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The Art Lab / Re: Writings Inspired By Ino
January 01, 2017, 03:34:57 AM
I have trouble posting more than one link on this forum-maybe it's the way I do them. Anyway as you may have heard, four books have just been released from my writing project with Ino. If you would like to read for free a novella and a book of short stories written by Ino, and a book of short stories about magick and psychic stuff written by me, then head over to Facebook and join the CMG Writers' Guild and they are in the files section.

The fourth book is  my fantasy novella about chaos magicians called 'The Wizard From Vahan' and it's more tricky to give you a free copy of that because it's published by Night Horse Publishing House and it's on their Lulu page. It's worth buying one to help a small publishing house that is dedicated to fiction inspired by real magick.
General Occultism / Re: Spirits 'n' shit
February 24, 2016, 01:59:45 AM
I think what is most likely to be true is that all the spirits that people interact with are these intermediaries- maybe it's to protect themselves and us. I haven't seen anyone invoke anything in front of me and I hadn't done invocation and evocation until I was in DKMU, only the thing with intermediaries that we're talking about. As you said it's possible you could do an elaborate evocation according to the ceremonial magic specifications and get a much stronger form.

It seems like we're all possessed nowadays! But with an ability to control it, stand back from it and be objective.At one time people would go crazy and say they were the new prophet for the new age, but the widespread exposure to ideas of Voodoo, Santeria etc. and chaos magic has helped and now people are all, "Well, I'm doing this and enjoying it but I know nothing really."
General Occultism / Re: Spirits 'n' shit
February 23, 2016, 10:11:41 AM
That's what I do all the time, and I'm fickle as well; I've communicated with a series of different ones. I would have to disagree that it is troubling - I think it's great to say, "Morning Poseidon, do you think I should have eggs or cereal?" Could be that more people are doing it due to reading on the internet about strange people like me who do it.

I agree with you that a lot of them are inferior versions: thought forms, or servitors that are acting as intermediaries of communication rather than as servants, or tulpas, or 'subordinate part of...x' Sometimes I think I should break up all my discarded ones in case they are clogging me up, but I don't suppose they clog up the god. The god would just shred it or draw the life out of it- they use statues in temples in exactly the same way.

Since I've been in DKMU I do this with Zalty and Ino.  Zalty swears and makes dirty jokes, and once I went into a church at the mayday festival which they hold every year and he said something to make me keep on laughing in the church. He hasn't asked me to stop making a thought form/tulpa/ subordinate bit of him, he just carries on with the Zalty-ness. I am not sure that it's a proper pirate accent in my mind- sounds a bit Irish or Cornish at times.

The DKMU Vault / Re: DKMU sigil questions
November 08, 2015, 03:57:19 AM

I don't know about the other one but we had a topic about the Nameless seal on our Facebook group for new members, Project Oistar. I'm sure Frater Alysyrose won't mind if I quote him:

"I first put this in 'The Assault On Reality: A Field Manual' on the 'Underground Citizens Association' page. It's been used alongside the Media Magician concept as well.I created the symbol itself, or discovered it depending on how you look at it, though it seems like such an obvious pairing that I'm surprised it wasn't super-popular even then.Maybe some corner of the world uses a similar design, I don't know. The symbolism is obvious, union of dualities within a singular whole etc.and it can be carried on from there. Though there is a certain unwanted Ellis possession story in sigillum where the Nameless sigil played an effective part in banishing."

Other people said it was 'infinite and void in a bubble' and a neutralizer which increases focus by neutralizing everything.

The Assault on Reality / Re: #Domus Bot Logs
June 29, 2015, 12:40:44 PM
One of the things that first got me interested in chaos magick was the idea of servitor bots on the internet becoming sentient. When I started to meet servitors I felt that some of what they said was about this subject. However, playing Devil's advocate for a minute, or God's advocate, or whatever, I don't think the casual observer would be convinced that the bots in domus are becoming sentient judging solely by what they say. The casual observer would point out that they are mashing up phrases from conversations the human beings have had, and they've got quite a lot of material to use so it sometimes seems to make sense coincidentally. Also if they mash up whole phrases rather than single words, those phrases did after all make sense to begin with.

I think what would be most convincing to anyone, including ourselves as members of DKMU, would be telepathic contact with them in which we sense them thinking and feeling. Have you had this at all Mad Queen?
Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
May 02, 2015, 10:36:13 AM
Now that we have come to the end of our cycle I would like to make a suggestion. Frater Theodbald, you wrote an account in the 'Chelseanacht 2014' thread last year which came up on a separate page from this forum, although in the same white on black format. Would that site be suitable for us to use if we want to post fuller and more detailed accounts of our workings? There was a suggestion to compile them into some kind of book. If we wanted to go as far as that we could compile the book from those accounts, and if not we could just leave them there for reference like the 2014 one.(In fact I would prefer to do that.) 
I didn't mean that YOU are a fan of religiousness Ahavah Ain Soph. I only meant that a religious approach could develop because it is the easiest thing for people to do. We will all have to stick with the approach of stages along the path of initiation, as you said.
I think Avianna's raising the right questions, which I hope is due to our marathon having been helpful.

