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General Occultism / Re: On Satanism
« on: July 19, 2019, 12:07:19 am »
By "is fully infinitely good/evil.", do you mean "good and evil" or "either good or evil"? Or something else?

I myself don't really believe in "Evil", as a concept. I'm a fan of Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals here ( ) – There is Good, the abilty to reach your goals, and Bad, failing at being good. "Evil" is what the Bad call the Good when the latter do what the former dislike ;)

There is the phrase "the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must" – and when the weak resent the strong, they call them "evil". Then they call themselves "good" for not doing what the "evil" do, attacking, killing etc. Which, since they are weak, they can't do in the first place. So they're trying to turn their weakness into a illusory virtue. That's at least my quick interpretation of Nietzsche.

Applying this to Satan we get that Satan "disobeys" (i.e. obeys his own will, not god's) and is therefore called "evil" by those who obey god.... Which simply means, people call anyone evil who disagrees with them strongly enough.

The Study / Re: I aka ii aka infinidimensional infinities
« on: July 18, 2019, 11:57:01 pm »
Hi :)
I can't really imagine the world that you're describing, but I think you might find this interesting:
This is Peter Carrol (of Liber Null & Psychonaut) talking about three-dimensional time.

I always thought that matter and energy are things within the spatial and temporal dimensions, not dimensions of their own.... But of course I don't know much about that...

Something clicked in my mind recently, one might say.

On the Veil

Here are some quotes:

Thing, current, presence,  function of reality, antimagick agenda, *something* that doesn't like us, and fucks with us when we do what we do sometimes.  I've noticed it for years.  Others seem to as well.  Thoughts?

Magic works.If magic works, so does disenchantment.If suspension of disbelief leads to manifestation then the cultivation of disbelief will squash manifestation.The best skeptics are powerful magicians that have perfected the banishment of their own power.They intend on seeing a mundane world, so a mundane world is what they see.How would one combat a powerful disenchanter that has no idea they're using magic to make the world conform to their intentions?

And here's [someone] from the FB group:
“I believe in breaking ‘the veil’.
Yes, on the outside, that seems very foolish and dangerous…until you consider what the veil is. The veil isn’t a literal material. It isn’t some invisible, spiritual barrier that separates the “mundane” from the “magical”.
The veil is an enforced psychological paradigm, a mind virus, of disbelief and toxic skepticism that keeps us from trusting our own spiritual experiences. And goes out of it’s way to regulate, limit, and dictate other people’s experiences.
The veil is inside of us rather than outside of us.”

Now what if the Veil – what we sometimes call “Consensus Reality” – is more than the sum of mundane people’s mundane views? If it’s an Egregore itself, perhaps *created* by those views, but possessing a will of its own and pushing the world to seem mundane (i.e. non-magical)... I kind of imagine it like a thick, transparent weighted blanket covering the world, slowing us down, keeping everything on the ground :O ... And this is what we attack  8)

That seems to me to explain a few things.  So we might view our War as fighting with Ellis against the Veil... Well, let's fight then.

General Occultism / On Satanism
« on: June 11, 2019, 04:46:15 am »
Hi everyone :)
Recently I've stumbled over the book " An Exorcist Explains the Demonic: the Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels", written by a vatican exorcist. In a quote, I found the best description of Satanism I've ever seen so far:
"What is the [objective of Satanists]? Satanists wish to develop [their] depraved form of devotion through a diffusion of the theory and practice of three basic principles: you can do all that you wish, no one has the right to command you, and you are the god of yourself. The first principle intends to confer full liberty to the adherent on everything he wishes to do, without limits. The second is the release from the principle of authority, that is, from any obligation to obey parents, the Church, the state, and whoever places restrictions in the name of the common good. The third denies all the truth that comes directly from God: paradise, the inferno, purgatory, judgment, the Ten Commandments, the precepts of the Church, Mary, and so forth."
I find this amazing – much clearer and purer than LaVey. 

