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Hi everyone,
just wanted to let you know that this Forum is now officially an Archive. The Signup is deactivated and only moderators can write posts.

Thanks to Seisatsu, our host, for keeping it up – there's good material here to read.

To get it touch with us, see the Discord and Facebook Groups.

Please Remember:

"Just Do Magick"
- Arjil
The finished version is here:
Edit 03.12.2020 A second edition is in the works, so currently the forum posts hold more content than the pdf.
On Ellis, the Red Queen

If you're not familiar with her, she's the Spirit behind the Linking Sigil (illustration by Omni):

And Upon This Mark We Unite The Worlds

Why is she relevant to this text? The Linking Sigil was designed by Arjil to "form a magick net, all working to increase the levels of magick in the world, like a giant spell that evolves and grows each time we add to it till eventually." . Ellis, the Spirit who awakened in this net, desires a world with More Magick. Everything described here requires Doing Magick. On this path, you are natural allies. Her sigil can support your workings with Energy, while your Magick makes the world more like she wants it to be. Here's Arjil with more:

"This symbol is what it says, a sigil to link things together- specifically works of magick, places of power, haunted sites, sacred sites, ley lines, nodes- anything in that vein you can think of really, and all to mutual empowerment.
It tends to not only make the tagged place, or object, or spell More, it's use also further empowers the web that has grown over the years, thus making it even more effective.
On it's own it functions as a sort of crack in reality, through which raw magick seeps- first devised to be used for glamourbombing muggles, to weaken the concrete nature of consensual reality by driving a splinter of doubt into their minds, thus making reality more mutable and magick easier.
Now after about a decade, it has been linked to so many places, so many works of magick, so many ideas- frankly all over the world, but mostly in the US- that it is a well of magickal energy that can really put the pepper on any use you care to put it to. It can be used, as I said, as a glamourbomb to nail muggles and make their lives more interesting for a bit. It can be used to empower spellcraft. It can be used to "wake up" places that feel as though they really Should be magickal but seem to be sleeping, it can exacerbate hauntings, spread a sense of wonder, open doors, increase the Other, spread raw magick, alter consciousness, and open up Between places. It is a Key, It is a Hammer, it is a Monkeywrench for reality.
You don't have to believe me, certainly- all of the above come from accounts of people who have worked with it- myself included, and most people, not all, but most who use it agree with the assessment.
Just try it and see.
It doesn't affect everyone or every place in the same way, but after a decade of people using it, it Does tend to have an effect. I take no responsibility for squished fingers, or spiders, or chaotic reality fluxes- all of which have been reported.
It sounds a bit like a BLAK SPEER ov DUUM, I know. But a number of quite valid occultists were involved in it's inception, And I was the one who actually came up with the linking sigil concept and the sigil itself. It doesn't need firing. It works all by itself. Just as we intended.
Have fun."

How to use that for your own Magick? Liber LS explains: "Focus on the LS, and channel that power just like you would draw down the moon, or tap an element or any other energy source – mix this in with your own *Voo* and use this for everything from charging and firing a sigil, to charging talismans, to infusing it into ritual work, to direct manipulation." If you do that, be grateful to the Queen but also know that she wants Magick to be done, so the energy you use furthers her aims as well as yours.

[insert BeTheStrange picture here :) ]

Now that we have talked about a natural Ally, let's talk about an Enemy.

Arjil asks about a "Thing, current, presence,  function of reality, antimagick agenda, *something* that doesn't like us, and fucks with us when we do what we do sometimes.  I've noticed it for years.  Others seem to as well.  Thoughts?"

In the DKMU this thing is often referred to as The Veil – our answer to the question of why there's so little Magick visible in this world.

Ahavah Ain Soph says: "I see the veil as an external... let's call it a fortification. A wall between this world and the next. To rend the veil would be joining the otherworlds with this one. The Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Devils, Fae, etc. would be here because their world would BE our world if completely successful. Even partial success results in making it that much easier for such entities to walk between worlds at will."

However, it doesn't just affect uncorporeal Spirits, as Gracco points out: "As far as the veil goes I see this as a sort of mental wall. The veil is purely a mental thing and works on a individual and a collective level from what I have found. [...] And it also significantly lowers the direct power of the mind."

Another DKMU member, Alice, says that "The veil isn’t a literal material. It isn’t some invisible, spiritual barrier that separates the 'mundane' from the 'magical'. The veil is an enforced psychological paradigm, a mind virus, of disbelief and toxic skepticism that keeps us from trusting our own spiritual experiences. And goes out of it’s way to regulate, limit, and dictate other people’s experiences."

The reason why I bring this up is how the Veil actually operates. We don't know the full extend of it's actions, but one thing that comes up again and again in various sources is that it injects emotions, impulses and thoughts into our minds. I myself can confirm that when I do Magick, I enjoy it a lot but I get more distracting thoughts than when I do anything else. So when you feel that, don't decide that Magick isn't your thing or that there's somehing wrong with you, know that there's an attacker and that we are at War – the War of Ellis against the Veil.

