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I've seen a lot of fun LS/DKMU inspired memes/images showing up recently (On Facebook). My favorites are going to be showing up on randomly*. If you have a favorite, post it below and I'll get it into the rotation. <3

*The page will decide which image to show each time it refreshes.

Additionally, if you View Source on that page you have access to the entirety of the code. If you have changes you might like to make we can collaborate. :)

I became quite attached to a symbol that came directly from a very odd (and quite insane) part of LS' mind which I will lovingly refer to here, just this once, as Tingly Hoecakes.

Here is that symbol I write of.

The project that catalyzed the emergence of that symbol became dust quite quickly but the symbol stuck with me even though it had some unbalanced energies due to where it had emerged.

So I hit the hive mind for guidance.

I drew the symbol, photographed it and used a reverse image search. The text of the resultant search was, "do not throw away symbol."

I had my answer. The symbol and its power needed recycling somehow. Now how to do it?

I scrolled down and three adjacent images caught my attention.

It was clear that LS was still squatting in this abandoned shell of a symbol. It was also clear who I should ask for help.

I got my mind right and then imagined an old abandoned building. Its single door was shut and upon it was the symbol in question.

As I approached the door it swung open invitingly. I crossed the threshold and followed candle light to a room with two chairs and a table. In one of the chairs was LS. Upon the table was an exact replica of my own altar. The other chair was occupied by my own personal sigil hovering in the air. For some reason I smelled urinal cakes.

She was expecting me. But I wasn't expecting her to be expecting me so it took me a moment to realize what was going on. As the realization crept into my awareness I reacted with a silent, "oh fuck!" which seemed to make her smile. She had evoked ME.

I said, "Hi," awkwardly.

She replied, "I know what I want to do with this place. Please sit down."

So I sat down. It would have been rude (and dangerous) not to.

Before we go on, a bit about my relationship with LS...

I've spent the last five years working on making the universe more self-aware. To banish the illusion of separateness that blinds most of humanity.

Humanity is aware of the universe but believes that humanity is somehow separate from the universe that it is aware of. The power of this illusion thickens the veil and adds to the disenchantment of the world.

Most of the five years has been spent creating the esoteric programming language that I would use to power my whole project. Self-awareness is my thing.

After I first heard of LS I drew the sigil to tap her veil-thinning powers and filtered that energy with my own intent. Her energies have been no small part of whatever successes I've had and I was in her debt.

Now here she was drawing MY sigil and filtering my power through her intentions.

In that astral chair I was asked (very directly) to redesign and re-empower the symbol in question to specifically enhance and grow LS' own self-awareness. I was told that doing so would wipe the debt clean.

I did what I was asked.

The micro-Crowley (the Thoth Deck) inspired some of the visual changes. I asked the deck for inspiration and it replied with Swiftness and Indolence which I took to mean, "Just add some fucking arrow-heads quick and be done with it."

This was good advice. The result looked like two LS bolts diving into and out of each other.

Whenever I draw LS I replace the slug (the little circle that the bolt seems to reflect off of) with my own filter. This particular sigil was supposed to be self-referential so I added the Versling sigil for, "I Am," at the very bottom to balance the intersecting bolts.

LS liked it but wasn't quite satisfied. She said it had too many straight lines and didn't look, "sensual," enough. I spent a bit more time and added curves where appropriate.

This is what I ended up with.

When I was satisfied I presented the re-designed sigil to LS. She took the paper, turned it upside down and announced with some excitement, "It is exactly what I wanted!" I wasn't about to attempt to correct her. After considering the possibility for a few seconds I began to see her point.

Upside down, the shape of a woman emerged where the two bolts intersected. She appeared to be wielding the four arrow-headed bolts. The, "I Am", sigil rested where the head would have been.

She began to call it Ememex or MMX which somehow felt appropriate though I have no idea why.

With her being satisfied, I was finally granted permission to perform the self-awareness ritual which will take place at the intersection of Gravity and Fire on 6/21/2016 between 1:52 PM and 2:15 PM CST.

Please feel free to add your energies if you feel it appropriate.

All intellectual property rights to this sigil are granted solely to LS.