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Patience 2012 Ghost story Event - Matsuyama Japan
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Many years ago in the distant land of Horai there was once a young maiden named Shinobu. So homely and wretched was this young girl but no man would marry her and her life was nothing but misery. At the age of 19 she was finally so overcome with self-hatred that she plunged herself into the freezing waters of the great river during the spring celebrations of the Emperors Palace, with the single desire of being beautiful enough to attend the festival and find Imperial favour.
As we know when a soul is plucked from our world while experiencing the very limits of an emotion the desire of the soul finds strange and interesting ways to manifest itself.

The girls soul travelled through the afterlife consumed by her earthly the desire until of last she stumbled upon the soul of a butterfly.
Without hesitation she stole it and took it back to the world of flesh to be reborn, so that her desire be realized.

Upon her next birth she found everything she had desired came to pass. As she grew it quickly became evident that she was becoming ethereally beautiful, a beauty that could not be matched in all the land. When she came of age the girl was flooded by proposals, gifts and the attention of men from distant cities. Word soon spread that a new Goddess of beauty had been born among man and it was within this first year that the Emperor himself sent an invitation for the young maiden to attend his springtime festival at the Imperial Palace.

The climax of the festival was a ritual where the most beautiful women in Horai would sit within the palace gardens and then, while seated, the fairest of all would be selected to be the Emperor's wife by a most curious method. The Emperor himself would release cages of butterflies and whomsoever the most alighted upon would receive the Imperial blessing.
It was already evident to all that our young maiden was by far the most beautiful of those gathered. A halo of angelic light of infinite colour surrounded her as her True Will was about to be realized and all those present were enraptured by her.

When the time came she sat in the garden surrounded by rare and exotic flowers and the sun shone down upon the gathering crowds who had come to witness the rite. The Emperor stood before the maidens and open forth the cage doors. The butterfly surged out to a glorious cacophony of cheering in celebration and one and all alighted upon her.
The laughter and applause was swiftly silenced as Shinobu, the girl of patients and terrible desire, shrieked out in agony as the butterflies tore through her pale and delicate flesh and consumed her soul.
And in her final death scream, they made her ugliness extraordinary.


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Very interesting! Drew me right in.