In an argument on that blog, I also wrote my own views on Satanism, which I want to keep around:
"It is possible to hold long-term, well-considered desires which are contrary to your doctrine and thus -- on your view -- sinful. One can for example be a proud thief. You would have the thief reject his desire and instead choose to live according to Catholic desires -- "What would Jesus do?" However, if one's long-term well-considered desire are not in harmony with "Jesus' desires", I would say that one literally *cannot live* according to Jesus. If one tries, one has given up one's *own* life to become an imitation of Jesus. Contrary to Catholicism, one does not Gain Life Eternal, but rather *looses life* completely!

Thus, even on Catholicism being true, Hell seems *preferable* because then I at least get to *live* (properly understood as living *my way*) for *a while* as opposed to *not at all* by following Jesus instead of myself. The harshness of this position surprises even me :)

Now, of course you can directly deny my point -- "God being Truth and Goodness, being an imitation of Jesus just *is* the best way to live one's life". And what can I say to you? Take Satan as a role model! He chose damnation because that gives him at least a *bit* of *his own life*. He'd rather *die* his way *later*, than live someone else's way, since the latter option means he'd never *actually* live *at all*. Have you no Pride?"
This to me is the foundation of Finding one's True Will – the realisation that one cannot follow anything but oneself and live. From here begins the search for one's true self, for what it is that you really wish. And then you just do it and whever else is necessary to keep you going. To me, that's really all there's to it, while Crowley and LaVey go out of their way to soften up this core (see e.g. ).

Networking / Re: Is there anybody out there?
« on: April 30, 2019, 12:15:33 am »
Hi :)
This one is linked from the Forum-Mainpage:
Does it work for you?

Networking / Re: Is there anybody out there?
« on: February 10, 2019, 12:40:33 pm »
Hi :) As you've probably noticed, the forum is quite inactive.

You can connect to folks via the Discord and Facebook group. If you want to read some material, I collected some links here:

Networking / Re: Is there anybody out there?
« on: January 28, 2019, 12:50:56 am »
I'm not sure if Kiki is here. Haven't heared of her in a while.

General Occultism / Re: If I were to introduce someone into the Occult...
« on: December 15, 2018, 12:31:16 am »
So I want to try drafting up a guide to magick which contains the best I've learned from various DKMU and non-DKMU sources. My aim is to make it as short as possible:

Learning Only Magick

What kind of title is that? Very simple: This text does not deal with chakras, archangels, ethics, stones, demons, herbs, tools or rituals. It deals Only with Magick – the Art of Doing the Impossible. Magick with no intermediaries.

So you have wishes. Getting well, helping your friend find a job, removing that asshole out of your life, geting laid or making the world a better place. What you care about is not the wish though, it's the outcome – you are healthy, your friend has a great job and the asshole is gone or actually became a friend somehow. That's what we do Magick for.

However, a desired outcome is not Magick – it's just a desire. Now what differentiates a desire from Magick? Here's where other texts will start speaking about sigils, candles and archangels. Doing something will turn the desired outcome into Magick and from there to an actual outcome. However, I have no "somethings" – I only have Magick. The Only thing that can differentiate Magick from desires is Magick itself.

So how to use that? You have to intentionally infuse your desired outcome with Magick. How? Well, how to lift a weight? You don't need a candle or a sigil, just lift it. You're already born with the capability of lifting weights – movement is a "standalone capability". You cannot get to it via candles, you have to do Only Movement. Of course, some weights are too heavy to lift, but it's not because you used the wrong colour of candle – it's because your muscles are too weak.

Magick is just like that – you're born with the capability to do it. It's less visible than your muscles, but I can't find your capabilities to enjoy music or to fall in love under the microscope either and they clearly exist. So how to find that capability of Magick?

If you have an instinct now, how Magick feels for you, what it means to "infuse your desired outcome with Magick" or to "magickally intend the outcome", then that is the answer. Just do that – practice it on the outcomes you desire and get good – more on that later. The system improves with use, just like your muscles.

If not, here's a starting point: In your ideal world, how would you do it? How would you wish the process worked? Start doing that and feel into yourself, what feels like Magick to you. How does a lifting a weight feel, as opposed to seeing a video of a weight being lifted? How does doing Magick feel, as opposed to seeing it done in Harry Potter? That feeling is your Only tool. Just like the feeling of lifting weights only comes with, you know, lifting actual weights, your feeling of Magick comes with Magick – so there is Only your desired outcome and Magick. Very simple. What could a candle or lines on paper really add?