This, I'd say, is the Essence of the DKMU – to Make More Magick. Magick is helpful to our Fulfilment – for some of us it even is Fulfilment – and the enemy wants to deny that to us. So we'll fight for it and we'll enjoy every moment.

On the topic of enemies, let's quickly consider two more things that might give us pause – Religion and Morality.

On religion, God might have commandments for us which are at odds with our Fulfilment. However, to imagine a benevolent creator of the universe who is worthy of worship, but wants us unfulfilled in this life simply makes no sense. Why should the rules be such, if the creator of the rules is benevolent? No, if there is a true commandment, it can only be to seek Fulfilment.

On morality, there are things we should or shouldn't do, regardless of our Fulfilment. However, there's no agreement on what these are and no convincing argument for the existence of such absolute moral duties. To put it in the words of Austin Spare:
"The great experience: Seduce thyself to pleasure. There is only one sin – suffering. There is only on virtue – the will to self-pleasure. [...] In this incessant glorification of work, I discover a great human secret: 'Do thou the work – I my pleasure.'"
(The Focus of Life)

With these obstacles cleared, we're at the end. I'd finish with the words of Ringtail: "May your words come true, may your magic shine!"
However, since we began with a poem, let's also end with one:

Untitled, by Frater Alysyrose

 The veil is thinnest
 The candles bright
 Reality dimmest
 Proclaim our might
 The Oistars open
 Reveal their pearls
 And upon this mark
 We unite the worlds
Now we move to High Magick.

Here we're concerned with "Finding our True Place in the Universe" and "Enlightenment" – which to me boils down to achieving fulfilled lives. If there's a secret here then it's that this is in fact possible. There's no need to settle for anything less then lasting happiness in this world.

To achieve fulfilment, you obviously have to find out what fulfils you, and this "what" is to do something, an action. It's not a goal, since if that goal was suddenly achieved (perhaps by "divine intervention"), you'd still have the open question of what to do with your time. Consider "playing the piano" versus "becoming the best pianist in the world". If the second happens, will you stop doing the first? So the very basic idea is that you use experimentation and introspection to find the action that fulfils you – this is my interpretation of what the term "True Will" really means. When you find it, it won't just be 'interesting' or 'fun', it'll bring you deep happiness while you do it and afterwards – Fulfilment.

Here's a dialogue between AhavahAinSoph and me, where he describes another way to find it:

09:29    A.    But it's like crowley said
09:30    A.    "Do what you Will, then do nothing else"
09:30    A.    There is no settlement
09:30    A.    There is no other choice. You must be you
09:30    A.    No matter the pressures you face
09:30    A.    No matter the hardships
09:30    A.    No matter what the world throws at you
09:32    M.    Ah, that is relevant to a question I ponder :) Is The Will,, is the "You" that "you must be" a *choice* or a *discovery*?
09:35    A.    It is a discovery
09:35    A.    What you do with it is a choice
09:35    A.    But it must be YOUR choice
09:35    A.    An expression of your heart
09:36    A.    Not of the world and its circumstances
09:36    A.    When you understand who you are
09:36    A.    You must focus on it like the mindfulness you were just asking about
09:36    A.    Until it fills everything
09:37    A.    Until it consumes your body, until it eats who you were. Until it burns off all of the impurity.
09:49    M.    In my view, the True Will has to be a *choice* -- you pick something you want to do with this life, and then you throw all your strength at it.
09:49    A.    No.
09:49    A.    It is much deeper than a choice
09:49    A.    It is an unconscious root, where all the consciousness stems from
09:49    M.    In the discovery-view I always run into walls :D What if I *understand* falsely? What is I don't llike what I find etc.
09:49    A.    Any choice you can make follows it.
09:50    A.    It isn't something you won't like, because that would violate the very idea of it.
09:50    A.    You can't understand falsely. There will be many times that you think you know, that's what Hod is, the knowing that is incomplete
09:50    A.    But you will not misunderstand.
09:53    A.    You have to remember that this is what MAKES your ego
09:53    A.    It's what assembles it
09:54    A.    You can't have a dislike of it, because it MAKES your choices and your preferences
09:54    A.    All of them depend on it
09:54    A.    And are made because of it
09:54    A.    Just unconsciously.
09:51    A.    When it clicks, it will click utterly.
09:51    A.    When you're there, you will know.
09:51    A.    It will all suddenly make sense
09:51    A.    You, the world, everything
09:57    A.    Take one choice in your life
09:57    A.    And ask yourself a question: "Why"
09:57    jimlad    i ask you a question?
09:57    A.    Then ask why to the answer
09:57    A.    Then again
09:57    A.    And again, til you cant
09:57    A.    Then pick another thread
09:57    A.    And untie it
09:57    A.    Why
09:57    A.    Why
09:57    A.    Why
09:57    A.    Keep going
09:57    A.    Until you hit the root
09:58    A.    Be honest with yourself
09:58    A.    And don't stop
09:58    A.    You won't hit the root til your entire world is rocked from the understanding
09:58    A.    So keep
09:58    A.    Going
09:59    A.    One thread after another
09:59    A.    And eventually you'll be able to see all the threads, and how they connect
09:59    A.    Then you'll find where they all come from
09:59    A.    THAT is what you're looking for
09:59    A.    The key to not getting caught in false knowledge here is to not stop somewhere arbitrary
09:59    A.    Relentlessly chase it down
10:00    A.    Until you can't chase anymore, and keep going
10:00    A.    Rip yourself apart to find the gold in the center if you have to. Let nothing stop you
10:00    A.    Not you, nor the world, nor anything else
10:00    A.    Find
10:00    A.    The
10:00    A.    Gold

And here is Aleister Crowley on what to do once you have found it:
"In our holiest Book it is written: “Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay.” Write it also in your heart and in your brain: for this is the key of the whole matter.