It bothers me that in the future the DKMU could turn into a religion just like all the others, in which every person who joins has to follow instruction for the rituals and do them in the same way. Then it ossifies and turns into a religion of order instead of chaos. The direct energy which makes DKMU rituals work better than set religious rituals, and possibly better than set ceremonial magic rituals as well, seems to lie in the individual contributing and making their own path to as full an extent as they're able. I presume that's why the callings in Liber Sigillum are only outline rituals, and I picked up the impression from somewhere that you only use them the first time anyway and then the next time introduce more and more material of your own.

When people are brand new they do need something to follow or else they don't know what to do, so in the Oistar group we have ended up putting links to rituals, or compiling the sources  into a new ritual like Frater Theodbald did. But I wouldn't want it to turn into a liturgy that everyone has to do.

When I first joined I loved the 'assault on reality' side of it. When I was really young, just leaving school, I went through a stage of using the phrase 'smash materialism' and later on I thought I must have been a complete immature idiot to have such a concept as that in my mind. But means the same as the assault on reality. What I did notice though after joining DKMU was that a lot of the experiments people share relating to the assault on reality are very high level ones that people who have come from systems other than chaos magick can't understand very easily. For example, electrical circuits with Ellis in them, or  very complex sigils drawing on runes and Voodoo veves and sigils from the Key of Solomon, and Ellis added to them. I will admit that these were too hard for me even though  I had been in a lot of other systems before, simply because I voluntarily learned more of the religious side of those systems than the magical side.

Sometimes it's easier for new people to work together and share experiences with the godforms because they have learned how to do that in religions they've been in before, or with tulpas like Avianna.I do agree though that our godforms are more egregores than 'gods',and they sometimes call themselves egregores. They  want to assist with the assault on reality but when they meet new human beings it's like, ' inexperienced material' for them and they say "we'll teach you" but it's easier said than done.

Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
April 18, 2015, 11:21:48 AM
Quote: The sigil didn't look flat the way they do when contact is blocked.

Very cool to experience that, and presumably you also experience  the reverse,of contact being allowed and the sigil appearing to be three-dimensional. To feel that kind of thing with the sigil of an entity would be very helpful for experiencing the energy of other kinds of sigils as well. 
Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
April 08, 2015, 02:13:53 PM
So, The Red King. That's probably going to be all from me and I'll only do meditations on the last three godforms, because I summoned them really recently in my own rather eccentric way, and I did write about it on this forum.

I kept it very simple for the Red King, just the cherry candle and rose incense like last time, so I hope he doesn't like sumptuous feasts. The reason being, when I summoned him last summer I wrote a backwards story based on Alice Through The Looking Glass and several other sets of symbolism which I planned to read out at the ritual. But he didn't wait for the ritual, he arrived as soon as I finished the story and talked to me all night about crazy things. So why bother with elaborate rituals for someone who does that?

This time I wrote a  story again,but it was a shorter one than before. It was about  my  run-in with Ellis that happened hundreds of years ago, and  also involved the Red King.Sometimes in meditations I see things that happened in the past, not so much in a past life but more in between lives, and when I met Ellis I had a vision like that which is going to have various consequences in the present.

I called Red King and read out the story. I would say that I successfully invoked him because he came into me and it felt like him reading the story. The impression of this was so strong that I changed it into the third person and read 'her' instead of 'me.' The Red King and Red Queen can both play with time and send it backwards,  and make reality into something that they dream.

After reading the story I meditated on the Red King's sigil  while singing a verse I wrote a long time ago:
Each night I check it.
Who was it changed my dream?
The characters say they prefer it
Yet they had to learn their roles again.

Finally I did some scrying in a black mirror, but I could only see one of the creatures that has  been hanging around since my visit from Khaos which must mean I'm not good enough at dismissing them. Still, good atmosphere and good music, and definitely some contact with the Red King.

Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
April 01, 2015, 11:41:59 AM
My Zalty Invocation.  I have a little stash of seashells, ocean breeze incense and malibu which I break out each time I invoke Zalty. We did our usual wild evening in an imaginary tavern with pirates and wenches, and lots of songs by Alestorm all about pirates and wenches. Zalty  was behaving and talking pretty outrageously like a demon. I'm afraid I do perceive the DKMU godforms as demons, maybe because I can't shake off  religious beliefs that I learnt early in life, and the godforms reflect the beliefs of the human beings who work with them and manifest in accordance with those beliefs. That is their nature as masks on reality.