A final note: When Magick helps you, be grateful. Grateful to Magick, grateful to your spirits, grateful to the Universe and to the Root of Universe – however you see it. Magick deserves it and it also helps.


> How to focus on the outcome which you want to infuse with Magick?
If you have an answer, if you feel a way, then that's the way. If not, here are some ideas, find which work best for you:

Imagine it being true – I don't say "visualise" because that's not all there is! See your friend being healthy again, hear him telling you how he feels good again, feel his temperature being back to normal – whatever applies. How do you imagine always being healthy? See and hear yourself at the next New Years Eve, talking about how you were healthy the entire year and feel how good that feels.
But don't think that's the Magick! This is not "Law of Attraction" here. Imagining is just focusing on the outcome. Now infuse it with Magick, intend it to become reality.

Make a symbol out of it – sigilise the desired outcome. What? Wasn't I arguing against that? Yes, if you try to use that instead of Magick itself – if you try to get to Magick through Not-Magick. It's only paper and ink, just like a desire is only a desire. But you can use it to focus the desired outcome. "This sigil symbolises that the job interview goes well for me" – now infuse it with Magick.

Create a Spirit for it – or a "thoughtform" or a "servitor". Focus on the outcome that there is a spirit which intends your actual outcome to happen and makes it happen. This is what I do for outcomes which are permanent – I always want to stay healthy, have my stuff work well and so on. Focus on its qualities – look, character, voice – and on its intent – which desired outcome it is to make (or keep) a reality. Infuse that with Magick and keep powering it up regularly as long as you wish. Witches' familiars, Chaos Magick's servitors – long-term solutions.

> What to practice on?
Here is where occult texts can be helpful – what outcomes can you try? Random ideas: Meet a person with red hair, a red bag and a tiny dog next week. Help a nervous friend stay concentrated in an exam. Create a shield that blocks of anything that would lead you away from your desired outcomes. Pull energy from any of the various traditional sources to feel more energetic. Damn, just be happy, able to afford what you want and have a good time.
I personally only do stuff I really care about, unlike the first example, though I did my share of that when I started. I'm okay with not seeing immediate effects, with, among other things, "just" staying healthy most of the time and getting well in a few days when I do fall sick.

> Why do I think this works?
Because of my experience with it working. Ask yourself from the other side: If Only Magick doesn't work, why would adding a candle (of the right colour!) help? Is the world such that wax has magickal properties, but your actually felt Magick does not? Why should an archangel be able (and willing!) to do it, but you can't? He's a spirit and so are you. And you even managed to get a body somehow, which is pretty cool, though not without disadvantages.
To me, if Magick works at all, it must be Only Magick. Everything else is just to reserve time, space and concentration for infusing your will with Magick. Or of course to create a complex system to make people pay money and or accept some guru for his ego's sake.

Let me end with the words of two people who taught me a lot:

Arjil: "When you think about magick, how do you Wish the process worked?
Do That. Keep at it till it works. And it will."

Gracco: "just do it. that is literally the clearest terms"

General Occultism / Re: If I were to introduce someone into the Occult...
« on: December 14, 2018, 03:34:44 pm »
I want to add some random tired thoughts on my "The Universe is the Thoughts of Khaos" post :)

> Stable things like matter and the laws of nature are being focused / intended / concentrated on by some large part of Khaos with a lot of force – that's why Telekinesis is hard but apparently (?) not impossible. On the other end of the spectrum, unicorns are apparently not very strongly intended by anyone.

> So we either have free will or we don't. If we don't, it doesn't matter :D Anything we do or believe is predetermined or completely random. So we have to assume that we do have free will to keep thinking.

How can we have free will if we are merely the Thoughts of Khaos? Clearly, Harry Potter – the Thoughts of Rowling – does not have free will – he does what the Rowling thinks he will. It's very simple, as I realised today. Rowling focused on creating a character and that she did. If Khaos focuses on creating creatures with free will, or a set of laws which will generate creatures with free will, than that will happen :) So that's what I assume has happened.