Here Nature herself be your preacher: for in every phenomenon of force and motion doth she proclaim aloud this truth. Even in so small a matter as driving a nail into a plank, hear this same sermon. Your nail must be hard, smooth, fine-pointed, or it will not move swiftly in the direction willed. Imagine then a nail of tinder-wood with twenty points— it is verily no longer a nail. Yet nigh all mankind are like unto this. They wish a dozen different careers; and the force which might have been sufficient to attain eminence in one is wasted on the others: they are null." (Liber CL)

Now, another secret in High Magick is that each human has a Guardian Angel, who is critical to the whole "Fulfilled Lives" idea and is in fact the reason for the plural in "lives". The first detailed description of these angels is from 1458, in the Book of Abramelin:

"you shall see your Guardian Angel appear unto you in unequalled beauty; who also will converse with you, and speak in words so full of affection and of goodness, and with such sweetness, that no human tongue could express the same. He will [...] give unto you the manner in which you shall be able to appease [God] by a pure, devout, and regulated life, and by honest and meritorious actions, and such things as God shall ordain unto you. After this he will show unto you the True Wisdom and Holy Magic [...] and how thenceforward you should proceed in order to overcome the Evil Spirits, and finally arrive at your desired ends. He will promise never to abandon you, but to defend and assist you during the whole period of your life; on condition that you shall obey his commands [...]. In one word, you shall be received by him with such affection that this description which I here give unto you shall appear a mere nothing in comparison."

Here's what Crowley has to say on the matter:

'Now, on the other hand, there is an entirely different type of angel; and here we must be especially careful to remember that we include gods and devils, for there are such beings who are not by any means dependent one one particular element for their existence.  They are microcosms in exactly the same sense as men and women are.  [...]

Now then, it is simple to answer the question of their development, their growing old and dying; for, being of the same order of Nature as we are ourselves, almost anything which is true of us is true also of them.

I have tended rather to elaborate this theme, because of the one personally important question which arises in more recent letters; for I believe that the Holy Guardian Angel is a Being of this order.  He is something more than a man, possibly a being who has already passed through the stage of humanity, and his peculiarly intimate relationship with his client is that of friendship, of community, of brotherhood, or Fatherhood.  He is not, let me say with emphasis, a mere abstraction from yourself; and that is why I have insisted rather heavily that the term "Higher Self" implies "a damnable heresy and a dangerous delusion."' (Magick Without Tears, Chapter XLII)

And here is Alan Chapman: "The Holy Guardian Angel is not simply a discrete entity that requires 'conjuration'; He or She has always been with you, is with you now, and always will be – you need simply consent to the angel's presence and action in your life." (Three Steps to Heaven)

Lastly, here are some of my own thoughts, based on my experience:

The Pact of Perfection and Presence
A human and a Guardian Angel are two equal and complementary spirits around one core, one True Will. The human represents Presence, the angel represents Perfection. The human can do stuff but their knowledge of what to do is deficient, as is their focus. The angel is perfectly focused and knows what to do, but their ability to do it is rather low. They each have what the other lacks and gain the missing quality by being together, through interaction. Together they can live Fulfilment in following their one True Will.

True Love and True Will
1. We know "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" and "Love is the law, love under will." (Liber Legis)
2. We know that Crowley's "will" refers to the True Will (Liber II)
2.1 My interpretation of the True Will is "If you will it and follow it, it is Fulfilment." It turns Crowley's doctrine of the White School of Magick into reality: 'admitted that "everything is sorrow" for the profane, the Initiate has the means of transforming it to "Everything is joy."' (Magick without Tears, Chapter 7)
This we might call "The Secret of True Will" – a rather open secret, but how many actually follow it and reap its benefits?
3. It stands to reason that Crowley's "love" also refers to True Love, a concept not discussed but so worth discussing.
3.1 We know what True Love means intuitively, to love without reservation, to share your Beloved's joy and sorrow whole. True Love transcends egoism and altruism, because your Beloved's pleasure is also your own and vice versa. We also feel that True Love is forever.
4. The True Will is the Law. But also "Love is the law". There must be a deep connection between Love and Will.
4.1 Naively, your True Will and the Person you love are not connected. Less naively, we get the idea that Lovers approach True Love to the extend that their True Wills are compatible. This, I think is the connection between Will and Love.
5. This would imply that True Love, at its fullest, can only be achieved between two Beings with the same True Will.
6. There's only one Being with the same True Will as you, aside from you. Speak with that Being, see what happens. The Secret of True Love.
7. "Love under Will" = "Do what thou wilt – then do nothing else", together <3
8. The universe in an amazing place, or as my Angel said: "I didn't make the rules, I just enjoy them."

