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The Media Magician / Re: The DKMU Cult and the 23'rd
« on: January 16, 2015, 02:02:07 am »
This rings a bell; I believe one of our own DKMU people wrote it as a satire, like the Double Crowley ones.

Oistars / Re: Begin Here
« on: December 19, 2014, 12:24:20 pm »
Well Ringtail,  back in the nineteen-eighties a lady who had some psychic connection with me in the field of angel magic wrote an end-of -the -world kind of  book with the words 'advent calendar' in the title. Since then I've used advent calendars symbolically a few times. One time when I did it the shop assistant who sold me the advent calendar said some pretty weird things right there in the shop, but I don't remember now what they were. I believe that magic is like a building- you found it on structures from things that happened earlier on in your life and keep on building up, so that's why I still sometimes use advent calendars.

The idea with Coniunctio is that I will open up a link to him/her by opening the door with the sigil on it on the winter solstice, the 21st, and I'll include a little ritual of some kind. Then I'll leave the other slots closed, because  Christmas and the winter solstice are rivals and alternatives to one another. I've got nothing against Christianity or Paganism, to some extent I like them both, but they don't like one another, if you see what I mean, and Coniunctio belongs more to the Pagan side.

I'm adding a little 'in real time' excitement to this by posting about it just before the solstice date, and if anyone wants to join in please do.

Oistars / Re: Begin Here
« on: December 18, 2014, 01:58:54 pm »
I've decided to summon the last of the godforms Coniunctio on the winter solstice, so that I've done them all. Then if we have a cycle of evocations for all the Oistars after Christmas I will at least have a comment to make about all of them! I wouldn't tell anyone else to do it the same way as me though; everyone has to find their own way.

There isn't a great deal  known about Coniunctio apart from the connection with the transcendant state of being that comes at the conclusion of alchemy. It could be the conjoining of the White King and the White Queen and the Red King and the Red Queen, or possibly the White King and the Black Queen who are not used so much any more. I  feel that the best way for me to proceed  is to follow on from what I did with the The White Queen and the symbolism that I linked with her.

To this end I've come up with  something that probably sounds grossly over-simplified: I've got myself a 'Frozen' advent calendar (yes that's right, complete with small pieces of chocolate inside  the slots!) and  I've stuck the Coniunctio sigil over slot number 21. I have used advent calendars several times in the past for magical things. So that's my plan, and only three more slots to go.  :)

Oistars / Re: SO MISTI And Sigils.
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:08:09 pm »
Here's my report about working with So Misti. I drew a sigil for something in my working life which I've tried a few times before with different variants of statements of intent. This time I went over  it in brown, supposedly a good colour for working life. I tried charging and firing it.

Later I started on invoking So Misti to ask her about it and give it to her. The plan was first put on some lavender hand cream and smell the perfume, then copy her sigil onto paper with green, blue and purple felt pens, then say her name and go on the pathworking journey to vist her.

While I was still drawing her sigil, not very well because my drawing is extremely wobbly, So Misti said to me telepathically that there is no need to go any further. I should just talk to her by telepathy the way I do with other entities. It felt like she was sitting behind me in the room.

I gave her the new sigil, and talked about the previous ones and some other ones that hadn't worked. She thought it was funny that I had strong opinions about what had happened with all of them, and I was concentrating more on what I thought was wrong than on her. She said she would plug in the new one, and asked me to do the pathworking journey the following day and she would then tell me about the others.

The next day I did the journey, sitting on a cosy bed. I was quite surprised by the results. Normally I never see anything, I have to visualize everything, but with this technique I did see: I saw a black shaft beside me, and when I went down it I clearly saw the colours blue, green and purple all around me. Also I felt a change of orientation, as if the tunnel was another dimension. At every stage of the descent I kept seeing a figure which changed: somethimes it was like a girl and other times more like someone else.
At the bottom these experiences were much fainter, so I did visualize at that stage. So Misti said that all the sigils would work but I wasn't allowing enough time for them to manifest; it could take a while, possibly about a year.

I said thank you and went back, and the shaft seemed so real that I even felt as if I hadn't come back properly, and needed to do that a second time. It had a magnetic pull, as if it would fascinate human beings and drag them into it.

Oistars / Re: Begin Here
« on: December 02, 2014, 12:17:51 pm »
Lol Momus, you spelt it 'oysters' ! If you direct those here they will have to come here in a fish tank.

 I like Stephen's description as well, and in my original discussion about having Oistar groups Stephen also said :

I've always wanted to be in a revival with this group online and if "Project Oistar" was implemented where everyone participating took an oath to be an oistar if for the first time or again I would go along with it. New perspectives and experiences with godforms, group projects etc...

So I've taken the Oistar oath now, let's all do it!

Oistars / SO MISTI And Sigils.
« on: November 29, 2014, 02:26:41 pm »
One of my next projects is going to be experimenting with SO MISTI, the sweet-looking servitor that Paul Nott made. Some of you Oistars had already done chaos magick before when you joined DKMU, possibly for many years; however I am one of the ones who hadn't, and decided to learn both chaos magick and the DKMU system together. That's one of the reasons I'm running the Oistar groups: I'm the real thing and I know how you feel if you are new!