> Similarly, what is Thoughtform/Servitor creation? We decide on the outcome that there will be a new spirit which will have an intent and push that intent. We put concentration into it and it happens. Very simple. The more concentration, the stronger it becomes.

> Less simple: What is "energy" in the magickal sense? Is it just a metaphor for the magickal concentration which makes things happen? Or is it an extra thing, like matter or light? I can feel energy, but that's when I focus on feeling energy – so it might just be my concentration creating the outcome I push for – "feeling energy" or "becoming energised". Maybe that's the easiest way to handle this, regardless of whether energy exists independently or not – Focus on the outcome on adding energy to this or that, getting it from this or that, and see what works best for you.

> What precisely is "focus on the outcome" or "intend the outcome"? Maybe "Push for the outcome"?  I can only answer in quotes...

Timothy Buell "[...] intentionally infusing ones Will with Magick/ energy/ prana/ whateverthefuck-you-call-it [...]"

Arjil: "Summon the vision, and more importantly, summon the Feeling, and Pretend like a kid that you’re casting your spell, and like a kid, Believe it."

I guess this is where it becomes really personal... What I feel is simply:
Focus on an outcome (as visualised result, as spoken intent, as "hearing" that it happened etc.) and on "The Feeling of Magick" going into that outcome – it's just a feeling I have, which is distinct from my other feelings... This is how I do all my stuff basically. Very simple :D

I guess "Infuse one's willed outcome with Magick" is the best way I can put it – it's simply magick, there is no intermediary. Magick is all that differentiates magick from other thoughts and wishes.

I need to go to bed ;)

Member Introductions / Re: Greetings
« on: December 14, 2018, 02:46:52 am »
Hello and welcome :)

"a pretty personal style of magick" – that's our thing at the DKMU. I'd love some details :) 

Maybe this can serve as a quick intro to the DKMU:

I'd say "our" unifying ideas are:
> Developing Your Own style of magick and getting good at that
> Bringing more magick into the world – make more people use magick, make magick more effective, make more magickal things happen
(Other people will probably say something else, but I think these two will be expressed frequently in various way :D )

Unfortunately, this forum is very inactive currently. Most of the activity is on the dread Facebook... When I have a project and want feedback, I tend to post it here and then put the link in the FB group, so that more folks see it (4k people there, some dozen really active, not sure about that last number though). So the forum has become somewhat of an archive for the good stuff.

As for what this community can teach you, look around here :) For another newcomer I've collected some links lately:

Personally, my most favourite thing in the DKMU "canon" is this: by Arjil, the creator of the LS. This here, by me, might serve as an introduction:

On big books with a lot of relevant essays, we have the Field Manual for the Strange Psyche ( ) and the Liber LS ( )
[Our current on-site library: – the FB group files section has more ]

And here's a thread with lots of good short parts of texts, many of which I consider to be DKMU highlights

Here's the LS basics thread:

We also have a picture gallery for LS tags, if you're interested:

Let me finish with a quote from the oldest text about the LS :)
"The only point of the linking sigil is to form a magick net, all working to increase the levels of magick in the world, like a giant spell that evolves and grows each time we add to it till eventually." –Arjil

Networking / Re: Is there anybody out there?
« on: December 11, 2018, 07:08:24 am »
I'll write you PMs, I guess :)

Edit: done :)

You're very welcome <3 And thanks for your feedback, I'm glad that you like it :) 

"may need to create a thread like this" – Looking forward to it!

Member Introductions / Re: Hello there
« on: November 22, 2018, 10:29:06 am »
Hi merlin and welcome :)

Can you say a bit more on how you came across the LS? :) Very curious.

