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Aries Ghost
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Greetings fellow deviants , my name is Aries Ghost . I am a writer , artist and persistent adversary of consensus reality . I have spent almost 3 decades searching for ways to put cracks in our mundane reality and was very excited to find out about DKMU and the work that you have already done . I thank Ellis for bringing this group to my attention . She made her presence known to me for the first time about a week ago , popping up on FB . I have seen hundreds of sigils , but she instantly got my attention and I wanted to know more , so I dug deeper and found DKMU . Now I see that is part of her intent . She has permeated my thoughts and dreams and is now an important part of me .

May you all live in interesting times

Eros Za Leara


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Best of luck on your explorations and journeys. This is just getting started (again)


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Welcome (: