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Ellis Came to Me in a Dream

Started by Psy Hacker, March 17, 2014, 08:12:10 AM

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Psy Hacker

Ellis came to me Ellis came to me in a dream, and this is how she appeared:
I am walking upon a gorgeous mountain in the Biodome, or as We have named it, the New Eden. The mountain is young, steep and rocky, covered in wildflowers, and full of life, birds, insects milling about, and small animal scurrying across the ground. I am suddenly blinded by an intense white light, and I fall to my knees. A beautiful goddess with dark brown skin, auburn kinky hair, and green eyes stares deep into my soul. She wears a kind of emerald colored dress. He presence overwhelmed me with ancient intensity, and thusly she spake, "I am Ellis, The Linking Sigil, I am the Goddess of Birth and Death, Sex and Pain, Pleasure and Torment, Madness and Genius, I am Ellistrata, Goddess of Drama and Tragedy, Reason and Song, Liars and Servitude."
I reply to her quietly, "I know thou art my goddess, Eris, Goddess of Xaos."
"Yes, my love!" she shouts joyously with the voice of a thousand waterfalls dancing as she shapeshifts into a black and white beauty beyond measure, terrifying, and yet charming. "You shall be my Prophet, O Chaos Monk! I shall speak, and you shall scribe my words and riddles upon the world with your hands and mind. Project my sigil with your waking mind upon your environment."
Then, she speaks to me in images, and I see her physical incarnations, one most recent being a woman in Ireland in the 1500's who was ¾ North African Moorish and ¼ Viking that was killed for the crime of witchcraft by the forces of Saint Patrick. "This day I mourn, this is the day of my death." Then I suddenly am in a graveyard at night on a hill under a full moon in the early winter, and the souls of ones in torment that were murdered by the "Christians" in Ireland are bound to the astral plane because of such a desire for revenge, they want to kill a man who is already dead. I feel the pain of the ghosts. It is maddening, I can hear their dying screams. I scream in sheer terror and agony. The scene stops and disappears. I find myself in a White Void.
"Hail fucking Ellis, Goddess of Chaos."
"O silly Juargawn, God of Nothing, use your meat puppet to animate some Chaos into the Hologram. Remember it's all Bullshit in the end. Bullshit, except, love."
She smiles at me.

The Cusp

Hi Nomad.  Was wondering when you'd show up in the occult forums.

Did you have any knowledge of Ellis before hand?

Destiny Caldwell

i think she came to me too! but i'm not sure.
i posted about my experience here
what do you think?

Psy Hacker

Hi Cusp. I knew of Ellis beforehand, yet did not perceive her as a sentient being as I did in this dream.

Quote from: Destiny Caldwell on March 28, 2014, 03:25:14 PM
i think she came to me too! but i'm not sure.
i posted about my experience here
what do you think?

Pretty mindblowing.