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Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
« on: March 19, 2015, 10:01:22 am »
Looks like we are not going to wait until May to comment on our rituals, so I will add my comments about the first three now. I was really keen on the suggestion to have a common pattern to all of them, and it was great the way this discussion came together with several people contributing  bits of  the pattern. Even if you’re not going to  have a fixed format like in ceremonial magic you still need some structure and some input from those who are more experienced.

So I’ve been starting each ritual by putting on the relevant music  from last year’s Konceptonimicon which I still use. Then I construct a circle with the wand, light a red candle and say part of the Khaos transvocation. Then the 7 Gates of Chaos, and then an invocation of the godform of the week. I use altar cloths and candles in the colour of the godform  and dress partly or entirely in that colour as well. We appear to me to have two red godforms, Ellis and the Red King, two white ones Ino and the White Queen, and two black ones Doombringer and Trigag. Zalty is different and he is blue, though I understand  other colours are often included as well for him. After the invocation I offer sacraments and do some meditation, including meditation on whatever picture I have put up on the Project Oistar group for the week. Then I go on to a divination, which again we all seem to be including this time, and then close down.

Ellis. I had a most ecstatic experience with Ellis. When I offered her some rose incense my heart centre opened and I felt like there was a channel through my heart and the veil was torn open through that channel. In my mind I could see blood flowing away in every direction. Then the chakra rotated in time with the music I was playing. When I offered Ellis some raspberry cakes the same happened to my third chakra, and when I offered her red cherry brandy the same happened to my second chakra. I sensed that she was using  a finite amount of  energy to produce these effects and yet I could have carried on experiencing them for longer than I did. They were rather overwhelming, especially the first one.

When I did some meditation on the Spider Queen picture I experienced the black background as the chaos void and the spider as the cosmos, and Ellis as Shakti, the goddess at the centre of it all. Then I felt united with her and it was me who was Shakti, while the channel down the middle of my spine (the sushumna in Yoga teachings) became the cosmos. It was a lovely feeling to get lost in all this Yoga symbolism.

For the divination I looked into a black mirror, however all I could see was rocks and seascapes, and also a landscape from a meditation a long time ago which influenced something I wrote this week.

Doombringer. For Doombringer I had everything black and I called him using the 'One and Only' invocation. Doombringer always has a good sense of humour and this time was no different. As I was starting the ritual Doombringer told me that the black cloak I was wearing looked ridiculous. It was from a Pagan group that I used to belong to; the leader decided we were going to make cloaks but I didn't want to, and it never got finished.He said " why don't you wear it the other way round?" So I took it off and turned it round and he was right: it worked better back to front!

I always offer Doombringer tobacco because I know he likes either tobacco or pot. He reminded me of the first time I invoked him, that time when he showed me how to go to the next step after communicating with him and turn it into possession. I hadn't done it since, but he said  that the intervening time between then and now does not exist. During the meditation I had some really good insights. I saw that I exert too much control over those urges to break all the bounds and be creative and violent. The excitement that I feel when I take part in DKMU activities is the chaos that I restrain too much, and I should express it and use stimulants which I have noticed will increase it, because it is this excitement that turns into excitory gnosis.This time  I did a different kind of divination, a 7-card tarot spread, and the cards were justice, queen of swords, ten of wands, nine of swords reversed, prince of cups reversed, five of pentacles and temperance reversed. I didn't interpret them straight away, just wrote it down.

Ino. Ino is the one I have that special rapport with-  I write stories with her and channel stories from her. Please see the topic 'Writings Inspired by Ino' in The Art Lab section on this forum. Sometimes I write poetry about how she has been my muse and inspired me., and it was one of those poems that I recited in my ceremony for her. You can read the poem on this forum in the topic I just mentioned. I haven't got a collection of items that I put on her altar like I have for Ellis and Zalty- only a white crystal,but it's a special one because it's the one I saw her in the first time I did an Ino ceremony.

When I came to the part of summoning Khaos with the transvocation it was much more powerful than the previous times, and even with only saying part of it I actually got him. Before I started the ceremony I was aware of a large number of invisible beings coming into my room to watch, and I wondered why they were doing it this time but not the previous two times. I thought that might be due to my special relationship with Ino.

When I came to the part of summoning Khaos with the transvocation  it was much more powerful than the previous times, and even with only saying part of it I actually got him. I could feel the presence of a being that was a personification of chaos. It was quite frightening because I could palpably feel that chaos void, and I wondered  if our marathon was a good enough reason to summon such a powerful being. There was nothing I wanted to ask him for and I was afraid that he would think I was wasting his time. That did explain why all the observers were there vbecause they know when evocations are going to work before we do. In the end I asked him politely to preside over the ceremony. I carried on and summoned Ino, reciting my poem and giving some elaborate offerings for us to share: vanilla incense, rich chocolate and a chilled coffee drink- I really like those.

