mono-culture, or a reality that is intolerant of opposing realities in the same space.  This is necessary for there to be any distinct things at all, apart from one undifferentiated blob.

But authoritarian ideology wishes to impose itself upon all spaces and at all times.  That is the difference.

Furthermore, for exploration to be possible, free travel between these realities is necessary.  One would think any dipshit could figure out that the Assault on Reality is antifascist and anarchic, but apparently this isn't the case, and forces attempt to co-opt our work.  Therefore I suggest that the intention of this year's sigil and associated workings be to reinforce the anti-authoritarian intent of the AoR and push out or destroy these recuperative forces from the web and all spaces which it touches.

This is not the same as destroying local order or local realities.  We want a multitude of realities, overlapping and with roads between.  It is the same as destroying vast mono-cultures which attempt to be or present themselves as The One Reality and power structures which rely on the inability of their slaves to escape to somewhere better.  Particularly anything which propagates itself by enslaving the mind and spirit of its adherents by hiding the existence of alternatives, or presenting these alternatives as unrealistic.  This includes, but is not limited to national bureaucracies, capitalism, domestic abuse, religious cults, schools, prisons and police, most mental illnesses, media saturation, poverty and terrorism committed by large military powers.

The assault on (consensus) reality has always proposed that the disappearance of magic in our worlds is caused by the suppression of imagination due to these, and allied, factors.  Let's make that really clear to everyone.  Let's make it so that any archist or statist who touches the web is ensnared and drowned in empathic knowledge, or else burned explosively.

Linking Sigil : Fuck The Protocol   (LS:FTP)