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Oistars / Re: Christmas with Ellis (2016)
« on: July 17, 2017, 05:33:48 am »

The Assault on Reality / Re: The Great Strumming (Final form)
« on: April 03, 2017, 08:39:17 am »
out of curiosity, any feedback from the fleshcrafted?

Oistars / Re: Begin Here
« on: January 02, 2017, 02:49:03 pm »
This place isn't very active but it should be :)

Member Introductions / Re: Greetings
« on: July 27, 2016, 06:50:38 am »
try with a ridiculously small square jpg

The Assault on Reality / Re: Peek into the web: a Chelseanacht report
« on: July 26, 2016, 12:38:09 pm »
Hello 8legs

General Occultism / Re: What makes you interested?
« on: July 21, 2016, 04:06:47 pm »
oh yes, that's plain great.

General Occultism / Re: What makes you interested?
« on: July 21, 2016, 07:37:41 am »
About 6 months into that I came across a particular essay on direct manipulation that just felt like it hit the nail on the head in terms of the kind of magick I was looking for, that I'd finally found it and could get to work on practicing it as a preferred style.

Ooooo what was the essay?
was about to ask the same

The Assault on Reality / Re: Peek into the web: a Chelseanacht report
« on: July 20, 2016, 03:26:30 pm »

I'm speaking specifically of the gravity well. The strongest of gravity wells turn into black holes.

Did this funnel have an event-horizon? :)

The physicist is R, i'm a filthy social scientist; however, the impression was that, if a black hole was involved, it was us (read as: our universe) acting as one- relative to whatever Other place it pierced through to ; stuff seemed to be coming in, not being sucked out.

Have you two scheduled exploration trip inside the tunnel? I realize the first attempt didn't work, but maybe the second will. Alternatively you could create a servitor or psychic construct to go down the tunnel and feed you information. I'm curious to hear more details about the nature of the tunnel.

We are seriously considering it. I personally would have no idea how to send something as a "probe". but that's not my field, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

What is certain is, we'll keep looking and taking notes

The Assault on Reality / Re: Peek into the web: a Chelseanacht report
« on: July 19, 2016, 09:58:04 am »
I see a Visual Studio Logo

True that. also, as R. pointed out "good old infinity symbol", and the dagaz rune; but that's mostly about how it looks, while the pen-on-tablet sketch was more about what it felt like - in a way. Sort of trying to convey the feeling of the central "bow tie" of the LS gaining preeminence. Either that, or our brains looking for shortucts :)

The Assault on Reality / Peek into the web: a Chelseanacht report
« on: July 18, 2016, 04:07:20 pm »
This is a report of what R. and A. did and saw in the evening of july the 17th 2016 (more or less Chelseanacht, GMT+1)

[About A. and R.: we’re writing this post together as a google doc; it will be posted from A.’s forum account. We’ll try to make it as clear as possible who says what].

In the past few days we had considered and discarded some ideas about what to do (among other things, A. got bugged for a few days by the Call to do something related to Cthulhu – idea that was eventually discarded).

In the end, considering the fact that we’ve quite new to the operations of the DKMU, we decided to just go on with our current experiments, “hijacking” them to try and sneak a peek into the LS web itself.

As we have just recently started to work together, and given we come from extremely different backgrounds (A. loosely shamanic/visionary/dreamwork, R. goetic, makeshift ceremonial, servitor work), the attempts to find a common ground are spawning a number of peculiar states of mind, which we are trying to study in order to assess the different magickal applications they may have. It was one of those attempts that caused the thing we’re trying to write about.

After spending the morning keeping an eye out to catch any signs and making some attempt at divination (link), we went up to the roof to complete a previous working; by the time we finished it was late in the afternoon, and the setting was still good, so we ultimately decided to stay there and go on with the experiments.
For the sake of accuracy, it might be noted that no botanical or chemical supports were involved, barring a small amount of light beer from the operation we had just completed.

First we reached a state of mind we just started calling the “centered state”. From that particular perspective one is remarkably aware of their own “memetic consciousness”, the different automatisms and spontaneous mental processes that are constantly reacting to the environment and each other, the mechanic activities of the human brain. Borrowing from castaneda's map of reality, it's [*A: “might be possibly described as”] a state where one is aware of their own assemblage point , and the different thoughts, images, behaviours and word constructs around it.
From this state it's easy to prevent them from being activated mechanically, but it is also a very passive state. To make it more active we perform another mental movement. To describe this comes to mind a quote from Liber Null (Transubstantiation, page 100): "Be In It - Identify Completely", or the classical "enflame yourself with prayer". Concentrating on the here and now, lighting up reality with the fire of your attention. In a sense, it feels like a movement of that point of consciousness in an entirely different direction.

