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Forum Restructure

Started by Kiki, October 18, 2014, 02:50:37 PM

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Hey guys, seeing as to how we have a new wave of oistars kicking about, the current plans to move the FB group offline and use the page primarily for the site, and the drive to get the forums going strong again as a resource, it is time to restructure the forums before too much content is on here lol. So, what do you guys want to see here? What would be more useful? Some current ideas are to merge the Art Lab and Media Magician forums into a Projects forum with sub-forums for the pair. An oistar forum is also in the works, and possibly some new facelifts for the forums already in place.                                   

Just remember, this is your place as much as mine/ours/the cool kids club. Nothing can be done to your tastes if you don't ever put in any input. <3

And as always, beauty. variety. conflict.


The only input I have is that I really like the aesthetic of the forum as it is (black background with white text and the way the links at the top look in particular).


That will all stay the same I think. The plan was just to streamline the areas where posting occurs, and to make it more efficient. If there's no need for it really though, then we can not change them up. The thought was just that while there's more action going on here, and more action coming here once the FB group is gone, that it might be something to look at doing.


I'd just like to see some of the good shit from the FB group saved, and burn the rest. Other than that, I dunno there are plenty of projects going on, I think maybe just focus on some of the ideas that got left at the wayside, or pick some things that we can continually work on over time here.


I look forward to being more active here free of Facebook.


Yeah, I think that we will be trying to save what we can.... The facebook page has been established as an alternative to the group hopefully.

Agent M

Well, I'm not part of the FB page or group yet. But if you want to encourage people over here, maybe I shouldn't bother?  8)
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Lol, totally up to you. I should be able to work on the site this weekend (once someone figures out my computer) so maybe keep an eye on both?  I will generally post on the page when there is news/sightings elsewhere/cool stuff to reblog and then in the group when I have a question. I, like others, have a hard time getting on here. Since the https issue was solved it has been better though. Chov is super great. ^.^

Agent M

I've been meaning to add https for KIA. Worried it will break the wordpress network though, as I think it hardcodes URLs in an ugly way in the database, as part of serialised objects/arrays.
You have not seen anything. You do not know anything. You were not there. Don't report this.


Agent M, I know nothing about https :P Just that it was a pain for Chov to fix lol.

So current plans are still to include some skin options as well as get a mobile platform going. To that end I have been looking at the Simple Machines platform stuff. It may take me a bit as its been years since I have really done any coding or whatnot. There is definitely an option there for the mobile platform. I am trying to figure out options for the more social networking options requested, as well as the notifications system. Gonna see if there is some kind of app we could get going, so if any of you out there in internet land are awesome at that kind of stuff, send me a message.

Thoughts on the forum structure itself:

I've been looking at the way things are currently structured, and there have been some complaints that it rapidly becomes confusing when trying to create posts- as to where they go, of course. I think this is due to the large number of boards under the general tab. So I am proposing 4 major boards with sub-forums/child boards below them. Currently I have this looking something like this:

ANNOUNCEMENTS (group news and site related updates)

THE DKMU VAULT? (if you got a better name, lemme knowwwww)
- Oistars Lounge (this would take the place of the oistars board we currently have, and would be a great spot to host a monthly challenge of sorts. "The place to hang and find out more about the DKMU")
   -- Member Introductions (tell us about you)

-Current Projects (see DKMU project list post, propose project ideas for the group?)
-Publications (print and art)
- Media Magician (audio and video)

-The godforms and glamourbombing
   -- Ellis around the world (sightings of the web on and offline)
   -- The Godforms (IDK if each needs its own board?)
-Current group workings (pirate project, chelsea working, etc- be a good way to PLAN more stuff)
-Network in real time (Meetups, local tribes, etc.)
   -- Denver, New Orleans, Cali, Mass, etc

FNORD (aka MISC lol)
- Chaos Magick (show off your altars, make some servitors, do up some rituals, discuss the practices)

So I guess just lemme know what you guys think. Let's get this baby going again (=


that sounds good to me :)

Frater Theodbald

I think it's an awesome restructure plan. 

Only relevant suggestion: I'd put the Godforms in the DKMU Vault. 

I really, really like the FNORD board.  Should we add a Discordian sub-board too, just for the lulz ? 

Perhaps the "DKMU Vault" could be renamed to "Domus Kaotica - House of Chaos" ?  (Not sure about this...)

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Yeah, I'm not really sold on DKMU Vault, just dunno what else to call it. Time to go looking through some of the old stuff. Can I ask, well of course I can, but why do you think the Godforms should be moved to that group of boards?

I can add a discordian sub board, but the overall impression I have gotten over the years is that while many DKMU'ers work with Eris, and while some are discordians, that it's not really done together, or the same thing if you know what I mean.


If we added a discordian sub-board it would probably become home to all the funny stupid crap that gets passed around on FB. Which might not be a bad thing if it would draw more people to the forums.

You have no idea how many Jesuses I are.

Frater Theodbald

Kiki : I suggested to move the Godforms board to the DKMU vault because it feels more like "core" DKMU theory and hence seems better paired with Oistars board.
« Soyez libres !... Du jour où vous l'aurez voulu, vous aurez commencé à l'être ! »
- Éliphas Lévi