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Ellis on a watch or clock

Started by The Cusp, February 10, 2014, 07:52:28 PM

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The Cusp

Ellis just looks great as the hands to a time piece. 

I was trying to influence a job interview today, and drew Ellis in a circle with standard clock marks, the dot at the time I wanted the interview to be.  Instead, that was the time they called me to arrange the interview.  Close enough. 

Frater Theodbald

I think they call that the "phone interview" or the "pre-interview" where they talk to you a bit and see if they actually want to see you face to face.  In any case, sounds like it worked, nonetheless.  :)
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The Cusp

I was looking at that sigil I drew, and it was WAY off!  I had a mental fart on the hand placement, and there was absolutely nothing about that sigil that indicated the time I intended.  Yet it was my intention for that time that trumped the actuality of the sigil.


I always thought it'd be cool to have  a fotamecus clock  like  the one in  harry potter.