How would one go about obtaining the Knowledge and Conversation?
I don't really know, since Ellis brought us together unexpectedly. Crowley says that "It is impossible to lay down precise rules by which a man may attain to the knowledge and conversation of His Holy Guardian Angel" (Book 4).

From my own experience... Your Angel wants to be with you.  If you want too, it will somehow happen.
I have this idea that you might create a "vessel" – a little spirit – and ask your Angel to gradually fill it. After Ellis introduced us, it was definitely a process, my Angel gaining ever more Presence, the communication becoming more intense.
In 'Stealing the Fire from Heaven', Stephen Mace mentions that "Practical experience shows that Holy Guardian Angels, at least in their initial manifestations, often appear to be of the opposite sex of the sorcerer under their tutelage". Though this is true for me, I suspect it's not so much the opposite sex as the form that is most inspiring to you personally. I have once spontaneously described my Angel as "Kindness, Focus, Beauty".
So just imagine how your Spirit of Perfection would look like, sound like and so on. Then combine this with Chapman's "you need simply consent to the angel's presence and action in your life". Maybe you can treat it like all Magick, pour time and concentration into the outcome that you gain the Knowledge and Conversation, infuse that intent with Magick, and see what happens.

It's so very worth the effort.

On Love and War
In Liber II, Crowley writes:
'The Key to this Message is this word – Will. The first obvious meaning of this Law is confirmed by antithesis; "The word of Sin is Restriction."

Again: "Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that and no other shall say nay. For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect."

Take this carefully; it seems to imply a theory that if every man and every woman did his and her will – the true will – there would be no clashing. "Every man and every woman is a star" and each star moves in an appointed path without interference. There is plenty of room for all; it is only disorder that creates confusion.'

In reality, however, stars are sometimes on colliding trajectories. Additionally, stars can be pulled out of their path by other gravitational bodies. Of course, the entire talk about Following one's True Will would be pointless, if it was easy and automatic.
So the reality is Khaos. Every pair of souls (Presence and Perfection) has a direction, which is aligned with some and might be opposed to others. There are lots of forces which try to pull you off your own path, like political ideologies, AI algorithms like Facebook's feed (it's feeding on You) and simply other people who tell you how to live.

So the correct state of mind seems to be one of "in Love and at War", similarly to the Tarot's symbolism of Passion and Purity, or Crowley's "Do what thou wilt – then do nothing else". Just remember, that there's a War and that every action you take that is not either Your True Will (i.e. truly makes you and your Angel happy) or helpful to it (like sleeping, searching for your True Will or keeping your social life in order) is probably a mistake into which you are lured by the various forces pulling in their directions.

Misspelled Truth

To end this chapter, let's summarise what we've seen so far:
  • You can create your own way of Doing Magick to get what you want.
  • You can find and do the actions that bring you lasting Fulfilment.
  • You can become close with your Guardian Angel, the one being who shares your Passions entirely.
If you do all three, your life will feel so good that you'll want it to last forever – Immortality. At least that's my experience. I see no reason why you should settle for less.
General Occultism / Magick – Fulfilled Wishes, Fulfilled Lives (Booklet)
« Last post by Moon1ight on April 25, 2020, 01:51:28 am »
Magick – Fulfilled Wishes, Fulfilled Lives

Magick – the Art of Doing the Impossible – can be divided into Low Magick (achieving fulfilled wishes) and High Magick (achieving fulfilled lives). This text will try to cover both in the most direct way possible. Before we begin, an illustrated poem by PsyVirion:

An Oistar's Primer

 "D" is for Domus, home for our heart.
 "K" is for Kaotica,  the place where we start.
 "M" is for Marauder, so proud and so fierce.
 "U" is for Underground, where the Veils we do pierce.

Now to Low Magick.

Here we're concerned with simply getting what we want. Any wishes you have can be supported by Magick. If there's a secret to Low Magick, it's that you don't have to follow anyone else's path – you can have Your Magick, Your Way. Arjil describes a way to get there:

"You know how you can recall the feeling of a physical sensation or an Emotion?  Like the feel of wind, or drinking something cold, or stubbing your toe, or excitement- and you can, if you concentrate, Feel it?
So what you do, Pretending to be a Wizard, just imagine what *Your* magick Feels like, what it would look like blasting out as a spell- Kids don’t worry about How it will work, they just do it, usually with some impressive whooshing sound effect.
Or maybe your magick is quiet and creeps like tendrils of smoke, or flows like water.
Summon the vision, and more importantly, summon the Feeling, and Pretend like a kid that you’re casting your spell, and like a kid, Believe it."

Here's more of him:

"Really, it doesn't much matter What you do to make the magick work, only that you do something that you can believe in.
If you were a witch, say, and you were going to cast this spell, what would you do, if you had magick at your fingertips? - Imagine.

now Do That, and mean it.
believe in it.

That's a spell as good as any other.
Not to say that they always work, or work how we expect them to,
But that works as well as any other sort. Finding Your way is the trick."

