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General Occultism / Re: What is your Great Work?
November 21, 2016, 11:08:58 AM
I must, with every breath, help the universe become aware of the fact that it has become aware.
General Occultism / Re: to banishing power of skepticism
November 21, 2016, 11:05:02 AM
I refuse to believe in the power of disbelief! :-X ;D

Well said. :)

The AM link is an interesting one.

Well would you look at that...

And the runes mentioned were in fact part of the original intent which was eventually poisoned by Tingly Hoe Cakes (mentioned above) who just happened to use the LS sigil quite a bit. In fact, Tingly Hoe Cakes was the one that introduced me to LS.
The Assault on Reality / Re: Glitterbombing Revived
September 22, 2016, 12:40:09 PM
That's amazing!

I've stuck it up at as well.

Every spell is a model of what we intend.

Here is a simple JS model of Joseph De Munchkinhumper getting cursed with my favorite DKMU curse. You can change the parameters at the very bottom of the fiddle. Notice if you wiggle the parameters you can remove a curse as well.

Click the Run button when ready. I would argue that this code represents some variety of sigil. I prefer to call them Super-cala-fragalistic-expiali-sigils, but others may feel differently. ;D

If the thing is premeditated and you have time to model the situation you want then this method can work as well as any other. Say you print off this code, burn the page with intention and sprinkle/blow the ashes on the intended or mix them into the wax of a vousdeux dahl.

If it is your style it will definitely work but I'm more of an astral caster. I've gotten the JS stuff to work astrally by intensely imagining something similar to the Last Line Of Code of the linked fiddle (with specific parameters for what I want to accomplish) but they weren't very statistically significant.

Another method that is more effective for me is turning the URL into a mantra. Using a tinyurl service doesn't seem to diminish the strength of the mantra either.

Imagine the target and chant the mantra until you feel it has taken hold. Rinse. Repeat as necessary.

But there are easier ways.

The power of a language is in its reuse. If Manky Taint were something I were going to cast often I would turn the intention into a border/box with special features. Then when I want to curse somebody with Manky Taint all I must do is imagine them surrounded by this one specific box. If I had multiple curses I could have one specifically for each curse and imagine the target inside them.

In my own system I invoke the archetype of Gravity as an operator to create these boxes/borders. This defines the, "scope," of the intention. These are also the perfect place to put a RoboFish.

You can also turn the intention into a, "particle," of energy. Lets say I have a specific box I use for casting curses in general. Then when I picture the person in the box I also imagine energy made of MankyTaint particles flowing into the box and the individual. I might also throw in a stream of OhYesYouCANSmellYourOwnCrotch particles as well and maybe even a OhYesTHEYCanAlsoSmellYourCrotch stream as well.

To create these particles I invoke the archetype of The Strong Interaction as an operator.

So much can be done with just these two forces that it is mostly unnecessary to go into using The Weak Force and Electromagnetism.

I can add more later though.
General Occultism / Re: Magical Target Practice
August 26, 2016, 02:09:56 PM

LMAO! Added.

I'll be adding them as I find them then.

I did quickly add three more images and forced the page refresh every 156 seconds. ;)

I've seen a lot of fun LS/DKMU inspired memes/images showing up recently (On Facebook). My favorites are going to be showing up on randomly*. If you have a favorite, post it below and I'll get it into the rotation. <3

*The page will decide which image to show each time it refreshes.

Additionally, if you View Source on that page you have access to the entirety of the code. If you have changes you might like to make we can collaborate. :)
Technomantic LS

The value of technomancy for me has been when applying the Principle of Correspondence.

If science has shown a thing to exist or happen on the material plane, it is safe to say it can be used in the other planes with some amount of effectiveness.

Encyclopedias of information on the archetypes of gravity, strong force, weak force and electromagnetism are available for for the price of an internet connection.

I could dent this server's storage space with information on how to use these forces for magic/technomancy. When these four forces are used in conjunction with the four states of energy (fire, air, water, earth) surrounding the mediator (consciousness, which is a primal state and a force) interesting things can be imagined. If interesting things can be imagined...

In my professional life I'm a hacker who's been raised up to Senior Software Engineer because I have an almost-supernatural ability to find leverage points in complex systems. The most valuable tool in that aspect of my life has been the ability to read and write code in many different programming languages.

