Turning an interest in the occult into a viable business

Started by Bane, February 18, 2015, 10:13:55 PM

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So... I'm trying to turn my knowledge and experience of the occult into a business. I own a real, legal business thats registered with the New Zealand government, I'm applying for a trademark, and am setting everything up real nicely. What I'm wondering is if anyone wants to take part in this mad voyage? I really need people who are canny with internet advertising, know how to get people to visit the site, and to actually get those dollars rolling in. I'm happy to support other DKMU people - the site is itself an Ellis node, even though it has a demonic god-form built into it, and will help spread the Mighty DKMU across the ten dimensions. Leave me any sage advice you may have, any information you wish to share, whatever.
Many thanks!


This is going to sound terrible, but what a lot of pages do is get a facebook account, go to those stupid friending people groups, and get thousands of friends. Then, you make a page, and start posting stuff completely irrelevant to the page, that you didn't make or pay for in any way. People commonly do this with things like "Share this picture of Edward Snowden, because he gave up his freedom for you", when in reality it's "Share this picture of Edward Snowden, so we can tug on your heartstrings, or any other relevant motivation of popular subject to get our page free exposure. Yeah Facebook's limiting for the automatic exposure if you aren't paying for it, but so many people have learned to employ shitbag tactics like that so you can completely avoid paying for advertising, since you just milk whatever is current for your page views. Every time one person shares that heart tugging picture, or slacktivist soapbox, you get a whole new crowd of people seeing your picture, and linked back to your page when they view the picture close up to see the public comments. Groups like "I Fucking Love Science" take this a step further and build their website in a blogging fashion, but all they do is go to popular websites like Reddit, or what the fuck else ever, and then find a cool youtube video that is relevant to the page name. Then they just link it off of youtube to their website, write maybe a fucking paragraph about the video, and give you the player on their page so you don't need to go to Youtube and credit the actual people who made the video, and they get the absolute maximum reward for the least amount of effort. Social media advertising is a fucking sham man. But that's how it goes.

The Cusp

From what I can tell, it's all about the Google Plus accounts now if you want to get your site indexed and to show up in search engines.