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Have I done this before?
« on: October 10, 2014, 01:04:49 am »
I cant remember if I've done an intro or not - its been too long since I last posted anything in ther forum.

So who am I? I really have no idea, and I've been thinking on that question for a very long time. Lets start with specifics. I'm about six foot tall and weigh around 125 kgs, making me heavy for my height, some would say obese, but I've been much heavier. I have been diagnosed as schizophrenic by the medical community, and I take pills every day to keep myself from losing what slender grip on reality I already have. I'm 42 years old this year, and started playing around with magic and the occult when I was thirteen. My favorite form of magic is to pirate other paradigms, operate from the inside of them, then strip out the good stuff and move on to another paradigm. I am a voracious reader, and have a university degree in English language and literature. I'm also a trained teacher, though I never got certified, and therefore cant legally teach any more.

I'm returning to the magical mindset again after pursuing various religions and belief structures for the last year or so. I once spent a year with the Jehovahs Witnesses in order to understand just what made them tick. The JW paradigm remains my favourite Christian paradigm, and I always have time to speak to them. I found it scared them that a non-believer knew their paradigm so well, but I decided not to confrontationally push the point, and let them believe that I was being drawn deeper and deeper into their beliefs.

I know a lot of the DKMU heirachy, if you can call it that, and am also very keen to chat with oistars and jimlads. I hope I'm approachable, and would be keen to get to know you and see what your perspective on magic is.

Yeah, thats enough for now.


Re: Have I done this before?
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Hi Case.

Yes, we all started when we were thirteen. But why didn't we just figure it all out at thirteen, strip out the good stuff and move to another paradigm?

From magic as a paradigm.

What am I trying to say? I am trying to say it is all shit and meant for thirteen year olds!



Re: Have I done this before?
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Hey Case good to see you'll be adding your own spin here brother.


Re: Have I done this before?
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Nevermind that post. I have taken measures to lower my stress.



Re: Have I done this before?
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«3 hihi Case.


Re: Have I done this before?
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Case has gone, the name is no more - the egregore became too much, too broken and filled with negativity from other places. I return anew, refreshed and reborn. Wish I could upload my avatar though - the forum claims it is too large...  :-\