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We shall see, at that particular point in the ritual we're assuming that the minds spoken of aren't entirely our own ;)
Due to the numerical decline in participants, the simultaneous invocation of the primary 8 DKMU godforms was reconstructed for a group of five as follows:

Operation 531

Ellis, Doombringer, Ino, Trigag, and Zalty are assigned to participants based on personal relationship with the egregores and/or enthusiasm or choice. With a solid experienced group this may even be left to chance by drawing straws or the like. Participants are asked to construct a small altar as explained in Liber Sigilum for their assigned godform. A glass candle, the required sigil and a symbolic item is sufficient. The five are arranged equidistant around the consecrated circle.

The Red King, White Queen, and Conjunctio are arranged in the same manner triangularly in the center to form the Magnum opus of the operation. They are conceptually linked with the alchemical wedding of Mercury, Sulfur and Salt.

Altars and Participants are arranged as such:

The purpose of the Operation 531 is to introduce a unified goal to the godforms. They must work as a conscious machine to process the input of the participants and future seekers through an initiatory path into the goal of personal evolution and transmutation.

The following sigil was created as a result of the intention mentioned:

It is to be placed in the center of the working, into the point within the fire kindled during ritual. The image of the phoenix may also be employed here.

Any participants doing distance work may use the following setup, but only for the god form of choice Once invocation has been successfully achieved, she is to light a separate candle in honor of the alchemical triad of the working using the sigil as a link to the collective working.

Ritual Outline:
Purify Space: Cast circle w/ Incense + Salt/water, purify participants
Gnostic Pentagram Banishing
Evocation of Khaos
Individual Invocation of Egregores
Bringing the Candle Fire to Central Fire
Meeting of the Minds
Break the Circle
Only three responses so far!

Come on guys, I'd love to help you find a nice magical place to rest and I need to know all involved so we can finalize the ritual and seal.

Even if you're not coming but wish to be involved let me know and I'll send you something as a link to here for the working.

Also Info from  Chelseanacht Ritual 2014

(anyone wondering about the mirrors might find the link useful as well ;) )
The DKMU Vault / Re: Chelseanacht 2014
June 30, 2015, 07:02:08 PM

Also the blueprints for the giant 10 block LS placed in the French Quarter with all the mirror shards, where all mirrors are reflecting energy into each other.

Astral sigil is visible in red above the French Quarter to anyone with the sight. Even some without, was quite a success.

I suppose this is my version of the Ellisian Generator before it was made known to me (great minds think alike eh?)

The DKMU Vault / Re: Chelseanacht 2014
June 30, 2015, 06:53:33 PM
Chelseanacht 2014 NOLA

The Crescent City has been linked through the shattered mirror. The pyramid as been inverted upon itself.
Circle spiral casting walks, midnight teaparty microcosm vortex, shattering of the mirror sphere magnetic veil, Relink the shards upon herself for within herself and through the streets she is reborn. High above the lighting lines beam lightning eyes. And the glitter piss and the drum! there must be more rum! The gate was open the path had been drawn. So she calls and he answers with doom. Redheads are flammable, but the show must go on; bring the peak down with list, anger spiders and ash. The cap now crumbles under the stones of its foundation, breathing at last.

In the packet you will find shards of the veil to reassign.
Be it bury or be it glue, where they belong is up to you.
The sister shards are now across the lands,
Linking Crescent City's power by Magus' hands.

A HUGE thanks to Ahavah for bringing the NOLA meet to the forums and FB, This will be the third year celebrating in the Big Easy.
Now that we are much closer to the date I'm back online and will be getting together the major plans for things, so....

The time has come, the walrus said...

If you plan on coming down to NOLA for the July meet, please send a message to me at

Let me know:
Who are you? your name on the forum, or FB or irc or even your real name ;) 
How are you getting here? From Where? Are you willing to carpool or pickup?
Do you need help finding a place to stay? and/or how long?
Which of the DKMU egregores do you align with/would like to focus on with this working?Why?
(more on the exacts of the ritual and the simultaneous evocations to come)

and anything else you think appropriate, Or inappropriately informative. Non sequiturs are fine too, no discrimination here.

I'll be gathering all the info from last year's working for the forum in the next couple of nights, i'll post the link here if it ends up in a more appropriate Topic, as i'm still trying to re-find everyone else's collected info from last year.