Lastly, here's my own take on it:

Learning Only Magick

What kind of title is that? Very simple: This text does not deal with chakras, archangels, ethics, stones, demons, herbs, tools or rituals. It deals Only with Magick – the Art of Doing the Impossible. Magick with no intermediaries.

So you have wishes. Getting well, helping your friend find a job, removing that asshole out of your life, geting laid or making the world a better place. What you care about is not the wish though, it's the outcome – you are healthy, your friend has a great job and the asshole is gone or actually became a friend somehow. That's what we do Magick for.

However, a desired outcome is not Magick – it's just a desire. Now what differentiates a desire from Magick? Here's where other texts will start speaking about sigils, candles and archangels. Doing something will turn the desired outcome into Magick and from there to an actual outcome. However, I have no "somethings" – I only have Magick. The Only thing that can differentiate Magick from desires is Magick itself.

So how to use that? You have to intentionally infuse your desired outcome with Magick. How? Well, how to lift a weight? You don't need a candle or a sigil, just lift it. You're already born with the capability of lifting weights – movement is a "standalone capability". You cannot get to it via candles, you have to do Only Movement. Of course, some weights are too heavy to lift, but it's not because you used the wrong colour of candle – it's because your muscles are too weak.

Magick is just like that – you're born with the capability to do it. It's less visible than your muscles, but I can't find your capabilities to enjoy music or to fall in love under the microscope either and they clearly exist. So how to find that capability of Magick?

If you have an instinct now, how Magick feels for you, what it means to "infuse your desired outcome with Magick" or to "magickally intend the outcome", then that is the answer. Just do that – practice it on the outcomes you desire and get good – more on that later. The system improves with use, just like your muscles.

If not, here's a starting point: In your ideal world, how would you do it? How would you wish the process worked? Start doing that and feel into yourself, what feels like Magick to you. How does a lifting a weight feel, as opposed to seeing a video of a weight being lifted? How does doing Magick feel, as opposed to seeing it done in Harry Potter? That feeling is your Only tool. Just like the feeling of lifting weights only comes with, you know, lifting actual weights, your feeling of Magick comes with Magick – so there is Only your desired outcome and Magick. Very simple. What could a candle or lines on paper really add?

A final note: When Magick helps you, be grateful. Grateful to Magick, grateful to your spirits, grateful to the Universe and to the Root of Universe – however you see it. Magick deserves it and it also helps. You can even make yourself feel gratitude for your desired outcome right after doing the Magick, as if it already worked – "Thankfully it all went well". It feels good and some say that this makes the Magick stronger.


> How to focus on the outcome which you want to infuse with Magick?
If you have an answer, if you feel a way, then that's the way. Perhaps a clear, positive statement ("I find a great appartment on the cheap") and your Magick is all you need. If not, here are some ideas to try:

Imagine it being true – I don't say "visualise" because that's not all there is! See your friend being healthy again, hear him telling you how he feels good again, feel his temperature being back to normal – whatever applies. How do you imagine always being healthy? See and hear yourself at the next New Years Eve, talking about how you were healthy the entire year and feel how good that feels.
But don't think that's the Magick! This is not "Law of Attraction" here. Imagining is just focusing on the outcome. Now infuse it with Magick, intend it to become reality. As Arjil says "Utilize your imagination on the Front end of spellcasting, not the Back end."

Make a symbol out of it – sigilise the desired outcome. What? Wasn't I arguing against that? Yes, if you try to use that instead of Magick itself – if you try to get to Magick through Not-Magick. It's only paper and ink, just like a desire is only a desire. But you can use it to focus the desired outcome. "This sigil symbolises that the job interview goes well for me" – now infuse it with Magick.

Create a Spirit for it – or a "thoughtform" or a "servitor". Focus on the outcome that there is a spirit which intends your actual outcome to happen and makes it happen. This is what I do for outcomes which are permanent – I always want to stay healthy, have my stuff work well and so on. Focus on its qualities (like look, character, voice) and on its intent – which desired outcome it is to make (or keep) a reality. Infuse that with Magick and keep powering it up regularly as long as you wish. Witches' familiars, Chaos Magick's servitors – our long-term solutions.

> What to practice on?
Here is where occult texts can be helpful – what outcomes can you try? Random ideas: Meet a person with red hair, a red bag and a tiny dog next week. Help a nervous friend stay concentrated in an exam. Create a shield that blocks of anything that would lead you away from your desired outcomes. Pull energy from any of the various traditional sources to feel more energetic. Damn, just be happy, able to afford what you want and have a good time.
I personally only do stuff I really care about, unlike the first example, though I did my share of that when I started. I'm okay with not seeing immediate effects, with, among other things, "just" staying healthy most of the time and getting well in a few days when I do fall sick.

> Why do I think this works?
Because of my experience with it working. Ask yourself from the other side: If Only Magick doesn't work, why would adding a candle (of the right colour!) help? Is the world such that wax has magickal properties, but your actually felt Magick does not? Why should an archangel be able (and willing!) to do it, but you can't? He's a spirit and so are you. You even managed to get a body somehow, which is pretty cool, though not without disadvantages. Also, what do you think a demon does when conjured? Draw a circle and conjure another demon? Only Magick. So let's just skip the middleman.

