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Sorry about the delay in writing up week 4. We've been a little busy!

Anyway, I've just published my write up of Trigag, which you can see here:

Agent V actually published hers a little while back, you can read it here:
My write up of week 3 with Ino:
I summarised a bit more with this one because:

  • Too much material to include it all.
  • Some of it was too personal.
  • I half wrote a longer version and lost it all because I forgot to save...  :(
Agent V's write up of Ino here:
Me during the Zalty week of our current godform cycle.

On a boat.

On Loch Ness.

Details to come...

^ I see our Ellis altar has already got some indirect feedback though, incorporated into this video by Alysyrose.  8)
I have now had time to write up week two, with 663, which I have posted today, on our last day with Zalty in week 5.
Okay, this is a recreation of the playlist we used during week 3 for Ino:

A couple of tracks weren't on youtube as far as I could tell, so its a little shorter than our actual playlist again. Missing tracks were:

Heet Seas - Sculpture on the Moon
Robert Furtkamp - Follow the Moon
Roe - Strange Moon
Semiomime - Moon

Also, the reason a youtube video called 'Stuffed animals' is included in the playlist, it is because it is the only video I could find that had 'Olga Scotland - Cheese Moon' as the soundtrack.
My full write up of week one:

Also, a partial recreation on youtube of the playlist use during week 2 for 663, the doombringer:

We actually had it playing on shuffle from two different media players (clementine and vlc).
We are now in Ino week, having done two rituals with Ino so far. I have finished typing up a blog about Ellis week and just need to scan a sigil from my journal to illustrate it. Once I have the image in I will post and share. Dana also has a blog to share about week one with Ellis that she will also post shortly.

I expect we will now type up week two this weekend. 663 gave me so much, filling so much of my diary, I will have to condense it somehow. It was fun and much needed. I will also have to recreate the playlist we came up on youtube. It seemed to work really well for 663, especially on random from two sources intermixing.

I feel a bit tired now during my initial contact with Ino. She is okay with it though and perhaps I'll be better rested for my contact with her at the weekend.
Will make a summary of the results, including scan of automatic drawing, of week 1 with Ellis this weekend. If I have time I will also summarise the first few days of 663. I'm hoping Agent V will be signed up to this forum by then and can add some photos of the altars. I'll try and update the thread weekly with our progress.
First impressions of 663: Wow, those questions come think and fast and get right to the point don't they. And then when he reaches the point he strikes with that uncomfortable truth. Much to think about. And its only day 1. Six more 663 rituals to go...  :o
Report at end of week 1

Ellis was the only godform we had previously worked with, two years previously. Other than this our engagement with the DKMU over the passed couple of years has largely been concerned with tagging LS in places, online and offline. This week, March 1-7, we engaged with our Ellis as a daily practice. I feel personally that this allowed me to build a much closer relationship to the Red Queen than our previous attempt, and I suspect Agent V feels the same. It probably also helped that we prepared an altar more in tune with her tastes, along with a sacrament of Sangria and a tailored playlist. I made the playlist before we started, picking out some instrumental tunes I thought would work based on the name of the track, themes including queens, empresses, red, ruby and spirals. By playing in ritual some songs got removed from the initial playlist. Either because Ellis disapproved, or because they otherwise hindered communion. Some days we played the music either side of the rite, but performed it in silence. On other days we played the music during the magic. Both worked.

To open the godform cycle we performed an extended version of the Kia IAO centering. This involved the vibrating of Kiiaaa whilst standing in Baphomet pose and visualising the AOS glyph for Kia over the heart chakra. We then did the IAO part to all four directions, visualising vertical axis with I, horizontal axis with A and auric egg and oroborus around us with O. Returning to face the altar we ended with a repeat of the Kia part. On subsequent days we either did the short form, or skipped the banishing altogether and went right in to communion with Ellis. We don't plan to repeat the long form until the end of the daily practise.

Also on the first day, and any day we felt the need to do the short form, we also did our customised 'Calling to Ellis'. For this I did the spoken parts and Agent V did the chime. I felt this was effective and good teamwork, as each of us had only to focus on one thing, and thus reduced fiddling and improved timing. I do not yet know the wording by heart, but the calling formula seems pretty useful and it seems that once you have it down it can be easy to adapt to other entities outside the DKMU framework.

For the communion part itself, we kept before the altar, our diaries, our magical sketch books, an assortment of pens, drawing pens, felt tips and pencils, and some tarot, so that we could interact with Ellis however we felt inspired or directed by her and record our results during the rite. I don't normally write my diary in ritual by candle light, but I actually found it quite useful and may adopt the practise more often so as to avoid having to write things up a second time.

We usually closed by drinking the Sangria, except on day seven where we opened with Sangria and closed with the Kia IAO shortform.

Agent V took a lot of good photos to document our work. I'm sure she'll select some of the best to share, once she has an account here.

I got a lot out of this first week, some of which is personal and some of which I have been instructed to share. Some of the latter I can only share after doing some work I cannot start until the end of the cycle. I will check my diaries and share what I can later.

Tonight we begin our working with 663, or perhaps I should say the first ritual with 663. We set up the altar and made a preliminary 663 playlist after the seventh Ellis ritual, and I awoke in the night to record a dream involving myself, Agent V a visitor and some tribal masks...
Networking / DKMU KIA Magical Union
September 23, 2015, 02:58:28 PM
For Oistars that also operate as agents of KIA, there now exists a subforum on KIA called the 'DKMU KIA Magical Union':
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Thanks for the feedback. Especially the bit about coins or stones. These are all very wild (uncultivated) rural places, forests, bogland, cemetery on a remote road on the least developed side of Loch Ness. Graffiti would stand out like a sore thumb here and bring very unwanted energies and attentions to an already shy local occult scene. But marked coins and painted stones would likely be ignored.

Possibly stolen by the curious, but then maybe that's part of the point...  8)
Announcements / Re: Forum Restructure
March 03, 2015, 06:29:51 AM
I've been meaning to add https for KIA. Worried it will break the wordpress network though, as I think it hardcodes URLs in an ugly way in the database, as part of serialised objects/arrays.