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Started by Vortex7, September 25, 2014, 09:09:30 PM

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Frater Theodbald

Ok folks, so this is the update on how I will be proceding for the Ellis Generator in my city.

I have made 5 talismans out of wood.  Usually I do a finished job but this time I kept it rough.  I acquired a trowel (and believe me, that was a hard word to remember for a francophone man) and have decided that I would plant the talisans as seeds, in 5 designated public parcs.  The parks themselves don't turn out to be a rectangle, but more like some sort of 4-sided irregular polygon.  Whatever, it's still going to generate.

On the reverse, I decided to use the sigil for attaining gnosis as mentioned in Liber Sigilum.  It has a magical-enducing feel to it (at least for me) and if this ellisian generator is to make more magic in this city, having a sigil that puts people into the right state of mind is a good helpful thing IMHO.  The obverse were as per the ellisian generator specs.

(EDIT : I forgot to mention that on the side of the talismans I etched 5 Laguz runes, to represent Love Life Light Liberty and Laughter.  You can see some of them a bit.)


Then, technically, we're supposed to put up a whole bunch of signs.  So I decided to get a pack of playing cards.  On the back of the cards (I chose a red pattern, because Red Queen and stuff) and I put the Ellis Sigil on each one.  Then on the face of the cards, I decided to write with a black sharpie all sorts of DKMU slogans.  On some cards I wrote whole slogans and on others I wrote only a word, a part of the slogan.  However, I'll be mixing up the cards and spreading the cards out pretty far, as I've chosen a rather big perimeter for the ellisian generator.  The point of this is to send people out on a wild goose chase - if they find one or two cards, they'll want to find others.  Eventually just maybe google something and wind up here.

I cheated on two cards, however, as one the 5 of spades I added "Hail Eris" and the black joker says, "The Game."  Please don't be too harsh on me for my handwriting.  Doing the same sigil over and over again while repeating the mantra "and upon this mark I unite the worlds" put me in a really strange hypnotic state and made my drawings rather woozy.  As for the face side of the cards, well let's just say I got a lot of crap from my elementary school teachers when I was a kid because I write in "chicken feet."  *sigh*  Anyways, here are the pics :

So these will be taped to light posts with the back out, so that whosoever is curious about the LS will be able to unstick it and look at its face.  If the person does have the "collector's instinct" inside them, they'll want to find the others and maybe find their way back here or something.  Who knows, maybe they'll try magic as a tool for empowerment ?

My next step is to write "activation formulae" so as to "charge" the talismans and the cards prior to planting / burying or taping them to a post.  (Could this be the actual origin of the word, "posting"?)

My idea so far is a simple, 2 or 3 sentence formula as I bury the talismans, where I put all of my energy into it.  The deck of cards might siimply be charged at my house temple prior to posting, a few days later or something.

I hope this post is as interesting to you all as I am having fun doing this ritual.  Some days I look at myself and think, "fuck shit I'm crazy, and I love it !"   Today was one of those days.

Cheers !
« Soyez libres !... Du jour où vous l'aurez voulu, vous aurez commencé à l'être ! »
- Éliphas Lévi


I really like what you're doing with the cards. It's been an element I've been seeing a lot lately.

Tara Flower

Those are very well-carved talsimans. Also your idea of using playing cards is a good one and I am using playing cards as well.

Nick Conrado Yeates

Initially ,my idea was simply to pass these cards out.  Gradually, i like the idea of interacting with people less appealing, though that will still probably happen to a lesser degree.  Otherwise, what seems like effective places to set these cards that someone might notice them and feel obligated to investigate it?  Of course, there will be some in the bathrooms of several bars....

Luna G

Hello All!

Here are some pics of the Operation that happened in Mtl!
"Le seul moyen d'affronter un monde sans liberté est de devenir si absolument libre qu'on fasse de sa propre existence un acte de révolte." - Albert Camus




I finally compiled all of the photographs!! Please follow the link to see how our Glamourbombing Denver event went. <3

Luna G

Damn, I wish I was in Denver because that looked like a LOT of Fun!

Thanks Kiki for sharing! <3
"Le seul moyen d'affronter un monde sans liberté est de devenir si absolument libre qu'on fasse de sa propre existence un acte de révolte." - Albert Camus


Wow people! This is absolutely astonishing work! Those playing cards! These Talismans! Co many ideas...

I will have to follow suit (  ;D  ) over here in Germany it seems.

Khaos provides, indeed.
"The Assault on Reality lives in you.
This is what you were born to do." -Ahavah Ain Soph

"As far as what I think the DKMU is? It's a promise to never stop fighting against mundanity, to always be injecting the weird into the world" - Timothy Buell

"Put in the work! :)" - Geri


I wasn't a happy bunny when I learned I'd missed the Denver event.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.


Glad you guys liked it. Ringtail, if you add me on the facebookz (if you aren't on it, pm me your ## nd I can text ya details) I can add you to the list of denver chaotes I keep. We've been meeting up, and I am about to plan another one for this month.

Frater Theodbald

« Soyez libres !... Du jour où vous l'aurez voulu, vous aurez commencé à l'être ! »
- Éliphas Lévi