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Report at end of week 1

Ellis was the only godform we had previously worked with, two years previously. Other than this our engagement with the DKMU over the passed couple of years has largely been concerned with tagging LS in places, online and offline. This week, March 1-7, we engaged with our Ellis as a daily practice. I feel personally that this allowed me to build a much closer relationship to the Red Queen than our previous attempt, and I suspect Agent V feels the same. It probably also helped that we prepared an altar more in tune with her tastes, along with a sacrament of Sangria and a tailored playlist. I made the playlist before we started, picking out some instrumental tunes I thought would work based on the name of the track, themes including queens, empresses, red, ruby and spirals. By playing in ritual some songs got removed from the initial playlist. Either because Ellis disapproved, or because they otherwise hindered communion. Some days we played the music either side of the rite, but performed it in silence. On other days we played the music during the magic. Both worked.

To open the godform cycle we performed an extended version of the Kia IAO centering. This involved the vibrating of Kiiaaa whilst standing in Baphomet pose and visualising the AOS glyph for Kia over the heart chakra. We then did the IAO part to all four directions, visualising vertical axis with I, horizontal axis with A and auric egg and oroborus around us with O. Returning to face the altar we ended with a repeat of the Kia part. On subsequent days we either did the short form, or skipped the banishing altogether and went right in to communion with Ellis. We don't plan to repeat the long form until the end of the daily practise.

Also on the first day, and any day we felt the need to do the short form, we also did our customised 'Calling to Ellis'. For this I did the spoken parts and Agent V did the chime. I felt this was effective and good teamwork, as each of us had only to focus on one thing, and thus reduced fiddling and improved timing. I do not yet know the wording by heart, but the calling formula seems pretty useful and it seems that once you have it down it can be easy to adapt to other entities outside the DKMU framework.

For the communion part itself, we kept before the altar, our diaries, our magical sketch books, an assortment of pens, drawing pens, felt tips and pencils, and some tarot, so that we could interact with Ellis however we felt inspired or directed by her and record our results during the rite. I don't normally write my diary in ritual by candle light, but I actually found it quite useful and may adopt the practise more often so as to avoid having to write things up a second time.

We usually closed by drinking the Sangria, except on day seven where we opened with Sangria and closed with the Kia IAO shortform.

Agent V took a lot of good photos to document our work. I'm sure she'll select some of the best to share, once she has an account here.

I got a lot out of this first week, some of which is personal and some of which I have been instructed to share. Some of the latter I can only share after doing some work I cannot start until the end of the cycle. I will check my diaries and share what I can later.

Tonight we begin our working with 663, or perhaps I should say the first ritual with 663. We set up the altar and made a preliminary 663 playlist after the seventh Ellis ritual, and I awoke in the night to record a dream involving myself, Agent V a visitor and some tribal masks...
Networking / DKMU KIA Magical Union
September 23, 2015, 02:58:28 PM
For Oistars that also operate as agents of KIA, there now exists a subforum on KIA called the 'DKMU KIA Magical Union':
Before starting this operation, I prepared a working altar, made a LS sigil on a piece of quality paper, which I cut into a circle and placed on a large circular brass tray on the altar. Also on the tray, around the sigil were five tea-light candles, two in red Polish grave lanterns (square and with crosses), two in wooden tealight holders each in the shape of one half of the taijitu symbol, and the remaining on in a decorative glass holder.

Before the altar I placed two meditation cushions. My standard evocation practise is to work in meditation. The second was for my fellow MIB, Agent V. I will be reporting only my own contact here. I should add that because of a miscommunication, my contact happened first whilst V was merely meditating and holding the space, and then when we realised our error, we reversed roles and I held the space whilst she made contact.

I am not sure if this is typical, as I haven't read others accounts of Ellis invocation yet, but very quickly in to the evocation, I had the sense that Ellis was appearing as a cat, or a woman with a cats head. Initially ginger.

Surprised by the quickness of the evocation I thought perhaps I was projecting an image onto her, so foolishly I asked her 'Is that your true form?'

'No. This is!' she responded. The ginger cat head morphed into an angry fox and she (appeared to) lunge at me in attack. I was a little taken aback, but remained my composure.

At this point I should add that a fire spirit we work with, 'The Black Rat', intervened. Ellis appeared to be surrounded by a spiralling tower of fire, and at first I thought maybe this was her true form, but then I saw the black rat scurrying around her creating the wall of fire. We had just taken the sacrament of the Black Rat the night before (an alcoholic cocktail that includes wormwood and is set on fire before drinking), which may have been a lucky coincidence. I tried to ask the rat what it was doing, but it would not answer.

After a while I told the rat that I would like to talk to Ellis, that was why I had evoked her, and would it let me proceed? It responded that it was now safe and that it had 'purified' the connection, whatever that means. (Later I thought of the analogy of using a firewall when connecting to the internet).

Ellis then appeared as a woman with a cats head once again, this time not ginger but morphing between tortoise-shell and tabby. The fire continued to spiral around her for a brief while but morphed into a serpent that surrounded her like the serpent on the Greek god, Phanes.

Ellis was now took on a more curious aspect. Her first instinct seemed to be to start looking for other LS nodes. She claimed to have found two, one in Edinburgh, the other in Glasgow, quite quickly. Then she looked in the other directions with a longer range and claimed Iceland, Norway and Sweden, before losing interest. Other places were connected via these five, she claimed.

I remained passive as she began a second search, this being local places of interest to her. She quickly asked me to get an LS node established at or near to Boleskine House, Crowley's old place. She also seemed quite interested in the Clava Cairns and Culloden battlefield. She also requested a connection to the KIA Egregore.

My original inspiration for contacting Ellis was to make contact with her before including the LS sigil on my set of magical dolls. I felt a little put out that she didn't seem interested in them. So I decided to ask her about them, was she interested? She appeared to shrug and say 'Sure, whatever' as if it was okay with her but not her main interest. Not sure if she was just messing with me however...  8)

Member Introductions / Agent M reporting in...
February 24, 2015, 12:09:14 AM

This is Agent M, but you may know me by one of my other names...

I've known about DKMU, Ellis etc for quite a while. Ever since Alysyrose added a bunch of stuff about it to the KIAwiki in fact:

Anyway, always been curious, but was wrapped up in my own projects. I'm still busy with my own projects but have decided to make a 'personal project' of reaching out and collaborating with others, and this in mind did my first evocation of Ellis last Saturday. It went well so I plan to work with her some more, adding the linking sigil to some of my projects.

I decided to check in here to report on my progress, get feedback, and make contacts.  8)