From there, we used this stone ((pic)) R. had carved as a focus to enter the LS web. More specifically, following R.’s advice, it was done by intending the LS as a cartesian coordinate system, and focusing intent along the “zigzag” axis of the LS, so as to “go in” by following it.

As this time we weren’t exactly in the same state of mind to begin with, the things we saw had some degree of divergence at first. One thing that was immediately shared, though, was the emergence of the central “bow tie” shape in the LS as preeminent in this situation - which sort of anticipated what we saw next.

A.: “First I saw the activity of the people (and things?) working on the web as sparks of firework-light; then I saw the threads of the LS web, shining across the structure of this space (they looked thin, woven in complicated patterns, mostly red and blue); then my attention was suddenly captured by a FUCKING HUGE TUNNEL that seemed to pierce all across the space of the web and right through the skin of this universe. It tore right through it, right across to the Proper Actual Outside, massive and on a totally different order of magnitude compared to the threads in the web (say “tunnel under the British Channel” compared to the thickness of your finger, to say the least). The words i uttered, slack-jawed in awe, were: “Do those people know it is *this* they are feeding?!”. Ok, awe and quite a bit of good old Fear, with a generous sprinkle of “are you fucking kidding me”. The light that shone in through this MASSIVE THING wasn’t blinding at all, yet i couldn’t see anything beyond the “mouth” of the hole. The web looked tiny and frail in comparison. It didn’t really feel like something in which regard any human involved could have much in terms of agency. If anything, the one with a high degree of agency seemed the tunnel itself. I got the clear feeling it was still growing, and i even indulged in a paranoid thought (“are we building a trojan horse?”); however, such thought didn’t feel right at all - a bit cheesy, if anything. The sheer mass and degree of *real-ness* of that thing captured my attention for the whole evening - and still has it firmly in its grasp as i write now.”

R.: “As I focused my attention on the LS and through the web my perception was that of moving my mind's eye through a network of tunnels. My intention was to look for something within these tunnels, anything that might be of interest in understanding the network’s nature and its topology. At first it was mostly about other tunnels with their own exits no different from the one I came from, an image I dispelled soon enough also because it was a bit too in line with my own intellectual expectations. After this, concentrating on looking for something within the web, my attention was caught by a shiny opening in a sort of hub within the web, visualised as an X shaped cut on a protuberance from the cthuloid-ish wall.  The information I got was that it is something from the outside, something that is emitting from the outside to the inside, something with its own degree of consciousness, something that is still far from being at full force. The word that came to me to describe it at that point was “the emitter”. I came back from the web with an hopefully healthy mix of curiosity, puzzlement, curiosity, diffidence and then some curiosity.”

Later on in the evening R was into a mental state more similar to A’s, “looking through her eyes” so to speak, a more imaginative state of mind, in a sense almost the opposite of the one we described earlier. Perception is less sharp and focused, ready to receive impressions of different kinds. Visions can be more complex, but with an higher risk of contributing with your own imagination. That degree of perceptual indetermination can be exploited to start forming images. It also helps to approach it as if trying to recall those images from memory rather than “making them up”.

We decided to use that other perspective too  - more or less in order to experiment on its possible applications - to take another look at the web. A suggested to try again with the stone, suspecting it wouldn’t work (it didn’t), then proposed to project iterations of the LS in the “perceptive fog”, to create a totally virtual access node to connect to the web again. For the sake of the experiment (to reduce bias) A. “retreated” while R. explored alone.

In this state the tunnels appeared as thin lines, one connecting me to the web. Following that thread towards the web I went through a number of confused images of its geometry, until I stumbled upon the same thing I saw earlier that day, only in this state it appeared as something absolutely massive. Still it was something from the outside, still conscious, but in this particular state the magnitude of that channel was enormous. I tried to get closer to look past the light and through the channel, but it was either impossible, as any information was drowned by the intense light, or something was actively stopping me from looking past the opening.

Later in the night: divinations with the Thoth tarot deck, about its nature and intentions. It is described as an agent of transformation, growing, connecting, with intentions of its own. The princess of disks kept popping up as a card, something we do not know how to interpret exactly.

The next morning, as a way to represent and refer to that particular emitter inside the web, something that we might use in our future explorations, building on the impression of the previous day, we created this symbol (( Pic )). As of now we still have no specific plan on how to use it.

Member Introductions / Re: sup.
« on: July 07, 2016, 04:51:28 am »
More or less what happened to me
Here is fun

Member Introductions / bite me, registration page
« on: June 16, 2016, 07:16:44 am »
Finally managed to register, even though for some reason it only accepted an old, defunct mail address from the early 00s. Appropriate, I guess.

I arrived from Facebook, where I spam a lot. I won't spam here, though.

Hi everyone

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