Hello, i'm here because i was told Ellis may have been in my dream.

Started by Destiny Caldwell, March 28, 2014, 03:35:29 PM

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Destiny Caldwell

i don't know much about this, but i love anything to do with the occult or paranormal.

so i guess i should explain and see if someone can help me out.

nothing like this has ever happened to me before.

two days ago i woke up and was laying in bed for a few more minutes. all of a sudden my heart started to race and the inside of my body got extremely hot. it felt like my heart and insides were bring to break out of my body and were bouncing around. I was also shaking uncontrollably and couldn't move my body. i kept trying to open my eyes and i was able to barley get them open a  few times. then it started to fade and i felt Strange, and i heard a woman's voice say she could "make my hands feel washed if she wanted me to" and i asked who she was and she claimed to be my great grandmother, to which i said i knew she wasn't. Then i think this is where the dream starts, if her voice wasn't in the dream anyway. i was in the same position and the same room except my sisters bed was moved to where it was before we rearranged our dorm. I started getting long texts from the woman claiming to be my great grandmother telling me she was proud of me and lots of other things i can't remember. then my real grandmother came in and started cleaning and talking about taking care of my sister. then i got down from my bunk and started getting ready for class/work. There was an old woman in a long red hooded cloak standing at the foot of my sisters bed. she was saying random things about world war purple and other stuff i wasn't really listening to her. then i asked my really grandmother who this woman was. Then she turned to look at me and told me not to tell her i remember her having solid white eyes, you could tell where her pupil was but it was fogged over like she was blind. and according to the text she had sent my phone earlier my Grandmother should know, so i said that and kept asking. then she lunged at me and i woke up and felt strange and like i was being watched all day.

i know that the shaking and other feelings were not a dream.

today my friend sent me this image(attached)  told me i was 'infected' and told me about the red queen, and i told him about my dream. he said i may be a vessel. i don't really understand so he sent me here.
any information you give me would help a lot. thank you.

Psy Hacker


Ellis recently came to me in my dream also. If this doesn't make complete sense right now, just bear with me. I don't have a lot of time, and there is a lot of information I want to convey to you, so I must assault your mind with pronouns and unfamiliar verbiage with no explanation.

Purple. Purple is the color of dreams. Ellis came to me in my dream, and you also. In a parallel universe, I am known as Mr. 6. I didn't know that he was an Invisible until recently. Apparently I am Mr. 6, and my wife is Ragged Robin in this world. Maybe you are one of Us, an Invisible, a Mutant, a Born Freak.

There could be a war going on in what some call the "spirit realm" which is reflected in the physical. As above, so below. I was led by my guides to the DKMU, though silly they/we may seem, this consensual reality is the stuff of evil. Time to shut fick up.

The worlds are being ever united, and the boundaries between planes begin to blur. Welcome to Domus Kaotica Marauder Underground. HAIL KAOS! HAIL ELLIS! HAIL ERIS! IN ALL THINGS, 23!

Psy Hacker

There is a god of Nothing, and I am he. "Ye are all gods, Sons of the Most High, yet ye shall die like men." We are the gods of Thisworld, yet we don't see it because in this plane, this prison(dimension) we are locked in in waking life, we are weak and restricted in these meat puppet suits. On the Dream Plane is where we experience our Immortality. The possible war or rescue mission is being waged from there. The "Archons" or Parasites could be the enemies. Everything feels like a dream show to me, too. Thanks for reading.

Tara Flower

Hi Destiny, are you still logging in here or do you think we are mad? (Well, we are.) The only part of your dream that is really like Ellis is the lady wearing a long, red cloak because she sometimes appears like this, or as a black widow spider, or  so I've heard as a refined Victorian lady  sometimes. However, dreams are a way in which she frequently makes contact with people. After I joined DKMU I met her in a dream and she was looking like a woman that moved like a spider,  which was very creepy.

Also it is true that she kind of 'infects' people, it's the power of fascination of the spider and it makes you think about her a lot. I've even dyed my hair darker and started wearing red lipstick and red nail varnish so that I look slightly like her. But I'm miles too old to look like her really !  She chooses people to teach them that magic is real and you can be in a state of consciousness outside the consensual reality. Instead of seeing the illusions most people see you can be aware that magic is real. You don't have to stay with her  if you can tear yourself away, but if you want to stay you can use her sigil to add power to magic spells. I like that red , white and  black version on this page, that's the one I use and I've posted it on a couple of forums. Just looking at it can wake people up to a magical life, so that's why I use it. Ellis' group the DKMU talk mainly on their Facebook group (Link at the top of this page where it says f ). They don't talk much on here. Ellis is their first godform,  and since they made her they have made some others as well.

There are some texts you can read on here and there is a link at the top of the page for them as well.