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Sobriety is like riding a horse...

Started by Ringtail, June 30, 2017, 05:55:28 PM

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Normal consciousness is like riding a horse. Reliable, sometimes stubborn, but mostly the rider is the one making decisions.

Mushrooms and Ayahuasca are like riding a dragon. The beast is at least as intelligent as the rider, probably much more so. While they are, fortunately, open to suggestions, ultimately the mount is in control.

LSD is like a lamborghini. It gets you where you tell it to go, and it does it fast, whether or not that's a good idea.

DXM is a japanese mecha suit. Powerful, versatile, and people think you're a dork. But joke's on them, because you're actually a giant robot. No, really.

Drunkenness is a drunk horse.

Weed is a turtle. Distractable, earthy, chill, possibly wise. Slow on land (mundane business) but graceful in the water (intuitive realms).

Salvia is a titanic alien plant that grows perpendicular to this universe, and all those adjacent to it. It thinks you're a fun toy.

Add your expertise! Is DMT a rocket? What's dream consciousness?

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.

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In my experience you should weigh more than 100 lbs for anything stronger than coke.

Coke is like being amped up on the massive amounts of energy at a festival like Convocation.

Acid is the worst trip if you notice the blinds are crawling with bugs.

Shrooms is awful if you vomit in a dark shower and realize you need to look for your mind if you've lost it...

Yeah, hey, if you wanna do those things you should figure out the right doses. Seriously. Some of us just can't do them. Also, be super careful if you choose to chew your shrooms. Vomiting like the poltergeist is absolutely terrible.

I get crossfaded all the time, so I got nothing on either being drunk or stoned. That's just what a normal night is.

And Salvia did nothing to me.

DXM makes me puke too... I fail at drugs.


Ketamine is like a pegasus that only flies in a serpentine pattern- you can reach interesting, unreachable places,  but at the risk of colliding with something mid-air.

Amphetamines are like comets- they streak through the sky, seemingly endless and with a flaming tail.

Coffee is like a moped- not too sexy, but it gets you around efficiently.

MDMA is like rekindling an old friendship that has since lost meaning- it can be cathartic or validating, but the aftermath can be equally debilitating.

Mescaline is like a gentle lizard sunning itself on a rock- it gradually gains speed, skittering around when stimuli appear, but without threat of harm (unless the magician is of a weaker psychic disposition).

LSD is a ladder that one might predictably climb to the heavens- just don't stand on the top rung, or fail to have something to stabilize the ladder should a gust of wind blow through suddenly (benzos, MJ, tobacco, and alcohol recommended as stabilizing elements).
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