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Triangle and Black Mirror
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So recently I decided to actually create many of the items necessary for work with evocation, skrying and path-working. I have made a triangle in the past, however, this was just white paint on a piece of black cloth; great for portability, but nothing very impressive. Also, I have never had a black mirror to play with. I generally used salt poured in the shape of a triangle when I work in nature, I had a triangle that I literally spray painted on the floor of a abandoned hotel that I used to work in before it was torn down. Now I have actually created a proper Triangle. I wish I had taken more photos to show you all the process, but you'll have to make do with my descriptions.

I searched for a long time to find something suitable and then just this last Thursday, during my break, I stumbled onto a little arts and crafts shop I hadn't checked out yet. After some translation issues (I had no idea how to say 'poster board' in Japanese) I bought some very sturdy, yet relatively thin, black poster board and created a triangle using a compass.
This website spells out the process

I decided that each side of my triangle would be 42.3cm long. 42 is the meaning of the universe and 2 and 3 (23) equals 5.
In the same shop I also (finally!!!) stumbled across a circular glass picture frame. I've had my eyes pealed for something like this for months. This would fit to my triangle perfectly!

Yesterday I went home for my break time, lay out some newspaper on the kitchen floor and rested my circular glass on four drink bottle caps. I then sprayed the top side fully black. Unfortunately there were bubbles in the paint. I couldn't risk ruining this frame, I paid a ton for it (I didn't care at all about the price at the time, I just needed to buy it), so I waited for it to dry, then tried to paint in the little holes with black acrylic paint after it dried. This didn't work very well, so instead I took a roll of solid black duct tape and covered the whole rear side, completely blocking out the light from the other side. Perfect.

Next I used some Velcro which I bought from a hardware store to attach the mirror to the triangle. This is so that, later, when I decide to move or transport the triangle somewhere I can protect the mirror by removing it.

Here's the triangle before I painted / attached the mirror

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Re: Triangle and Black Mirror
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Here is the finished triangle and mirror. I have yet to add the God Names to the edges of the Triangle.


Re: Triangle and Black Mirror
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And here is the new alter set up.


Re: Triangle and Black Mirror
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This is quite nifty and intriguing.


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Fucking sick bro. Nice work with that.

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Re: Triangle and Black Mirror
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Looks very nice :)

As for your process -
Tea for two. Take your time.
Everything about the creation of your tools will reflect in their use.


Re: Triangle and Black Mirror
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Looks nice man. I tried my hand at it once for a swap, but my scrying mirror didn't turn out anywhere near as nice as yours.