I tried to see Ino in the incense smoke as well as visualize her. That didn'tn't work, and then it came to me that there’s no need to make scrying too difficult, it’s better to look at something that I can habitually see pictures in. I always see pictures in fabric patterns or coloured backgrounds, and sometimes crystals.

So I looked at that lovely painting of the Ino sigil with the dark blue background which is on my computer screen, and I saw Khaos and other entities in the blue area. The chaos void was also emanating out from that area. Khaos changed his form several times, but most of the forms were like a horned demon. When I gazed at the Ino sigil it doubled many times into two entities. I've always thought that Ino and Aeon are twin aspects of the same being, and I'm also convinced that I found her in E A Koetting's book as Mammy'Aon, but I don't know whether others would agree with me that they are the same. I believe she has always existed in alternative forms, giving the gift of artistic inspiration.

I meditated for a while and the sigil continued to change- the eyes in the picture helped it to change into a face and it also corresponded with one of the music videos I play for Ino. I didn't feel calm and peacefulh, I was frightened and chilled because of the atmosphere.  At the end I made sure I told Khaos that he could leave, and it was quite a relief when I closed down and the atmosphere returned to normal.

Announcements / Re: Forum Restructure
« on: March 19, 2015, 08:33:39 am »
Would it be possible to have a 'new content' page like so many of the other forums do? Instead of  the 'view the latest posts on the forum' option there  would be a whole page listing the most recent topics in time order. Don't worry if it would be too much work, but when forums have a page like that  everyone goes straight to it and looks at it first.

The Art Lab / Writings Inspired By Ino
« on: March 15, 2015, 03:12:09 am »
Ino really has been a muse for me; she got me doing creative writing again after many years of not touching it, and my writing now is chaos influenced. Some of it is media magick, and some is fiction that I channeled directly from Ino. Here's a poem I wrote for  Ino:

I met a Muse who sent me back
To the hall of poets, bearded painters...
I live with a musician still,
But I left them in  my mind;
Left for the realm of Insubstantia,
Dwelling where it's not substantial,
Doing jobs that have no substance
With the worldly kind.
Where to go that's free and open?
Go to the Bohemian crowd,
Join in with the voice  they speak in
When at last they're skilled and proud.
See the world the way they see it,
Be the change the artists wrought
Linked to them in their endeavors,
With them once again in thought.

If you've got sharp eyes you'll see I've edited this to put on a different poem, and I've taken off the links because I want to get our material published or publish it myself. I wouldn't charge lots of money for it though. It's just to do with how the creative arts are great and media magick is great.


Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
« on: March 15, 2015, 02:31:50 am »
That's the same Doombringer invocation that I used. I'm always impressed by Doombringer's dual personality; when I first started with DKMU he used to try and frighten me, then as soon as he initiated me as a member his whole manner changed and he became helpful and patient, and with a sense of humour. He's only a chaos beast to his enemies, and as a test. It makes me fond of him.

Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
« on: March 10, 2015, 01:58:22 pm »
Good compilation. I've been using the one Nick added further up:    The 7 Gates of Chaos.
You could add that one into the document as well.

Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
« on: February 27, 2015, 11:00:10 am »
If we want to we can all use the same basic framework but with infinite variations according to the individual, like we did with the Halloween project. I think that works well and is fun. You really feel that you are participating in a group ritual.

Oistars / Re: Godform Cycle - March 2015
« on: February 24, 2015, 12:03:51 am »
This is a very good plan. Also I really appreciate the way you share your results Frater Theodbald. Not everyone likes to do that I know, but every time I post my results I invite others to do the same.

Oistars / Re: SO MISTI And Sigils.
« on: February 13, 2015, 10:36:33 am »

Where can I find information on this? It's not in the DKMU-Texts on the page or on Kiki's Scribd-Collection. Is in in some post on FB?

Can you tell us where you got the sigil and the other information from?

This was the first of the mini projects I posted on both Project Oistar on Facebook and this new sub-forum here and I apologise, I should not have assumed people already knew where to find the information about So Misti. The account of what this servitor looks like and how she is used is to be found on the files section of the DKMU Facebook group. It's called  ' So Misti' and it's by Paul Nott who made her. Paul also has his own Facebook  group Chaos Magick Group  (actually there are several groups with this name but this one is Paul's), and the file is on the files section of that group as well. They are both closed groups which may explain why not everyone has seen this material.

