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Due to the numerical decline in participants, the simultaneous invocation of the primary 8 DKMU godforms was reconstructed for a group of five as follows:

Operation 531

Ellis, Doombringer, Ino, Trigag, and Zalty are assigned to participants based on personal relationship with the egregores and/or enthusiasm or choice. With a solid experienced group this may even be left to chance by drawing straws or the like. Participants are asked to construct a small altar as explained in Liber Sigilum for their assigned godform. A glass candle, the required sigil and a symbolic item is sufficient. The five are arranged equidistant around the consecrated circle.

The Red King, White Queen, and Conjunctio are arranged in the same manner triangularly in the center to form the Magnum opus of the operation. They are conceptually linked with the alchemical wedding of Mercury, Sulfur and Salt.

Altars and Participants are arranged as such:

The purpose of the Operation 531 is to introduce a unified goal to the godforms. They must work as a conscious machine to process the input of the participants and future seekers through an initiatory path into the goal of personal evolution and transmutation.

The following sigil was created as a result of the intention mentioned:

It is to be placed in the center of the working, into the point within the fire kindled during ritual. The image of the phoenix may also be employed here.

Any participants doing distance work may use the following setup, but only for the god form of choice Once invocation has been successfully achieved, she is to light a separate candle in honor of the alchemical triad of the working using the sigil as a link to the collective working.

Ritual Outline:
Purify Space: Cast circle w/ Incense + Salt/water, purify participants
Gnostic Pentagram Banishing
Evocation of Khaos
Individual Invocation of Egregores
Bringing the Candle Fire to Central Fire
Meeting of the Minds
Break the Circle