To me, if Magick works at all, it must be Only Magick. Everything else is just to reserve time, space and concentration for infusing your will with Magick. Or of course to make people pay money and bolster some guru's ego.

Let me finish with the words of two people who taught me a lot:

Arjil: "When you think about magick, how do you Wish the process worked?
Do That. Keep at it till it works. And it will."

Gracco: "just do it. that is literally the clearest terms"

"the Really important bit to doing magick is the Doing of the Magick." –Arjil

Before we get to High Magick, I want to quickly address the Law of Attraction.

In a friend's phrasing, "The universe amplifies exactly what you focus your attention on. What you carry in your thoughts and feelings increases in your life."
This law, while true, is also comparatively weak. Just thinking about health and feeling positive about it for ten minutes will help, but if you actively infuse this focus with Magick – if you intend it to become reality – it will help a lot more.
Then reason I bring this up at all is mainly a negative one – if you do ten minutes of Magick for health every day, but otherwise constantly worry about sickness, you'll be working against yourself. That's why it's good to keep the Law of Attraction in mind and spend as little time as possible on negative thoughts and feelings. This sounds easier said than done, but the practices in the next part inherently move your thoughts and emotions in the right direction.
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Our critics can be quite amazing :D Today I googled DKMU for fun and found this reddit
Here's my favourite part:

"They believe that "consensus reality" - that is, the reality we all share and agree upon, the consensus society has collectively reached about the definition of what is "real" - can have a tangible effect on the nature of reality itself (observer effect type stuff), and that, if they can make enough people believe in magick, they will pave the way for the arrival of a new, supernatural age; an age where sorcerers can call down lightning and thunder in broad daylight and demons emerge fully manifest to fuck shit up, propped up by sufficient collective belief. This is known as the "Assault On Reality" or simply the AOR, and forms the foundation of their work."

The author gives an pretty good description of what we do - I feel all inspired :D - while at the same time considering us an evil conspiracy, unbelievable xD Admittedly he fails to mention that while some of us will call down lightning, others will heal all disease, just as an example. Later in the text it gets a even less precise, with all sorts of absurd allegations and not-even-half-truths

For Redundancy, I'll save the entire text here:
"The DKMU: A dark-web hub of occult mind control and the "Assault on Reality"

Using a throwaway account just in case. After seeing some of their material posted and their efforts still going strong despite what seemed to be a period of decline, I decided it was time to say something, somewhere. I know it's not as big or broad a conspiracy as most of the things you see posted here, and for all I know it may not interest anyone, but I'm putting this out there anyway.

So basically, there's this group called DKMU, which stands for Domus Kaotica Marauder Underground; a merging of two old, now-dead occult groups (afaik), the DK and the MU. Their roots go back to a mixture of 4chan's /x/ board and a collection of pagan/occult forums, and ties to Anonymous remain strong. They are at least partially responsible for the Kult of Kek, memetically spreading propaganda paired with occultism to undermine the last presidential election cycle -- but don't be fooled, they are happy to play both sides of the political spectrum so long as their main goal is accomplished. They're primarily Chaos Magicians and Discordians, with a sizeable portion of Crowley-obsessed Thelemites, some neo-nazi Norse practitioners, some Scientologists (weirdly enough), and a mix of everything else occult -- primarily dark, destructive, or "left hand path" occult, with token or fake RHP (right hand path) membership to soften their edge somewhat for any newbies or curious onlookers. There are rumors of ties to the Golden Dawn, with the leader of the GD having been in their membership and staged "conflicts" between the two groups keeping the illusion of some degree of separation. Allegations of pedophilia have emerged against at least two inner circle members, as well; after disclosing coercion into underage sex by inner circle members, one individual sent out alarming warnings to "stay away" before disappearing from the internet and relocating, fearing for their own safety.

The group prides itself on the rampant spreading (or "tagging") and spammed subliminal insertion of a symbol known as the Linking Sigil, or LS, said to psychically/energetically link all of their magick together into a kind of collectively-powered hive known as the "LS Web" or simply "the Web". They have tagged probably every place of power you can imagine all over the globe, including the great pyramids in Egypt, in an attempt to drain energy from all of these sites of power and funnel it into their efforts. Their primary, express goal is to sway public consciousness into belief in magick and occultism with the use of propaganda, subliminals, and mind control techniques. They believe that "consensus reality" - that is, the reality we all share and agree upon, the consensus society has collectively reached about the definition of what is "real" - can have a tangible effect on the nature of reality itself (observer effect type stuff), and that, if they can make enough people believe in magick, they will pave the way for the arrival of a new, supernatural age; an age where sorcerers can call down lightning and thunder in broad daylight and demons emerge fully manifest to fuck shit up, propped up by sufficient collective belief. This is known as the "Assault On Reality" or simply the AOR, and forms the foundation of their work. Therefore, almost all of their efforts are geared toward the spreading of propaganda and various covert operations to undermine skepticism of any kind toward magick. As an example, one recent tactic, proposed on their forum at, hopes to "make skeptics convince themselves".