When I was preparing to experiment with So Misti I looked back a bit in Chaos Magick Group. Those records may be gone now because the group got closed down and they had to make a new one. Anyway it appears that a lot of people were talking about a group experiment to make a servitor. It's a very jokey irreverant group and they wanted a sexy one , one with tentacles and so forth. Paul Nott was genuinely serious about it and he's very skilled: he actually made the servitor and she both  looks beautiful and helps with the serious side of magick. Just to please some of the crowd she does have discreet tentacles at the back, an addition and not a predominant part of her appearance.

The So Misti text recounts Paul visiting So Misti in trance to program her. I was very impressed by it: I can't leave my body like that but I'm good at pathworking meditations so I tried it out using that technique. I've seen posts from people who say So Misti has helped them a lot with making sigils more effective. It doesn't come entirely naturally to me to do sigils and I've only been learning them because they are the staple beginning point for chaos magick. So I thought some input from So Misti would be interesting. We're trying to encourage more of the new members, the Oistars, to write up what they experience. I often do and I always hope I'm not being egotistic! I thought So Misti would be a good one to start with as she deals with the fundamentals, helping sigils to work.

Oistars / Re: Begin Here
« on: February 12, 2015, 01:43:58 am »
Let's use Frater Theobald's timetable. I only had three days in my mind because of last time: a week is better, especially if you haven't done it before. We could possibly swap round the last two because Coniunctio is meant to come last.

Ringtail: yes, it would be once anytime during the week.

Oistars / Re: Begin Here
« on: February 11, 2015, 02:23:29 am »
Last time we had three days for each one which made it about a month, and that means you have three days to do each ritual. The idea was   to  boost the power by doing it in the same short time span as others in the group. So we would have to choose a start date- in February? Or we could leave it till say March 1st to give people time to gather information.

 Kiki, you would have the skills to find all the hints and tips on how to do the rituals and link them here.I'm better at using Facebook and when I want to read the interesting accounts, and scary accounts, from last time I put the name of the godform in the search bar. It isn't very efficient though, just better than scrolling for hours. Compiling them here is a great idea, so long as the members who posted their experiences don't mind them being on a more public board.

Oistars / Re: Begin Here
« on: February 10, 2015, 12:43:58 pm »
We are well into the new year now, so would any of our Oistars like to do a godform cycle? All we would have to do would be choose a date for summoning each one. That's just for the sake of making it a group project- however all rituals are optional. Last time I joined in with a couple of the group ones and did the others by myself over a period of a year. You could do any variation that you come up with.

Announcements / Re: DKMU biznez- Everybody Read This.
« on: February 10, 2015, 12:18:53 pm »
Shaytanah, why not come over and post on our new Oistar board on this forum?

Oistars / Re: Begin Here
« on: February 01, 2015, 03:05:10 am »
I reckon our new member Mason should have put his awesone experiences with Coniunctio, Red King and White Queen here. Anyway I'll link it.

I didn't say anything about my results, partly because I wasn't feeling that well on the winter solstice, and I always think that kind of not feeling well where you can't eat much is a sign that you really needed to fast before doing the ritual. I did however do both the rituals I had planned for that day.

Oistars / Re: Enu And Nul
« on: January 16, 2015, 01:36:14 pm »
The two diagams. (I can only see these when I am logged in so I hope you can see them.)

Oistars / Enu And Nul
« on: January 16, 2015, 01:34:31 pm »

I'm still working on the DKMU godforms at the end of the sequence, although I have put threads about all the godforms on the Project Oistar Facebook group. This is something I said on there this week (with wording changed a little).

 About the twin godforms Enu and Nul: I just know I'm going to get into deep water with this ! I heard a reliable rumour that they weren't being used any more and are now being regarded as part of the final godform Coniunctio. So I didn't include them when I went through and summoned all the others. Then this week I had a dream about them, and I've now included them. What I would like to know is, do we genuinely no longer use Enu and Nul ? I've done searches on them on the DKMU page both before and after my  evocation, and there was a lot of interest in them and information about them around October 2013 to January 2014.

Our Ellis D. Williams drew  two diagrams, and this is where the deep water comes because they are quite advanced studies. The first one has ten points and ten godforms, and the second which is based on Timothy Leary's eight circuits has eight points and those who were delving into it were attributing eight godforms to it with Enu and Nul included within Coniunctio. Would anyone who was working on this project care to comment about it? I'm having trouble putting the diagrams here-just click on them to get them large enough to read.

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