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Announcements / Re: Forum Revival 2018!
September 11, 2019, 07:53:39 PM
A Good just for the record, new admin as of a year or so now, interesting... been, away, lurking even.
Oistars / Re: Begin Here
December 02, 2014, 07:15:45 AM
that's great, I will direct all new oysters here... thank you
okay, and so I have been thinking about it, and you know, some people are like charge my "sigil" - um, idk... seems like if masturbation/sexual energy was to "charge" a sigil then porn stars should be like GODS and maybe they are, idk, i don't think so... HEAR me out! -- but rather, for me and what I do with sigils is IMPLANT a suggestion - an intention into my unconscious -- for me magick is psychick in the sense of psychological-emotive-imaginary and delves into states of awareness -- this is not to discount energy but rather it is to bring this so-called energy into question and also to be a bit clear on what the fuck we are doing, as such, we use sigil, again to alter our mental program, energy has nothing or need have nothing to do with this, and we can take this from our personal unconscious to the material world outside our selves, that is the world we are embedded in - our environs and also effect the world with our suggestion which is what relates the Trade Mark to the Sigil... we are interest in developing these notions more clearly - perhaps you are to?
Um thank you both for you input. all the text are available via the members and text area, some are also on scribd... but if you need please just msg me on facebook and I will pass on the copies of the docs i have and we can go from there... idk... I will keep my eye on this site and see what is going on. As far as the other DKMU sites, its not really my interest, just sort of tacted that on, and since everything is copyleft, well control of anything there after is pretty much nonexistent so, people can do what they want... I just thought I would help spur some action, get some texts translated into other languages... and yeah prob. should start with the noob guide and work from there... okay... thank you both for responding, let's see if we get any other interest parties...

I want to get straight to the point. I am writing to find out who can (has the skills) to write up current DKMU documents (official, unofficial, and otherwise) in languages other than English (and its varieties, such as American or British)? Can you speak and write in more than one language? Are you from another country and (i don't know who we talk to, perhaps an admin) perhaps would be interested in hosting a mirror of this forum in your langauge? I don't know about the forum past (that's forward thinking), but translating DKMU documents into other language and spreading the word(s) internationally sounds like a plan! Can you help? Will you help!? Let me know, ASAP, and message me on fb, that way I am sure to get your msg (if you are interested in translating documents into another language, or can read OR write in another langauge, because we could use readers, even if they cannot write or translate into another language). Okay. Find us here (we also check back to the forum, weekly or so):

Facebook for Thee Uncondemning Momus (personal page/wall):


Al L. Aguero (Thee Uncondemning Momus/Monk/Al-Barr/At-Tawwab/St. Stephen/Aglaeca) received his BA, with honors, in Sociology, at Binghamton University. He is a Clark fellow since 2011 and continuing for his PhD in Comparative Literature, in the Philosophy, Literature, and Criticism (PLC) at Binghamton University. His current research interests include a multifaceted study of religious/occult influences on Western Philosophical and Scientific Traditions, their etiologies and modern practices. He is also engaged in a study of the multifaceted relationship of nonsense, madness, and unreason as conditions for the possibility of theory and praxis aimed at inspiring a critical individual and collective dreaming/discussion of different ways of being in the world with each other, as a starting point for a better world, by releasing the radical potential of literature and our imaginations. He has taught Literature and Sociology, as well as Literature and Psychology. He is actively forging interdisciplinary relationships with the sciences. To that end, he has invited biologist, computer programmers, social workers, and cognitive psychologists to his classroom to speak on such topics as artificial intelligence, autonomy, and language, attention, and perception. In turn he has been invited to join the Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems Research Group, as a participant in the CoCo seminars, and also to speak on the subject of art and literature to future cognitive-behavioral psychologists. Current works also include a detailed historical examination of Walter Benjamin's concepts of language and power, redemption and materiality, as they relate to Genesis and Revelations, aimed at redeeming the image of the Whore of Babalon. As well as one on one work with the artist Stephen J. Leyba directly on the concept of mechanical reproduction in art and the reclamation of the singular aura. Other current work is focused on the literature and literary theories of William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin and the limits of readability and identity formations.[/font]

