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The Art Lab / Poetry - A life worth living
September 15, 2021, 12:53:44 AM

I am a man
That was broken and battered

Longing for death
For a life that never mattered

Like a mirror my mind was shattered
My hopes
My dreams
All came to an end
As the cursed dancer thrashed her whip

But that was the past
And this is the present

To me each day is a gift
And each coming day is a treasure
Regardless of the pressure

Simply because

I am a man
That was broken and battered

But in life
I have found things that mattered

I feel
And therefore I am

Even tho my emotions
Are like a bursting dam

I fight for myself
And for those around me

I regret nothing
For nothing can hold me

Whether I live or die
I would not mind

Because life is worth living
Even when I am dead inside