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Everything you know in 5 minutes

Started by thief_and_a_liar, September 22, 2014, 01:42:08 PM

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The Cusp

Attention is your most precious resource.
We only have a limited supply of attention
Most of our attention is eaten up by egotistical concerns, leaving little to nothing available for magical work.
You have to work with what you have, and mine the ego for more, not to make yourself a better person, but because that's the only place to free up more attention.

Attention flows naturally along associations we form between concepts.
These associations converge into nexus points (arcehtypes)
These associations are not absolute, and can be changed and engineered (with repetition, emotional reinforcement, and novelty)

All components of magic are there only to help focus your attention, inference points.

aaaaaaaaannnnnd Time!

Got most of it out.


I see the point Hellfire is making, but I don't mind trying to do this anyways. I mean, if someone asked you about magic, I highly doubt the casual person would be interested in hearing a two hour treatise on what magic is to you, and what you know about it. It makes sense to distill your knowledge to an explainable point where you can elaborate on further topics if asked about it, while keeping a to the point explanation that won't be so long as to encumber the people reading it. So fuck it, I'll give it a shot, timer on past here.

Touch the space between. Magic is going to mean something different for everyone, and that's great. But the deepest experiences I have had are often that of letting go of the sense of me in the smaller way of looking at who I am, and melting into the experience. It's hard to explain, and definitely something aided by hallucinogens, but by no means the only route of access. But there is this place where the boundaries fall apart, you see the impermanence of reality, and how amazing it is that anything truly exists at all. To be struck by the mystery, with wonder or terror, and come out the other side after observing it. To melt into the void of experience, where all forms of experience are so, and navigation is done by thought. Explore the inner spaces. Meditate, Dream, Travel, Seek, Read, Discuss. All of these are means of understanding ourselves, and in doing so we seek an understanding of our relation to the sensorium of experience we are submitted to. By knowing ourselves, and seeking experiences that break typical routine, or even defy explanation is the vein of magic to me. Practice is important, but if I didn't get to the deeper understanding of myself, I would still have doubt foiling my works to this day.

See, that wasn't so bad. Maybe not as concise as I'd like, but good enough for five minutes.