Yes I would love to talk about all this with you. Here is a link to a folder that has all my current academic work, magick related, that I am working with as material for my first book. Anyway, check this out when you have time:

and this link is to the entire google-drive, Knowledge is Free (you can add text to this drive if you desire):

anyway, I am on Fb:

and on the IRC as momus, so -- yeah let us talk ASAP

In Chaos and lOVe... Al-Barr, Prof. UM, At-Tawwab... 
The Media Magician / Re: DKMU QUOTE TIME
October 27, 2014, 12:24:55 PM
Quoteits too easy to become the thing you hate, destroy your self before it destroys you!
The Media Magician / Re: DKMU QUOTE TIME
October 11, 2014, 03:53:25 PM
Quotecheck your scanning pattern
The Media Magician / Re: DKMU QUOTE TIME
October 09, 2014, 07:01:13 PM
finally, a seemingly good one:

Quote"one need not crash into the sun to see it" --- At-Tawwab

Quote"Reason is so Unreasonable" --- Aglaeca


Quote"Reason can be so Unreasonable" ---Aglaeca
The Media Magician / Re: DKMU QUOTE TIME
October 05, 2014, 06:41:36 AM
"ultimate truth, ultimate fail"
Okay. First I am seeking people who are familiar with these names: Jacques Lacan, Luce Irigaray, Walter Benjamin, and Isabella Stengers. And to a lesser extend also Georges Bataille, Antoin Artaud, and Bruno Latour.

Basically, I am interested in fleshing out the connections between Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Lacan's work on the unconscious and signs (aka the symbolic-imaginary-real S-I-R) connection with magick. For instance sigils understood from a Lacanian perspective. I am also interested in a critique of Lacan's work through the work of Luce Irigaray (for starters). One of my jumping off points, for what I call my Red Goddess project, is not only Irigaray's work, but using her work, "This Sex Which Is Not One," to undo and critique Walter Benjamin's text, "On Language As Such, and the Language of Man." Also, I seek to undermine the story of the fall as told by Benjamin in that same essay, by using the alternative figure, Simon Magus (our Gnostic starting point) as well as an old understanding of Adam Kadmon (universal Adam) as an intersexed hermaphrodite. I can give whomever more details about my work, if they are interested. I am also seeking someone who knows nothing about this work (but this is more down the road, maybe not) so they can be like, "I don't know, what's that about, what's that mean, explain more, more, etc" because that would be helpful for me to flesh out my work in its fullest. Okay. So... anyone else into these folks, what about Bataille or Derrida? Did you know that Burroughs & Gysin quote Jacques Derrida in The Third Mind.

Okay, another topic coming shortly, I am also interested in having a conversation, exploring with any and all who are interested the world of Oulipo, Exploding Galaxy, and whatever connections their might be to W.S. Burroughs, Gysin, and even TOPY.

Okay, ROCK! Oh, if you are interested in these topics, need some links, etc, more info, whatever... just reply here and I will do what I can to help, ofc.

one good ... well deserves another -- sorry MQ --- inspired by T & R @ #domus
what name might you have known us by? who is Thee Uncondemning Monk (as projekt: we'll it is a matter of names, and so here is a list. We call this the Jack Frost Committee:

St. Stephen
Uncondemning Monk

as well as being thee or a nonphilosopher, we have some other nick, but those, those are our main core names. again the explination for these names has to do with the construction and destruction of Self, in an alchemical sense, the 99 names of undoing, and in time, this will become more understand able.
for quick starters Hello to all:

Um, got into magick and meditation very young, and in the 90s new about some magick groups but never got involved, it was my work on William S. Burroughs and the university that got me re-involved this time more so online [but i have friends into magick irl - such as the Modern Mythology crew, and yeah others not to be named - here and now, Karrii]

so yeah, it was my work on William S. Burroughs (i was a comparative literature professor/grad student -- at Binghamton University) and for the last 15 years i have been doing school/work, but the last 7 or 8 really got back into magick, and The Red Goddess... so Burroughs and Gysin leads me to TOPI and TOPI to infinity network, around 2010, and infinity network back to DKMU which i had known about since a long time back (but never got on the IRC - but read a bunch of the work and started working with it on my own)... i was an internet kid in the 80s-90s, but stopped in like 95-2001, crucial years not to be online, but i was travelling and doing my own thing then, festivals and stuff mostly, rainbow too... okay... that's it for now... GREETINGS !