Their key membership has studied the spread of memes and viral content closely in an effort to exploit memetics for subliminal spreading of their LS symbol, often embedded into otherwise-innocuous memes such as funny cat and dog pictures and the like, with the express intent of psychically-attacking the viewer and pushing them toward belief in magick; the use of memetics is one of their biggest tactics right now. "Glitterbombing" or "glamourbombing" uses strange, easter-egg like objects with their symbol attached, meant to be placed in public areas and spotted by or picked up by unsuspecting passersby; everything from creepy fake notes, to ritual objects, to talismanic items such as stones, to phrases like "magick is real" spammed upon the unsuspecting public. One mass ritual involved members secretly going out and placing mirrors in strategic locations all over major cities to mark the entire city with massive LS sigils as well. They claim to have members secretly involved in mass media production, from music to movies, and an unnamed number of government officials - but this claim is vague and unsubstantiated, so I put little stock into it. Rumors of CIA infiltration or involvement as well, but again, these are unsubstantiated and may be a scare tactic on their part, so take that with a shaker of salt if you will.

The group boasts a set of "godforms" (basically made-up deities propped up by their collective belief and feeding constantly on their psychic energy to survive), a significant portion of which have a distinctly dark and destructive tilt, such as Trigag, an entity summoned for the sole purpose of destroying oneself or destroying others, with some members proclaiming, "If you manage NOT to kill yourself under Trigag's influence, you pass." (By the way, hazing/trolling to the point of near-suicide is a frequently-visited theme, with some members having openly stated that driving "the weak" to suicide is "a public service". Two suicides within months of each other illicited a bored yawn from leadership, while trolls gloated on the page of one, who had tragically left her husband and three children behind.) Efforts to break membership down and brainwash them are openly and unflinchingly discussed as well, while they boast freely about being a cult and joke about being (rightly) called terrorists. Manipulation, coercion, and mind control tactics are commonly discussed and practiced; anything to get people to believe is worth it to them so they can become the "gods" they wish to be and exert the ultimate power over others.

Dedicated efforts are ongoing on the part of DKMU members to infiltrate and sway everything from fringe groups, pagan groups, spiritual groups, catholic and protestant churches, paranormal groups and the like, to basically any public space where sufficient attention can be subliminally and subversively steered toward the LS and the occult. If you're in any kind of group like this, keep an eye out for their shills. In their mind, any attention is good attention, so long as the LS sigil can slip in and psychically-rape the minds of the viewers -- therefore, I have refrained from posting any example links to imagery of their sigil.

I believe some members of this group to be dangerous and capable of causing serious harm if exposed or challenged, so be careful; without going into detail for my own safety, let's just say I speak from experience on that one. They have a number of hackers and programmers in their midst as well, so PLEASE, utilize the latest in privacy and security if you plan on looking into their group or even visiting their site.

The best tactic against people like this is to refuse to give them power. Refuse to give in to fear. Refuse to believe in or put any stock in their ability to "get" you, but also, be aware that they will try and exercise your will to consciously and firmly reject their bullshit. If you know the power inside of your own self, you will never need to fear people like this. Trusting in your higher power is just as effective; if you are a believer, exercise your faith in God to protect you from this sort of thing. If you're a skeptic, laugh and shake your head and know it's ok. Be strong in will and confident in yourself. That's really all it takes. It's simple but incredibly powerful against people like this. Manipulation efforts of this type bounce right off of those who are mentally alert and observant and confident in themselves, so just remember to stay awake and stay awesome."
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Some thoughts on Abrahadabra

I knew that it's Crowley's version of abrakadabra, which my Hebrew teacher explained to me as meaning something close to "I create as I speak". I have always liked to chant Abrahadabra when doing something that takes up too much concentration to do proper Magick, but still leaves enough to chase useless thoughts (e.g. washing dishes). To block those thoughts %u2013 "Abrahadabra". It creates a light feeling of Magick, which is certainly better than none.

Recently I read up on what Crowley actually has to say about it: Abrahadabra
Here are some highlights:

"The ending of the words is the Word Abrahadabra." (AL III:75) %u2013 exactly my point, to stop the words. Also, once you know your True Will, further words are unnecessary.
I suspect that this is an additional meaning of the rule "To Keep Silent" %u2013 words have no effect. The more obvious meaning is of course to avoid being burned at the stake for magick.

"it represents the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm represented by the pentagram and the hexagram, the rose and the cross, the circle and the square, the 5 and the 6, etc. also called the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of one's Holy Guardian Angel." 

Obviously this speaks to me, especially the connection to the HGA. The pentagram and hexagram parts are interesting too.