In my magical life the most valuable tool I've found is the esoteric programming language. One can program their woo by simply thinking at it. That approach kinda worked for me but wasn't satisfying and it left lots of room for disbelief (and outside influences) to creep in.

I've defined a lot of sigils using what we could call pseudo-code with varying amounts of success. If an off-the-cuff code language can work then a more rigidly defined system should probably work better. That is the reality I've found. (Perhaps this just helps me suspend disbelief...)

I've since created my own using the forces as operators and elemental states for flow control. The details of which I can get into in another thread if anybody has interest.

You don't have to develop your own; it is possible to program your woo with Javascript. It is effective to create a JS model of the effect you desire, print it out, burn it and stuff the ashes in a mojo bag or cup of wine (destroying the source files leads to more immediate, yet chaotic results while storing them on a sacred flash drive leads to longer-term, subtle and stable results).

Any language works but most don't lend themselves to astral use unless you're the guru of gurus. Additionally most languages have conventions that are necessary and/or helpful on the material plane but are just baggage on the astral or don't work at all.

For example, defining scope in Javascript is complex but works well when your code has to fit into a text file and be quickly parsed and control aspects of a browser window or its contents.

Defining scope in an esoteric programming language could be as easy as imagining or drawing a fucking box around something. But perhaps that's just a personal preference.

I think a DKMU specific esoteric language would be the first step. :)
General Occultism / Re: What makes you interested?
July 21, 2016, 06:36:43 AM
Quote from: Placid Distortion on July 21, 2016, 04:26:25 AM
About 6 months into that I came across a particular essay on direct manipulation that just felt like it hit the nail on the head in terms of the kind of magick I was looking for, that I'd finally found it and could get to work on practicing it as a preferred style.

Ooooo what was the essay?
General Occultism / Re: What makes you interested?
July 20, 2016, 12:01:55 PM

What got me interested? I came to magic from a Dawkins-like skeptcism having steeped myself in sciency concepts since I could read. Then I accidentally made consensus-reality change by believing at it. When I came to realize that this change should never have been possible, consensus-reality changed back. I call it consensus-reality only because more than just myself witnessed this change and reversion.

Simply stated...

My own personal clear-cut evidence that belief manifests (and visa-versa) is what got me interested in the subject though I didn't realize I was interested in, "magic," until years after I began playing around with it.

By the time I equated my research to anything related to magic I'd already developed my own alphabet along with advanced methods of sigilization and charging. I'd even managed to get around the problem that many people have had using Negative Words in statements of desire.

If you're unsure which system is for you I suggest working on your own. We are all the same universal being looking at itself from different perspectives.

There is infinite value in developing your own system of magic that stems from your own view of the world; both the process and the end result are worth every second spent on it.

But where to begin? I started with the alphabet mostly because I felt the latin characters held too much history. They'd been used to spew too many lies and too much ignorance to be considered useful in the experimental sense. "Fifty Shades of Grey," was written using the latin alphabet. If that isn't motivation enough to do magic with a different one, I don't know what is.

The most powerful form of divination I've ever come across is available only while one is a beginner with an alphabet; mistakes have to be common. The technique is to simply write out the different possible outcomes of the situation in the unfamiliar script. The outcome written with the best penmanship and the fewest spelling errors is likely to be the one that happens (or offers the best advice). The better one gets with an alphabet the harder it is to find mistakes in the printed outcomes which in turn makes it difficult to know which outcome/advice to trust.

My own alphabet makes up for this a bit by taking advantage of everybody's natural (but variable) tendency towards dislexia. Every character mirrors another character either vertically or horizontally (or both) so mistakes are far more common even with a lot of experience.

Anyway, I hope you find your path. :)
Yeah the VS logo is an angular Mobius Infinity symbol.

Given the description of the funnel/tunnel I must ask if it felt as if you were being drawn into it or sliding down it.

For me a funnel like you describe is an archetype that represents a bending of space and time. A warping of reality. Create one deep enough and you'll reach a point where all known laws of physics break down.

I'm speaking specifically of the gravity well. The strongest of gravity wells turn into black holes.

Did this funnel have an event-horizon? :)
That princess is pregnant with possibility.