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The Assault on Reality / Ellis Skype Group?
April 25, 2015, 07:47:34 AM
How about an Ellis Skype chat group? Basically someone could make one on Skype and anybody who is interested in getting involved can give their Skype name through pm and be added into the group. It could potentially allow for quick communication, as you can both post messages or talk in a call. You can also type messages during calls in Skype if you don't have microphone or don't wish to speak.
I've drawn some sigils using a permanent marker on the edge markings(not sure the proper name) of a walkway that leads to my school but didn't say anything yesterday. They aren't exactly perfect sketches but in the right shape. Also scratched one into a pole. Any idea what to do from here?
Quote from: Frater Theodbald on April 03, 2015, 10:46:22 PM
In a sense, people can say that this is how culture has evolved.  A self-feeding loop, where order and control is continuously rewarded and reinforced.  There is also the fact that success through order and control takes less mental energy than to actually grow up and have an intelligent society.  The Less Evolved population who can't think in higher terms of order and control will always be in greater number than the more evolved population, and hence benifit the advantage of strenth in numbers.

Collective evolution is a slow difficult and tedious process, and it's rather easy to get dragged back down again.

Not only that. The way of order has gone too far, it also goes against/suppresses what is right now. An example is the education system's rigidness and along with corporation owners' dictating how it works giving it more rigidness. It takes away a lot of free time that can be used for things like being with friends, family, other work in society and more. As well as not necessarily being able to choose what you are good at as subjects. Rigid, trains people to be obedient/robotic. All in the name of productively keeping order functioning.
The Assault on Reality / Which colour does the best?
April 11, 2015, 10:03:56 PM
I was wondering which colour would do the best as a permanent marker for drawing an Ellis sigil? The black "brush", the silver or gold permanent marker? Or a red one?

I have a sharpie black brush type marker, not sure what it means. Aswell as two non-brush permanent markers, Silver Metallic and Gold Metallic. Which one would you recommend? For some surfaces that are black a different colour than black may be required.

In my country order is really dominant, especially in culture. People will freak out or go dramatic at the slightest bit of awkwardness such as in my school. The one I went to for the first year was worse. Would you recommend drawing it on my school bag, bottle and pencil case also? Sometimes the schoolbag or pencil case can wear out though and may have to be thrown away.

Also how should I respond if someone notices and asks me "what's this?" Or "what the heck is that?!"

The Assault on Reality / Re: Linking Sigil Basics
April 04, 2015, 08:28:48 PM
What about living trees? They seem the easiest to slice through.
Not exactly sure where this belongs since it concerns the order principle of politics and possible metaphysical theories.

So why exactly is Chaos and anything that is really awkward/different often very looked down upon today in this world or is it just more common in the anglosphere? And a principle of order, control and conformity is so dominant in this world? From everyday life it extends into politics.

In everyday life you get the "normal" or "not normal/weird" category like in some parts of Australia which is quite open among teems. Those in the abnormal category are often not very looked on well or hardly noticed in this world/reality. Conformity to tradition and certain ways of behaviour is strongly encouraged and looked up upon, so is obedience to those with power over you. While being abnormal is discouraged and seen as "weird", sucking up to those incharge despite how they treat you is looked up upon while questioning them such as if they mistreat you is seen as "immature".

This also exists in the form of Pseudo-Democracy in politics in which all you get is a vote that doesn't even make much of a difference because of something like a two party system and them having more money than smaller parties anyway and only them being recognized as official. The U.S government opposes all forms of revolt from less order based things, systems/ways different from it and tries to enforce "order" and it's own ways on others around the world though they were only sometimes better. But it's still technically an oligarchy and not true democracy. World policing to keep Order and promote it and "peaceful reform/working within the framework at all times" as a principle. Stopping possible new and better ways from arising. Because of order as a principle people are really domesticated and most never take any action against policies that take away rights and freedoms.

There is also the veil which may have been stronger than past times. Who is responsible for these? Are there some kind of "higher beings" promoting Order, Control and keeping it as a dominant principle? If so when will order and control stop being so dominant in this world both as a principle and its metaphysical counterpart as "the veil" and lose its strength? When will the decline of the veil/order and control happen?

Have no idea whether this belongs here or in the theory section.
The Assault on Reality / Re: Linking Sigil Basics
April 02, 2015, 10:38:17 PM
I've been looking for something like that in awhile. Is it a good idea to scratch it on trees, their bases or tree stumps with a sharp object to mark locations with the sigil?

It seems quick and easier to do so. All you need is a sharp object and scratch it on the wood.
How does one assault reality and order at it's stronghold or one of them? What would have to be done? Currently it seems the Australian continent is the place with the strongest concentration of order in the world and lowest concentration of chaos. What would have to be done in the assault on reality/order if you live there and how difficult would it be?

The Australian continent, especially the urban parts is the most orderly and "reality" place you will probably find in the world. The concentration of order there is very high and probably more than anywhere else. In the urban areas such as sydney you will find many buildings from the late 19th and early 20th century standing perfect though renovated in the inside. It has the smallest concentration of chaos in the world and very little major interesting unpredictable things have happened here. It is also politically and culturally very orderly with probably the most reactionary "in the framework" politics dominated place on the planet.

Many attempts to create chaos in the past even the ones that did manage to have some effects but not enough due to the order and reality comcentration were short lived. Politically it is getting even more orderly with restrictions on peaceful protest being placed now with little to no resistance, especially to prevent ones that disrupt the way things work. Also no resistance to the bills which allow the intelligence agencies to rummage through your computer files remotely if given warrant.

Is the Australian continent a stronghold or even a hive of order? It seems the number 1 orderly place, perhaps more than U.K and U.S if I'm correct. Are there any beings behind the veil and order happening btw?

Would some kind of doorway have to be opened to allow a large scale migration of chaotic beings into the location? How would that be done too?
Member Introductions / New Here
March 27, 2015, 05:30:13 AM
New here, I have done research on the paranormal and have always had a fascination for the out of ordinary. I am at most times very out of the box in nature hence why many find me awkward. I live in a continent overloaded with order which doesn't help, so much order that change is very slow and hardly anything interesting ever happens. You can even see the effects of order physically in how barren and stagnant the inner landscape is. Order and the rigid structure of trying to make people conform to normality has caused me trouble throughout my life cause of who I am. I am persistent in my defiance/resistance against especially any confining order and traditions, if I will cannot resist openly I will do it secretively and silently.

Order has a strong grip on people of my age or has had at where I live and on the people who live here in general too. They are even open about it, having two categories: "Normal" or "Not Normal/Weird" and isolating the latter or any that seem even the slightest out of place/awkward. When I grew intelligent enough and learned a lot I overpowered this boundary, winning through hard work and they came to be more accepting/use to the "awkward". As far as I know my continent or where I live is a "Stronghold" for Order and hardly any significant change or anything interesting happens here, if any it is short.

I research about the paranormal, collect magic knowledge I find interesting and especially find chaos magic interesting. It is about freedom and liberation. I plan to eventually actually try significant/proper ones when I have enough knowledge and have decided what I will do.

So yeah, glad to find others who believe in chaos too. I live in a place or continent where there is simply too much order that its over the balance as far as I know. Chaos is in small pockets here and its predominantly very orderly, especially in how society works.