Personally, my most favourite thing in the DKMU "canon" is this: by Arjil, the creator of the LS. This here, by me, might serve as an introduction:

On big books with a lot of relevant essays, we have the Field Manual for the Strange Psyche and the Liber LS [Can't get the links currently, should be available soon]

And here's a thread with lots of good short parts of texts, many of which I consider to be DKMU highlights

Here's the LS basics thread:

We also have a picture gallery for LS tags, if you're interested:

Let me finish with a quote from the oldest text about the LS :)
"The only point of the linking sigil is to form a magick net, all working to increase the levels of magick in the world, like a giant spell that evolves and grows each time we add to it till eventually." –Arjil

I just need the highlights from my conversation about True Will with AhavahAinSoph here  :) I think I got it now  ;)

09:29    A.    But it's like crowley said
09:30    A.    "Do what you Will, then do nothing else"
09:30    A.    There is no settlement
09:30    A.    There is no other choice. You must be you
09:30    A.    No matter the pressures you face
09:30    A.    No matter the hardships
09:30    A.    No matter what the world throws at you

09:32    M.    Ah, that is relevant to a question I ponder :) Is The Will,, is the "You" that "you must be" a *choice* or a *discovery*?
09:35    A.    It is a discovery
09:35    A.    What you do with it is a choice
09:35    A.    But it must be YOUR choice
09:35    A.    An expression of your heart
09:36    A.    Not of the world and its circumstances
09:36    A.    When you understand who you are
09:36    A.    You must focus on it like the mindfulness you were just asking about
09:36    A.    Until it fills everything
09:37    A.    Until it consumes your body, until it eats who you were. Until it burns off all of the impurity.

09:49    M.    In my view, the True Will has to be a *choice* -- you pick something you want to do with this life, and then you throw all your strength at it.
09:49    A.    No.
09:49    A.    It is much deeper than a choice
09:49    A.    It is an unconscious root, where all the consciousness stems from
09:49    M.    In the discovery-view I always run into walls :D What if I *understand* falsely? What is I don't llike what I find etc.
09:49    A.    Any choice you can make follows it.
09:50    A.    It isn't something you won't like, because that would violate the very idea of it.
09:50    A.    You can't understand falsely. There will be many times that you think you know, that's what Hod is, the knowing that is incomplete
09:50    A.    But you will not misunderstand.

[This is the part which hit me today ]
09:53    A.    You have to remember that this is what MAKES your ego
09:53    A.    It's what assembles it
09:54    A.    You can't have a dislike of it, because it MAKES your choices and your preferences
09:54    A.    All of them depend on it

09:54    A.    And are made because of it
09:54    A.    Just unconsciously.
09:51    A.    When it clicks, it will click utterly.
09:51    A.    When you're there, you will know.
09:51    A.    It will all suddenly make sense
09:51    A.    You, the world, everything

09:57    A.    Take one choice in your life
09:57    A.    And ask yourself a question: "Why"
09:57    jimlad    i ask you a question?
09:57    A.    Then ask why to the answer
09:57    A.    Then again
09:57    A.    And again, til you cant
09:57    A.    Then pick another thread
09:57    A.    And untie it
09:57    A.    Why
09:57    A.    Why
09:57    A.    Why

09:57    A.    Keep going
09:57    A.    Until you hit the root
09:58    A.    Be honest with yourself
09:58    A.    And don't stop
09:58    A.    You won't hit the root til your entire world is rocked from the understanding
09:58    A.    So keep
09:58    A.    Going
09:59    A.    One thread after another
09:59    A.    And eventually you'll be able to see all the threads, and how they connect
09:59    A.    Then you'll find where they all come from
09:59    A.    THAT is what you're looking for
09:59    A.    The key to not getting caught in false knowledge here is to not stop somewhere arbitrary
09:59    A.    Relentlessly chase it down
10:00    A.    Until you can't chase anymore, and keep going
10:00    A.    Rip yourself apart to find the gold in the center if you have to. Let nothing stop you
10:00    A.    Not you, nor the world, nor anything else
10:00    A.    Find
10:00    A.    The
10:00    A.    Gold

This text, combined with this summary of Thelema  – I think – allows for a sufficient understanding of the topic to actually do it and start living with full force  8)

The full conversation is here:

To explain: I recently understood that Ahavah is right – The True Will is a discovery, not a choice. And it does lead to fulfilment, or simply is fulfilment as long as one follows it –  "Do what thou wilt—then do nothing else." Cool stuff ;)

Announcements / Re: Forum Revival 2018!
« on: October 24, 2018, 11:42:26 pm »
You're welcome  :) Good decision on Facebook, I'd say  8)

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