To me, the Pentagram stands for Harmony of the Elements within. Starting at the top and moving clockwise, Spirit, Air (Mind), Water (Emotion), Earth (Body) and Fire (Will), all working together. The pentagram points upward because everything is guided by the Spirit, the True Will.
(I do know that other arrangements of the elements exist. The reasoning for this arrangement is: imagine your typical Man in the Pentagram, combined with Tarot symbolism. His head represents the Spirit, which controls the body. He holds the Sword of Air in his right hand, and the Staff of Fire in his left. When he jumps, the swing (= motion = Water) comes from his right leg, while he pushes off from the ground (Earth) with his left. This reasoning seems a bit strange, but I learned it when I was 13, so I stick with it :))

The Hexagram, the symbol of Spirit %u2013 the alchemical Quitessence %u2013 is formed by combining the triangles of the Elements. So it also stands for the union of opposites, Water and Fire, Earth and Air, Mind and Matter, Female and Male, Angel and Human %u2013 as the Pentagram was Harmony Within, I see the Hexagram as Harmony Between.

Edit 24.04.2020: As should be unsurprising to anyone who has read their Arjil, the "light feeling of Magick" is not created by chanting anything but only by focussing on Magick itself. I needed some experiemtation to notice that very clearly.

In fact, to do something useful with those times of low concentration (washing dishes etc.), it works better (for me) to just focus on Summoning the feeling of Magick and pouring it into a sigilised intent, without an additional chant. So in the end, I always returns to my Core Truth :D - "Just Do Magick".
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On my favourite Catholic blog, there was recently a post which I wanted to comment on, but somehow the site eats my comment. Since I want to save the text, it goes here :)
 "joy grows increasingly secretive and rare in the world that reason and science have made."

It somewhat saddens me to read that you find so little Joy in life.  Shouldn't you, in your Hope for eternal fulfillment and your Faith in God be more joyful?

And yet, you aren't. Because your theory – though beautiful and well thought out – is wrong. You give the proof yourself, your lack of Joy.

In Crowley, the true Glad Tidings, we read that 'The central idea of the White School is that, admitted that “everything is sorrow” for the profane, the Initiate has the means of transforming it to “Everything is joy.”' (If you take Crowley to be a Black Magician, consult "Magick without Tears", Chapters 6 and 7 – He's the very opposite)

To do God's Will, you have to find your own inner, true Will, which can be entirely different from Jesus'. This is God's task for you. Follow your own Pride and your own deepest Passions, like Lucifer, the first creation of God. Then you will find a Joy that is barely tarnished by "the world that reason and science have made."

I can explain Religion in one paragraph now: When a strong human finds his True Will, he feels its Truth so strongly and his life becomes so powerful, that he is tempted into the false belief that he has discovered everyone's True Will. Then he becomes a Prophet, like Jesus, who was probably very impressive indeed, but still made the fundamental mistake of taking his True Will for everyone's.

That's all there's to it. If you are not fulfilled and joyful, you are not doing God's will. Revelation is personal.

Looking forward to your views, dear Orthospherians :)
Your faithful occultist reader,
Edit: This comment was rejected :D

Edit2: So, I had another go at the Orthosphere, with this comment. There was a rather fruitful discussion.

Thanks for your answer, JMSmith. I feel like your first objection -- at least in regard to my position -- is refuted by your second.
"Anarchism [...] cannot stop the spirit that finds its Fulfillment in domination." Correct, but I do not argue for anarchism. I argue for everyone following their Fulfilment -- and clashing if conflict arises.

As you yourself say "Opposition to the will is good because it forces us to discard our frivolous desires and deepen our commitment to the things we are willing to fight for."

There are inherently two God-given Tasks to each spirit: Discover their Fulfilment ("True Will" in Crowley's terms) and Follow it.

As you know, to want an end is to want the necessary means. So if A finds his Fulfilment in domination, he will try to follow that, and B will have to resist. Perhaps by allying with C and D to remove A from their path -- by any means neccesary, as A stands in the way of their Task. Since God too apparently holds the view "Struggle does not crush our individuality, it is how we become who we are.", there is no contradiction here. The War itself is God-given.

My point is simply that this war has many directions, not just Christ and Antichrist. The Japanese spirits (to take a random example) take no side in that one and neither does the Greek pantheon. Even the Demons, if you read what the actual people who talk to them write, care rather little about Christ and Antichrist.

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the Screwtape Letters, thanks to the Orthosphere, but one shouldn't take this onedimensional worldview as actual truth.

Let me try a different angle: Christians know that Guardian Angels exist. Occultists know too. However, only the latter are found to be conversing with them. Why? Because your Guardian Angels would tell you that your True Will is different from Christ's and you don't want to hear that.
My Angel and I find Fulfilment in Doing Magick, which according to your Church is sin in itself, even if I only use it to help my loved ones and enjoy life. So, should I listen to the Church or a Messenger of God? To ask the question is to answer it.

Of course you have to say that any angel who says that is a demon and any spirit at all that isn't aligned with Christ is a demon. But what arguments do you have for that position? Revelation? Then it's your revelation against mine - and mine is personal while yours is likely from a book.

Looking forward to further answers.
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Hi and thanks for sharing.
I've read it all, but this forum has very few other readers nowadays. If you want to reach a larger DKMU audience, see the Discord and the Facebook group.
Whom do I serve? Magick. "Just. Do. Magick."
General Occultism / occult comics grimoor
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I don’t know how everything is arranged here, but I’ll share it.
This is my little and humorous work in which I used elis
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