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Messages - Homer K Blua

I evoked Zalty last night it was my first real evocation ... I have done evocation of state entities out of the book brain magick.. But this was quite different ... I did not evoke to physical appearance but astrally it was very powerful... I asked him to give me guidance in dealing with the dkmu god forms unfortunately I fell asleep trying to jornal and lost most of the details ... : /
The Armchair's Lounge / Re: Music
January 17, 2014, 12:10:10 PM
Pan deamon aeon is about the magick of buroughs it's a paper by Phil hine you can get it off his site...
I've not read it but I know he used a technique of cutting things apart and reassembling them to make audio colleges that would evoke a moment feeling or thing...

I'm a musician and have been thinking about ways to do this that I'd find more practical musically Im thinking about making something with a symbolic number for the bpm and maybe backward and or cut up vocals I think I want to make a few and then use them randomly like some people have done with sigils... I might come back and post when I try it
General Occultism / Re: Cyber Magic
January 17, 2014, 09:35:50 AM
Thanks for these posts they have me an idea tag board amulets

You'd design a circuit for a magical goal the poplulate your tag board In a significant way I.e. pentagram or sigil
You could chose resistors and caps based on color and value...

It would then be hooked up to a battery you could even use LEDs or a speaker for different effects

Totaly doing this!
General Occultism / Re: Current workings, and ideas.
January 17, 2014, 09:05:02 AM
Trying to incorporate some magic in show my bands playing tomorrow night .... Few days avoid released a FB flyer that has a sigil made from my band name as the focal point.... It's programmed just to get in people's minds.. I didn't want to do any thing forcefull like you will come lol I think I'm going to connect a phrase to a sigil for euphoria and try it live might take me more than tonight to figure it out tho
Member Introductions / Culture jamming sorcerer
January 17, 2014, 08:23:25 AM

I've only been studying magick for about two years its kinda been In my family but not passed down...
I've found chaos magick so inspiring, spiritually and as an artist and musician.

About the same time I started studying occult topics I also started to be come Interested In culture jamming and activism. But on my own terms.... When I read Ellis the assault on reality it kinda shocked me that I wasn't already doing stuff  like it....

I know that's a bit old so ill have to read arround and see what's new... But I'm on board I've already done alittle work with zalty