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Triangle and Black Mirror

Started by Alarum, June 14, 2013, 06:51:37 AM

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So recently I decided to actually create many of the items necessary for work with evocation, skrying and path-working. I have made a triangle in the past, however, this was just white paint on a piece of black cloth; great for portability, but nothing very impressive. Also, I have never had a black mirror to play with. I generally used salt poured in the shape of a triangle when I work in nature, I had a triangle that I literally spray painted on the floor of a abandoned hotel that I used to work in before it was torn down. Now I have actually created a proper Triangle. I wish I had taken more photos to show you all the process, but you'll have to make do with my descriptions.

I searched for a long time to find something suitable and then just this last Thursday, during my break, I stumbled onto a little arts and crafts shop I hadn't checked out yet. After some translation issues (I had no idea how to say 'poster board' in Japanese) I bought some very sturdy, yet relatively thin, black poster board and created a triangle using a compass.
This website spells out the process

I decided that each side of my triangle would be 42.3cm long. 42 is the meaning of the universe and 2 and 3 (23) equals 5.
In the same shop I also (finally!!!) stumbled across a circular glass picture frame. I've had my eyes pealed for something like this for months. This would fit to my triangle perfectly!

Yesterday I went home for my break time, lay out some newspaper on the kitchen floor and rested my circular glass on four drink bottle caps. I then sprayed the top side fully black. Unfortunately there were bubbles in the paint. I couldn't risk ruining this frame, I paid a ton for it (I didn't care at all about the price at the time, I just needed to buy it), so I waited for it to dry, then tried to paint in the little holes with black acrylic paint after it dried. This didn't work very well, so instead I took a roll of solid black duct tape and covered the whole rear side, completely blocking out the light from the other side. Perfect.

Next I used some Velcro which I bought from a hardware store to attach the mirror to the triangle. This is so that, later, when I decide to move or transport the triangle somewhere I can protect the mirror by removing it.

Here's the triangle before I painted / attached the mirror


Here is the finished triangle and mirror. I have yet to add the God Names to the edges of the Triangle.


And here is the new alter set up.


This is quite nifty and intriguing.


Fucking sick bro. Nice work with that.

Timesage Taylor

Looks very nice :)

As for your process -
Tea for two. Take your time.
Everything about the creation of your tools will reflect in their use.


Looks nice man. I tried my hand at it once for a swap, but my scrying mirror didn't turn out anywhere near as nice as yours.