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The Art Lab / Memories and Mysticism Tribute
June 16, 2021, 12:01:23 AM
I don't know how many people here are into this kind of thing, but I was listening to stuff online as per usual and smiled when I heard a navy seal nonchalantly defend magic and supernatural phenomena like it's common knowledge.  It makes sense to me that people in the SOCOM field would stumble into various states of gnosis considering the mental and physical extremes they push themselves towards on a regular basis (as well as the indigenous cultures they interact with), and I was glad to hear that it seems SO1 Marcus Luttrel is no stranger to it.  So I decided to tag with a simple art video

It's kinda funny because I get the impression that Rogan is a believer too but both of them seem to be keeping the language 'sterile' and trying not to sound too woo woo for a mainstream channel.  Anyways, nothing revelatory but I found it interesting and inspiring.  To summarize, the night before this conversation, Marcus woke up late at night from a thunderstorm, and Rogan also woke up that night after having a dream where he was experiencing Luttrel's memories about dying of thirst and having blood and dirt caked in his mouth as he was fleeing from the Taliban forces that ambushed and killed the rest of his team, one of those strong synchronicities.  Luttrel's story was turned into the film Lone Survivor (2013) and I'm amazed that he seems to be functioning very well with his PTSD for everything he went through

edit: new url, bitchute only offered 480p and I'm trying to avoid google empire 😄
Member Introductions / Spider Dream
April 16, 2021, 01:05:05 PM
I've been aware of the DKMU for some time now, when I lived in New Orleans (2008 - 2014 roughly) I heard about it by word of mouth through a few friends and practicing occultists, and at the time I understood it as a paradigm, that also branched into gatherings and organized efforts here and there.  The LS always stood out to me as an interesting idea, and I recognized the overall theme of the Marauder movement as something familiar, like an art style (method of being and expression) that I could enjoy and coexist with.  Back then, I didn't ever get into a serious participation of DKMU, aside from drawing a few LS tags and veering off into my own interpretation of what I was doing with that sigil in my own personal paradigm.  I was just too focused on my created brand of chaos magick and was worried that the heavy inertia of what I observed from DKMU would influence my reality, and I wanted to be in control of mine as best as I could (lol).  I saw magick in all walks of life in that city, from the well established witches and voudons that ran shops and services, to successful entrepreneurs who kept their beliefs more hidden, to the gutter punks and street performers who undoubtedly also had vision (as far as I could tell).  And because I was still in the process of finding myself, I had a hard time with the fact that, while I could relate and appreciate all types of magicians, I often got frowned upon by the "sophisticated" magicians when I would associate with the "street punks", and likewise the train-hoppers would often scowl at the idea of professional mages, calling it "sell out" culture and things like that.  I couldn't ever really justify either sides argument, and I knew that ultimately I wanted to be successful and integrate into economic society, but something about the authenticity of the street crowd always pulled at my soul and I knew I couldn't turn my eye from them either.  Now that I think of it, that polarization of social standards is something that needs to be addressed in society, and blended into a more cohesive body of culture.

Anyways, the point of the post was about a dream I had after taking a more direct interest in the DKMU pdf's lately.  I recently did a campfire ritual for Ellis and dabbled with some Hexorius workings as well, and shortly after got handed some heavy introspection and personal alchemy I had to process.  This is the first time I actually did any serious working with the DKMU side of the world.  I should also mention that I had built a crude wooden archway years ago, made out of 2x6's, 4x4's and some 2x4 support arms.  It's about 8 feet tall and wide, and mainly serves as a workout station where I can do pull-ups and other bodyweight calisthenics.  But it also resembles a "gateway", like a door frame without a wall or ceiling, so I had been using it for rituals like evocations and such too.

A few nights ago, I had a dream that I saw a gigantic spider hanging in that archway.  It was hanging on a single thread of web, and slowing climbing it upwards like I'm sure you've all seen before.  When I got closer to it, I saw a smaller spider had seemed to crawl out of it's "mouth", and climbed up the thread quickly to the wooden plank of the archway.  The larger spider stayed there suspended, not gonna lie it kinda freaked me out, this thing was about as big as a basketball in the dream.  After noticing the smaller spider, I saw that the large spider just stayed there suspended, and started swinging back and forth on the thread of web, almost like it was trying to get enough momentum to reach the wall next to the archway.  I thought to myself I should find a container to capture it in while it was still suspended, because that thing was huge and I didn't want it crawling around the walls and ceiling of my room (keep in mind, in my dream I hadn't thought of the spider as a symbol of Ellis yet).  I looked around for a second to try and find something, and when I looked back the spider had disappeared, and I frantically looked around my room to see if it had scurried somewhere visible.  Then I woke up and started thinking about the Ellis spider symbology.

Right afterwards I tagged the wooden archway with an LS because I decided that dream was the communication I needed to keep working on the path, and it wasn't until after I tagged it that I remembered about the small spider that crawled up the thread to the wooden plank, which could symbolize the node (tag) that I created after the fact.  That's a sort of personal symbolism I use anyways.

So that's my starting point, I suppose, and felt like sharing that in case anyone else could relate.  Looking forward to reading up on more of the pdf's and history here, and hopefully contributing later on.  Cheers