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Operating since 2002. Interested in many aspects of Magick, specifically Goetic, Planetary and Qabbalah / Qlippoth, Crowley, AOS, as well as DIY using the Chaos Current, sigils, servitors, dreams and meditation techniques. Interests in Magick revolved around removing dogma and religion from the art to find the core, fundamental operating techniques for maximum results. Dream evocation of Archetypal entities for the purpose of integration into the psyche, Illumination, and using Magick in my expressions of art.

Born in the U.K in 1986, studied Film production Technology (BSc) and graduated from University in 2008, moved to Shikoku, Japan in 2009. Currently operating in Matsuyama, Ehime, teaching English.

Hobbies include Go, digital art, walking through forests and reading.

Currently looking forward to joining in with the festivities. Let the madness flow! 

Few, just wrote a whole intro in V Prime without using any personal pronouns. Rockin.
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Good to see you again (:


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Welcome back friend from Oistar. Good to see you again.


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I'm looking forward to being more involved with things on this board. Has the Oistar project died or is it still in progress?

I should add now that I'm reading through The Assault On Reality, and I'm loving it.

All Hail The New Flesh!