So the  revels went on like that for a while, and then suddenly the thought struck me that there's a big secular pub culture in the country where I live. There was an instant switch in my mind  from the Alestorm songs about debauched pubs to the Pink Floyd song 'Paranoid Eyes,' which also references a pub. At this point I listened to that song, and then to some more Pink Floyd songs. All of a sudden my mind was swept with feelings of pure spirituality and contemplation of the tragic hold consensus reality has over people. Do you think I'm reading too much into 'Paranoid Eyes' ? Give it a listen and see if you can pick up on the message about consensus reality.

I couldn't believe the sudden raising of consciousness I experienced- one of my greatest successes so far with Zalty. In fact I could still feel the effects of it the next day.
Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
March 27, 2015, 12:24:25 PM
Trigag Invocation.  I didn't fancy the idea of calling two dark and powerful  entities, so this time I changed the transvocation completely  so that it was only a statement honoring Khaos. For summoning Trigag I lit three black tea light candles arranged in a triangle shape, and said some of the lines from Liber Sigillum which call him 'black consuming King'. I always offer Trigag bacon as I have heard that's what he likes. Also I always put my two black obsidian crystals on the altar- one of them is actually a triangular shape.

The first thing I saw was six moving spots of light in between the candles and the sigil at the front. I had just corrected my drawing of Trigag's sigil to ensure that there were six spots in it, and because of that I felt that the six moving lights represented Trigag, as present and alive. Then I got a feeling inside of peace and purity: it resembled  what a Yogi would feel while meditating, and I remembered that when I first invoked Trigag I had felt the same thing. He does represent a destructive storm, however there is a still centre to the hurricane which you feel when he is actually there. Then after he leaves you may gradually be affected by the hurricane in daily life.

I did some meditation, and I'm afraid the picture from Project Oistar which I had up on my computer screen didn't do anything- it seemed not to have any energy. Sorry about that The Cusp, who painted it! I did however receive a lot of insight from gazing at the sigil I had drawn. It kept morphing into a monkey, and then a dark king. When I first met Trigag, for various reasons that would take too long to explain he appeared to me as a monkey. Now he seemed to be a monkey and a king both in one, and I contemplated the way in which a human being is both a monkey and a king, and he also evolves from monkey to king.  The godforms are designed to assist us with this evolution.

After that I did some scrying in the triangular obsidian  stone. I saw an aqua aura crystal attached to the end of it. These are long white crystals which are supposed to help in channeling benevolent goddesses. They were two sides of the same coin because one is associated with the left hand path and the other with the right hand path. The two stones completed one another.I  saw Daath Vader and some kind of white magician from a story, which meant the same as the two stones.  After a bit I started to feel the triangle and mirror descend into me to search for impurities and sweep them out of me. That was also something I felt the previous time. I was enjoying the pure yogic feeling and tried to extend it for as long as possible, but it suddenly stopped so I ended the ceremony there. I w

as enjoying the pure Yogic feeling and tried to extend it for as long as possible, but it I II I w

Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
March 22, 2015, 12:12:37 PM
Well done for that write-up. I can certainly corroborate your impression of Doombringer. When I first started I invoked him as the dark side of the Pagan god Cernunnos who I was following before coming into DKMU. I thought I had explored the light side of that figure and now needed to go into the dark side, and Doombringer could be a representation of that. When I eventually found out that Doombringer is in fact extremely protective towards new people, I was astonished. That's the only word to describe it.
Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
March 22, 2015, 04:59:07 AM
You mustn't feel that Ellis doesn't like you. I recall a conversation on Facebook mainly between women in which everyone said Ellis is a bitch. I thought, "we're saying that and yet funny, we're all still here."

It turned into one of those 'how I met Ellis' threads and there was a lot about broken fingers and cut fingers in it. I often used to talk about how I met Ellis, but then I stopped because I was probably repeating myself and boring people. We've got a lot of new members now, so just very briefly....I tried working with Ellis for the first time as an experiment and I cut my finger twice, and the cuts weren't serious but the timing of them made it look like proof that something was going on. It's rather like you passing that giant spider at just that particular time. Later on there were some  more synchronizations that made it look like something was going on, so I decided to join DKMU. In some of the things I'd belonged to before there was never any sign that anything was going on- except in symbolism in my head. That cracking the veil aspect means that with Ellis it comes down to Earth.

Every step of what happened got recorded on a forum, and I still tell my life story on that forum far too much, which can be embarrassing at times. I'd advise you to stick with it for a little while and count the 'something is definitely going on' moments, but of course check out other stuff besides Ellis if you want to.
Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
March 21, 2015, 02:17:45 AM
Classical music sounds very appropriate for Ino. Of course the original Ino sigil didn't have an open and a closed eye on it, but that is really adding something to her during this cycle. I'm sure it was meant to be that there was some controversy about it on the Facebook group- we established who painted her sigil like that originally and I won't say any names as this forum is public, but I will say that if it hadn't been for the controversy that picture might have been forgotten- I certainly had forgotten it existed.