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« on: June 26, 2017, 02:25:42 pm »
I like the idea for a Space Cadet day, done as like super tinfoil hat day. The day to consider the most absurd and paranoid conspiracies as potential or actual truths.

I like the idea of Zalt fest, but I very much feel that it should be done during the peak of heat in summer, preferably at oceanic gathering spots, with groups of magi.

Halloween pretty well is already a DKMU holiday without formalized group workings, but that can be developed.

I like the idea of a Masquerade ball, and it might do well in the early months of the year, like February perhaps. Encouragement of costume, and persona development. The invocation of a mask itself.

Also, there's the Ellisian Generator that's done on New Year's Eve. I know very little about it, but I'm sure more venerable members would know about it.

The Assault on Reality / Proposed Ritual Structure
« on: April 01, 2017, 06:24:18 pm »
Okay, so what I've noticed at the last group working was something that I wanted to share a little bit. There seemed to have been a huge rush of last minute effort and jumping into the call without preparation just to kind of throw down on some level. There seemed to be more contribution via efforts in the moment, than there was efforts in preparation. There was too many people to even support with the tech setup we had. This gave insights on ways to approach large scale group rituals with people of varying intents and paradigms in the future, including both online and offline. I've never drawn anything up like this before, so please bear with me if it's less than perfect at first. I would like input on what people think, so please chip in whatever you think would help.
Let it first be stated though, that nothing in here is concrete. Take as much of this as you want, or burn it all if it pleases you.

To keep this relevant, let's say we're doing a group ritual for Chelseanacht, and we want a big coordinated ritual, but as you know chaos magicians are tough to herd. How do we avoid confusion of 20+ people trying to all get in on doing the same thing? Circles. So let's say we got a big group of people in NOLA this year, who have their own big ritual planned out, all created by them to do what they want, but working to a certain shared goal of the AOR and Chelseanacht. This group can be easily represented as one of the possible circles one could work with to do a ritual. Each circle would set it's own rules, modify and make it's rituals how it wants, and chooses who joins, and how many may join. For example, let's call this first circle, the NOLA Circle. They could have requirements like being physically present for the ritual itself, or how much contribution each member should add to creating the ritual, or if there is to be a recital ritual before. The Circle in specific sets it's own rules, and is not required to do anything specific to meet a mould, aside from focusing on the focal point of the ritual in their own way.

Then you could have online Group A, let's call them OGA. OGA circle is going to do a group ritual online the night of the Chelsea ritual at 6:00 pm Eastern. They have a specific ritual set up to activate a generator in each of the cities they live in. They all plan on doing a google hangouts call, but don't want to have a recital. They have a 10 member limit for the circle because of the limitations of Google Hangouts and Skype. The ritual they use is a modification of the base ritual provided for the mass ritual.
[/size]And you could have another group, this one not using any type of video to the call, with no member limit, and they do a group working at the same time, but each from their solitary positions, all focusing in with the same ritual planned out, but with none of them connected physically or with tech.

This more or less goes on for any degree of variance people are willing to create or adhere to. Each Circle can only be what the people in it make it to be. In essence, you choose your own level of involvement. If you want to be the solo person who just uses the base incantation, and trance techniques with a group sigil, you can. If you want to write a in a personal magic language and write out intensely complex spells that only some people will want to join, you do it. If you want to put more love light, and sunshine happiness into the spell with your circle, you can. If someone isn't doing something you're interested in, then make something, or get involved in your own way. Its like a structure with as little set structure as possible, so anyone can build with their bubble what they want.

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