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I'm trying to read the dkmu literature, and it takes time, because it is so boring.
I see the system focuses on 8 beings, and I thought I first could go into my own system, of 10 grades, 10 beings. The beings I use are not new, but a mix of lovecraftian, jewish and one olympic.

I introduced the system in my Liber Satariel, which I put out on the old forum.

The first being to work with is Choronzon. He is the key in which the initiate gains control over his inner demons, and learns of the Qlipphoth. The whole system I use is really just a version of the tree of death.

I am writing this on my phone, and will add more later...

The next to focus on, is Dagon. Here is dreams and the astral plane. Meditation, lucid dreaming and dream control.

Then is Samael, and one does research upon the history of the Adversary, the devil. One becomes the devil, in thought and in deed.

Next is Lilith, and this is a sex magic grade.

Nyarlathotep. One must read everything by Lovecraft, and understand Cosmicism. Here one becomes a messenger of Azathoth.

Always enjoyed working with these types of systems and mythos. Despite the Simon necro being an obvious fake, I can't say I didn't get a lot of experiences out of that as well. It just has to be applicable. Looking forward to where this goes.

The next grade is Nergal, and trains assassins.

Then is Zevs, which is the organizers/administration.

Sathariel is above this, and purpose here is to make sure the organization remains secret.

The 9th grade is Barbelith, war chiefs if we ever manage to raise an army, and also has responsibility to find new members.

At the top of this system is Azathoth, the leader.

Also, the grade of Sathariel introduces the how and why of human sacrifice.

Nergal is a central grade in the system, and the idea is that initiates that try for this grade are given assignments that will bring money to the organization.


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