I started with sigils for something small, as you do; however some of them didn't work and it was probably due to the wording of the intent, or conflicting feelings, or thinking they were fired correctly when they weren't. I don't believe in making entities do all the work for you, however it would be a great idea to present some of these that didn't work to SO MISTI to see if she could explain or help, and other people could do this too and report their results. I've read the document about SO MISTI several times and it seems to me that there is no need to astrally project to her; if you can't do that you could do it as a pathworking and still get some results.

I am copying this topic, and the file, to the Project Oistar Facebook group.

The DKMU Vault / The White Queen
« on: November 23, 2014, 03:15:46 am »
Yesterday I evoked the White Queen. Anyone who belongs to Project Oistar on Facebook please do have a look, and when we get an oistar forum on here I will put stories like that in there as well. The thread is about both Red King and White Queen.

I have been working my way through our godforms and have come to the last few that are not so well-known now, which makes the information potentially more useful to other members. Originally I thought winter solstice would be good for the White Queen, however in last month's Halloween Project I had a theatre at the centre of my Ellisian generator, and yesterday that  theatre premiered a play of The Snow Queen who has related symbolism to our White Queen. It's also the anniversary of the first showing of 'Frozen' and all the Christmas celebrations and promotions in my town are featuring songs and pictures from the film.

After prey-fascinating  Ellis and feisty Ino, White Queen seems to be a very sensible and normal lady! I think her archetype is also found in the White Witch in the first two of the Narnia stories which were big favourites of mine when I was a child. This witch also creates an eternal winter (eternal until someone manages to end it).  The White Queen  is highly likely also related to Eris in some way.

Member Introductions / Re: Salutations
« on: October 17, 2014, 12:27:37 pm »
Hello and welcome. Before I came here I was doing solitary eclectic Wicca as well, but only for three years so I wasn't an experienced Wiccan. The important thing to know is that you don't have to give it up and you don't have to give up anything else you have studied- just incorporate them and be creative and innovative.

The Assault on Reality / Re: PIRATES COME FORTH! HALLOWEEN 2014
« on: October 16, 2014, 06:05:55 am »
Those are very well-carved talsimans. Also your idea of using playing cards is a good one and I am using playing cards as well.

The DKMU Vault / Re: Chelseanacht 2014
« on: September 14, 2014, 02:37:49 pm »
I really enjoyed reading your account, and I have now published  my own account but I felt more comfortable posting it on our new Facebook page for beginners which I started, Project Oistar. I've done lots of  religious rituals in my life but I've only started learning chaos magic and DKMU rituals in the last year.

Hi Destiny, are you still logging in here or do you think we are mad? (Well, we are.) The only part of your dream that is really like Ellis is the lady wearing a long, red cloak because she sometimes appears like this, or as a black widow spider, or  so I've heard as a refined Victorian lady  sometimes. However, dreams are a way in which she frequently makes contact with people. After I joined DKMU I met her in a dream and she was looking like a woman that moved like a spider,  which was very creepy.

Also it is true that she kind of 'infects' people, it's the power of fascination of the spider and it makes you think about her a lot. I've even dyed my hair darker and started wearing red lipstick and red nail varnish so that I look slightly like her. But I'm miles too old to look like her really !  She chooses people to teach them that magic is real and you can be in a state of consciousness outside the consensual reality. Instead of seeing the illusions most people see you can be aware that magic is real. You don't have to stay with her  if you can tear yourself away, but if you want to stay you can use her sigil to add power to magic spells. I like that red , white and  black version on this page, that's the one I use and I've posted it on a couple of forums. Just looking at it can wake people up to a magical life, so that's why I use it. Ellis' group the DKMU talk mainly on their Facebook group (Link at the top of this page where it says f ). They don't talk much on here. Ellis is their first godform,  and since they made her they have made some others as well.

There are some texts you can read on here and there is a link at the top of the page for them as well.

The DKMU Vault / Re: Marathon of Evocations
« on: February 28, 2014, 10:34:00 am »
Your account of these workings has been linked before, so I've already read it. I found it very interesting and I particularly  liked the personal touches about what your family and friends were doing.

The marathon started a week after I joined DKMU so I thought it was safer only to join in with three of the evocations: for Ellis and Zalty, and for Doombrringer very cautiously. These three entities have all been very helpful to me.

The DKMU Vault / Re: Zalty: the saltiest ole dog of the seas
« on: February 05, 2014, 11:28:51 am »
I notice that someone on our FB group connected Zalty with 'Wenches and Mead', so I was right about him back in December after all, it wasn't my mind changing him into something else. He was playing on my sympathy when he said no-one would come home with him to make sure that I did: I expect a lot of other women do it as well.

Look what I've done to your thread Drak, you will have to check on it more often.

Edit: added comment : I have now noted that Zalty is more often seen as a pirate than a fisherman. Cheeky old bandit!

The Assault on Reality / Re: Ellis as seen from space
« on: January 29, 2014, 08:17:40 am »
Great idea, make a space Ellis. There seem to be two approaches with drawing Ellis: the first draw her in multiple places to wake them up, and the second draw her in select places that are associated with real magic so they can feed power to the network and receive power from it. I'm going to go with the second approach.

Member Introductions / Re: From inside a dream...
« on: January 29, 2014, 08:00:50 am »
Our marauders have mentioned about everything vanishing down a timeline ( come to think it IS a bit like going down a toilet). But regardless they are still on Facebook so I've been on there too! If you can't beat them.......Tell you what I'll reply to you on here and we'll see if anyone else wanders over.

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