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Ellisian Dreams

Started by Patchwork, June 27, 2013, 05:44:19 PM

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I once went to a church. With stained windows and littered books. Where they nailed a man to a wall. And called it mercy and love.

I once lived in a country. With skinny idols and dazzling concerts. Where what was said mattered not at all. Only who was saying it.

I once lived in a city. With steel clad buildings and narrow streets. Where lies were truths. And the honest were branded terrorists and traitors.

I once went to a park. With ancient oaks and laughing children. Where the just hid behind grinning masks. And the criminals shattered their bones and gassed their husbands. As the public cheered their heroism.

I once lived in a house. With crooked walls and a rotting ceiling. Where best friends played house, as husband and wife. And through trials and tribulations, pains and joys. They vowed each other's destruction.

I once slept in a bed. With silken sheets and feather pillows. Where there were two, each longing only for warmth and comfort. But neither knew the other was there.

I once fell down a rabbet hole. Where down was up and up was down. Where red was blue and blue was green. And never have things looked so right. Not in churches, nor cities, nor parks nor houses. Where up was down and down was up. And the only constant was wonder and magic.

Welcome to my little hole. Where down is up and up is down. Where red is blue and blue is green. And the only kind of sense, is the sense that nothing makes sense.

We're all mad here.

So sit down. Pour yourself some tea. Nail yourself to a wall. Celebrate your honest terrorism. Put on a mask, break your own bones. And vow your own destruction.



Saw this on  tumblr. <3 it.


Thank you :-). I'm kind of all over the place when it comes to where I throw stuff up, but just about everything makes it to tumbler any more.